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Tab Danger, teenage diabetic living with Type 1 diabetes is working on a hip hop album to start his music career and diabetes awareness

Tyrone "Tab" Dangerfield & his son Tyrone "Tab Danger" Dangerfield are putting together an album for Tab Danger called "I Was Born A Diabetic"

Tyrone, author of "A Dangerfield Manifesto" is a single father taking care of his son whom has Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetes has been rough on Tab Danger, sometimes being ridiculed at school, not being able to eat freely like other kids and the tiresome routine of pricking his finger to check his blood and take insulin at every meal. 

Tab Danger  has found creating hip hop music as a welcome outlet to help him overcome not only being a teenager growing up in Oakland, California, but doing so in a single parent home with Diabetes.

Tab Danger wants to be an inspiration to others with Diabetes. His message is to not let living with Diabetes stop you from living your dreams. He wants to spread Diabetes Awareness  with his music as his tool. His debut album "I Was Born A Diabetic" being not only the first step in accomplishing his goal, but the bold statement which is needed in bringing awareness to the cause.

The album is in it's planning stages. We have selected music for the project. To cut costs we will lease the music from the producers which on average is 50 dollars each  to lease the instrumentals instead of outright purchasing the exclusive rights where the average price is around 400 dollars

15 instrumentals at 50 dollars each = $750

We have found a great studio to work out and record the songs which charges $30 dollars an hour. It takes an average time of 4 hours to record a song. 

15 songs at 4 hours each is 60 hours

60 hours at $30 dollars is $1800 dollars. 

10 additional hours in case it takes longer than 4 hours on a few occasions is another $300 dollars.

I have found someone to mix and master the album for $1,000 dollars.

We have a graphic artist to design the album graphics.

We can get 500 cd's for around $300 dollars. Those will be sold at performances.

We plan on selling the album mostly digital with Tunecore or Reverbnation distributing to the top digital sellers such as ITunes, Amazon, etc
The cost to do this is anywhere from $19-49 dollars.

I have a recombination for an up & coming publicist to do pr for the album for a price of $1,000 dollars

We plan on spending $1,000 on a Twitter promoted campaign and $1,000 on a Facebook targeted campaign

We have a director willing to shoot 2 videos/shortfilms for $700 dollars each and another $500 to edit both.

$300 dollars will be used to feed the participants in the videos.

We will spend $600 dollars to get the video on WorldStarHipHop 

We will spend $1,000 with Youtube sponsored videos.


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