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HEXO+ is an intelligent drone that follows and films you autonomously. Aerial filming for everyone.
HEXO+ is an intelligent drone that follows and films you autonomously. Aerial filming for everyone.
2,336 backers pledged $1,306,920 to help bring this project to life.

Introducing the $1M Stretch Goal

Posted by Squadrone System (Creator)

As you noticed, this campaign has turned out to be very successful for HEXO+, so we have good news to share. Guess what – it’s not a new color.

We’re now far above any of our initial expectations and to be honest it seems a bit unreal.

One thing we’ve been having a blast doing is interacting with you guys and learning more about what you expect HEXO+ to do. All of your feedback is a treasure for the project, as it helps us shape our system to your expectations and eventually deliver a product that will be awesome to use. On the other hand, the amount of funding we received thus far is so huge that it’s opening new possibilities for us.

So we’re here with more funds than expected and a wonderful community of users. What do we do?

Having reached $1M, we will work on a design upgrade of the existing HEXO+ system, based on your feedback.

The success of the campaign has enabled us to gain access to very talented engineers, industrial designers, UX and UI designers, that we will bring on board to take HEXO+ to the next level of usability – again, based on your feedback.

You want to see additional features and improvements to an already awesome package? Let us know in the comments below.

And make sure you tell your friends about HEXO+. The more the merrier, and the better the system will be, too.

You’re an awesome team of backers. Jump on board and let’s do this together!

Your (completely hyper) HEXO+ team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alta Media Co. Ltd on

      @ Creators: Hello Sebastien and Tigerbus, could you guys give us a detailed tutorial of how to the autonomous to the manual control mode for a Remote Control? We have been waiting for your tutorial since last year's December, as you promised to provide
      Thanks and waiting for your good news

    2. Blake Reader on

      Aside from the points everyone else has raised it would be good if we can purchase say a foam insert that the drone can sit in inside your pack to protect it during travel....making it packable is perfect but I'm just conscious of damage during transit

    3. Squadrone System Creator on

      From an update comment:

      3rd party director mode. The POW setting/ director UI is on a different device than the sensory. So I can direct Hexo+ to film my buddy...

    4. Squadrone System Creator on

      From the main thread:

      a feature which allows the drone to follow the subjects path. Ie drone follows the same track as the subject but 5m behind them. Rather than follow the subject in a predetermined magnetic direction and distance.This would make the drone much less succeptible to collisions? I am thinking about pulling my support because I am not sure if you guys plan on developing this feature which I believe is make or break.

    5. Squadrone System Creator on

      From the main thread:

      Cool! I know this is outside the primary objective, but thought the added function of shooting scenes/landscapes without people in the shot would be good. Tracking but filming the opposite way just one way of many to accomplish that. Thanks for listening!

    6. Missing avatar

      DTS on

      1: Obstacle Avoidance
      2: Waterproof casing for HEXO+ and GoPro
      3: Floatable in case of landing in water
      4: Additional tracking devices / compatibility or accessory development

    7. Simon Chambers on

      1. Obstacle avoidance
      2. battery life extended
      3. easy software and firmware updates
      4. water safe/proof to insure maximum confidence when using for water sports

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Wallim on

      by order
      1. Obstacle avoidance
      2. Extended Battery Life
      3. firmware / software update in the future
      4. LED Lights in dark

    9. John Wong on

      Definitely in that order

      1. Obstacle avoidance
      2. Physical Durability
      3. Waterproof / Waterproof GoPro Case
      4. Extended Battery Life
      5. Control Gimbal remotely
      6. Carrying Case
      7. Easy Manual Control (by App)
      8. OpenSource Community for further development
      9. LED Lights (switch automatically in darkness)
      10. Easy Software Upgrade

    10. Missing avatar

      webscientist on

      1. Obstacle avoidance
      2. Physical Durability
      3. Waterproof / Waterproof GoPro Case
      4. Extended Battery Life
      5. Control Gimbal remotely
      6. Carrying Case
      7. Easy Manual Control (by App)
      8. OpenSource Community for further development
      9. LED Lights (switch automatically in darkness)
      10. Easy Software Upgrade

    11. Squadrone System Creator on

      @bayin, we'll do an update on that topic before the campaign ends, on what has the most chances to be included

    12. Missing avatar

      Bayin on

      Have you decide what 1M stretch goal to be ? Will it be announced in the near time, within 6 days?

    13. Squadrone System Creator on

      @Allen, we already allow you guys to upgrade for a 3D for GoPro, please check the previous update for details. / Click on this link and discover the 4 easy steps to upgrade to a 3D Gimbal:

      @Neil the discussion is far from being canceled, the plan is to get as many feedback from you guys. The level of support we received allow us to allocate more resources to software and hardware development. From your input we'll check what makes the most sense for you AND same time realistically doable, rocket launcher won't happen for example :) and will allocate those new resources both on the design to improve it before the delivery instead of coming with a V2 a year or so later and also on User interface if needed. Your support and feedback help us tons on choosing where we put our efforts which will in result be a better product fitting the needs of our backers.

    14. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      @Creator so what's the plan here, is this 1M$ pledge level discussion leading to anything or is it cancelled? Hopefully not..

    15. Allen Sung on

      Obstacle avoidance+1
      3D Gimbal for GoPro+1

    16. Missing avatar

      Bayin on

      thanks for your patient to review all comments
      Obstacle Avoidance +1
      Battery Life +1
      landing gears for on water +1

    17. Superyoda on

      Hello guys. I think that improvement must be done around : battery (more autonomy), add a solar panel, add a support like a ski with suspension system for the take-off and landing, avoid obstacle (tree, car, people,....) for the safety, add a new device like a joystick,...create a fast eject battery to swap with another one, build with a solid material (aluminium, carbon...)
      Add a speaker on the drone who permit to speak with smartphone for example or listen a music or funny message during the flight

      for the soft, create a shape around an objet detected to film : Line, circle, snake, get up and get down not only follow an objet ;)

      Reclycle energy with dynamo to charge a safety battery who add more minutes for the flying.

      Add a recognize movement with camera : up the hands and the drone take off for example. And to program the basic movement with intuitive interface

      Some challenge for you to improve again ;). (Becareful at parrot !!)

    18. Squadrone System Creator on

      @Kirpa thanks for your recap :)
      please not that HEXO+ is already compatible with regular RC controller.

    19. Kirpa Singh Gulati

      Tried to categorize them so you can see what the backers really want. You can even group them further (waterproof + landing on water can be the same, prop guards + robust, etc) and especially for the fail safe measures, a few good ones from your end should take care of them all. =)
      Honestly, if you ask me
      - Software Upgrades can be rolled out, just make sure they're upgradable OTA or some other simple way.
      - If the batteries are standard, people can buy their own, you don't have to worry squat (I honestly need the extra battery life, but i'd rather you work on features that I can't add)
      - physical durability, as most have expressed, is THE biggest concern. Whichever way you look at it. Just don't delay the project adding them on. Add additional sensors (if required) and activate them OTA with an upgrade when the obstacle avoidance system is ready.
      - Otherwise, feature wise, I honestly think that most people would use the system for capturing footage during sports like a handful of times over an entire year. Adding manual control, and voila, you have a super safe/durable hovercraft to play with that even the kids can handle? Like wow, thats an entire product added in and you've just tripled your actual usability of the Hexo+. Not your original design, but you might consider it. An add-on RC controller would be so worth it for me personally.

      My $0.02...

      All the best =)

    20. Kirpa Singh Gulati

      Awesome feedback from everyone so far, and super excited that the $1M mark was reach so soon! =)

      Suggestion Summary from everyone so far (hope it helps):

      Durability - Physical (Total 69 Votes)
      Obstacle Avoidance - +27 Votes
      Waterproof/Weather Proof - +20 Votes
      Landing on Water - +6 Votes
      More Robust - +7 Votes
      Waterproof GoPro Case - +5 Votes
      Prop Cage/Guards - +4 Votes

      Durability - Software (Total 18 Votes)
      Go home if lost/Return to Base/Land at safe point if low battery - +9 Votes
      Last known GPS Coordinate in case of crash/to track/Find Me Function/Audio Alerts/Data Logging - +8 Votes
      Hover on Signal Loss - +1 Vote

      Convenience (Total +12 Votes)
      Retractable/Foldable Arms - +8 Votes
      Carrying Case - +4 Votes

      Features/Functionality - Physical (Total 43 Votes)
      Leash - +9 Votes
      Manual Control - +10 Votes
      Battery Life - +17 Votes
      Remote Landing Gear - +2 Votes
      External On/Off Switch - +1 Vote
      Retractable Landing Gear - +3 Votes
      Rocket Launcher (Love the guy who suggested this =P) - +1 Vote

      Features/Functionality - Software (Total 17 Votes)
      Pebble/Google Watch Integration - +2 Votes
      Software Upgrades (LiveView/Picture Mode/Direction/Battery Warning/Etc) - +7 Votes
      Control Gimbal remotely - +1 Vote
      Expandable/Upgradeable - +3 Votes
      Pre-set flight path on map - +4 Votes

      Add-ons (Total 9 Votes)
      LED Lights - +3 Votes
      Additional Spare Parts - +3 Votes
      Free 3D Gimbal - +3 Votes

      Misc. (Total 5 Votes)
      Standard Batteries instead of custom ones - +1 Vote
      OpenSource Community - +2 Votes
      Customizations (Skins/Etc) - +1
      Buy additional batteries - +1 Vote

    21. Missing avatar


      Manual control with Smartphone

    22. Tom on

      I know it doesnt make sense during daylight, but we should have some led lights.
      +Should Light up

    23. Mohamed Faisal

      Wearable transmitter
      Water Proof.

    24. Joey Natividad on

      I'd like to see:

      #1 I think is the most important and critical to longevity of both the copter and the GoPro. As we all know water+electrical products=Bricks

      The others are other options that would be every nice to have.

      1) Full copter waterproofing and the ability to use the GoPro waterproof case in the event of a water/snow landing and still keep same estimated flight times. I'm not as worried about a battery rundown scenario since the system has an auto go home setting for that. My concern is that a strong gust of wind could accidentally blow the copter into the water or snow during a flight session (Strong crosswinds happen all the time on the water and often in the mountains). Without the waterproof GoPro case, landing in the water/snow just netted you a couple of nice bricks.

      2) Foldable arms to make the transport config more compact and easier to stow and carry.

      3) Retractable landing gear.

      4) Water resistant leash type unit instead of the phone.

    25. Alejandro Davalos on

      1- Obstacle avoidance
      2- Waterproof

    26. KuoChinNi on

      Expect HEXO+ be a Armstrong's step on the moon on the field of Autonomous Aerial Camera. It would really be a REVOLUTION!

    27. KuoChinNi on

      SLIM is so cool!!!!
      Maybe a convenience solution for obstacle avoidance.
      Appreciate your attitude and activity!

    28. Cameron (BLINK) on

      My current copter has 6-7 mins battery life with NO camera attached. I get why people want more flight time, but swapping out a light battery once one dies seems a lot more appealing than the hexo+ carrying a bigger battery and possibly suffering stability issues and what not... And to be honest, in this day and age, it's not exactly expensive to get a solar panel to charge the spare batteries if no power outlet is accessible... Just my 2 cents on the matter.
      I'd much rather see obstacle avoidance and smart phone control than bigger battery life. Once it hits a tree and falls into a bed of water, that battery isn't gonna help much is it? But if we had obstacle avoidance and water proofing, then it wouldn't happen at all...

      (Wonder if that makes any sense to others reading this, or if I just rambled on and lost you all.) :P

    29. tigerbus on

      Airdog has all you want! Waterproof case, obstacle avoidance, waterproof tracker instead if smart phone. I don't see the problem? What water down yet another drone project with the same features? Ah you want everything at half the price = for free?

    30. Dave on

      i'm all for the avoidance system, as it was mentioned on the kickstarter. yet i don't get why so many people are against it, a lot of people seem so pessimistic remarks, so what if you are 1 month late, send all the defective models to people who want it so bad.. i'm willing to wait for a proper product, but beside that i have seen a lot of good ideas, such as waterproof case with the gopro and water proof landing on water. Also think having different modes and a auto stop or something like that are pretty easy to add to the software, longer flight time would also be great, i wouldn't even mind 10 more mins. of flight time!

    31. Squadrone System Creator on

      @lemonde we are discussing already with CEA
      @martin we will not rush into that and are on same page with you all the way.
      @graham @Tsang thanks for your feedback, please note auto take off and auto landing is already developed.
      @greg & others thanks for your enthusiasm

    32. tigerbus on

      In addition to that I must admit, that my first thoughts about the 1m stretch goal where close to what others have stated... "nothing specific, not really the break through steal, blabla". Thinking about it a little longer I like the way more realistic and down-to-earth approach of the team, seriously. I would hate to have yet another huge commitment to some crazy technology or feature and sacrifice quality, time frame ot the project alltogether. So thumbs up on my side to the creators.

    33. tigerbus on

      Andrew: Please see my comment in the main comment section... I CAN see why wou want it, I CAN see why I could use it, definately. But I also think that promising an advanced technology like this is a huge marketing coup for airdog, which will in no way satisfy your expctiations in terms of obstacle avoidance. I can assure you, that with the available technology in this price range, these weight and space restrictions you will in NO WAY implement high precision obstacle avoidance that would complement anything by the name "action sports". You CAN do some very basic stuff, detect solid walls or solif trees and more or less close range. That results in low speeds, probably walking speed. The resolution will be more than low and most importantly very directional. So you cannot detect thinner branches hanging into your props, you can still fly into more or less anything in the real world, unless your kind of action sport is taking place inside a solid cube at very low speeds. So to sum it up: You can call it that name, you can probably fish many new backers, but in the end you will just waste manpower on a function that cannot support the intended use: action sports. Additionally I think this drone does not have to implement features beyond its indended use, because that would water down the quality in no time. I have the feeling that the creator are taking a similar realistic approach (compare their loooong timeframe to competitors!) and I'm hoping they will be able to put together a good demonstrator before the end of the campaign. After that they have enough time to get their shit together and deliver a very solid product, whereas competitiors will deliver a world's first for double price in 25% of the time. Go figure ;)

    34. Tsang Wing Sze on

      Congratulation of reaching to 1M.
      What I want for an upgrade would be the following.

      1. Manual control with smartphone.
      2. Another follow me transmitter instead of smartphone.
      3. Waterproof
      4. Longer flight time.
      5. Mount GoPro in waterproof case
      6. It can float if it lands on water.
      7. Foldable so it is easy to carry.
      8. Carrying case
      9. Obstacle avoidance.
      10. Firmware upgrade is allowed in case you develop the upgrades at a later stage, we don't need to buy a new one.
      11. Signals for finding the drone in case it is lost.

    35. Graham Stanley on

      Congratulations on the milestone!

      Being a novice at this in no particular order:

      1. Auto land
      2. Longer battery life
      3 carry case
      4 waterproof case on go pro
      5 safety cages around props
      6. Obstacle avoidance
      7. Remote directors viewing via IPad
      8. Find me beacon when landed linked to phone etc
      8. Whatever you folks think it needs with the extra backing you have received!

      Others are bound to have mentioned most of my suggestions but the ability to pack it up small and backpack it out after filming would be great.
      I intend to use it whilst out on quad bike trails with my buddies!

      Congratulations again can't wait to get hold of mine!

    36. Mark Woon

      The more idiot-proof you can make Hexo+, the better. There's already been lots of great suggestions on how to make that happen (stronger materials, waterproofing, obstacle avoidance, etc.).

      That said, I would love to get a solid manual control option. I know the FAQ mentions RC options, but I would like to see a default option from you guys, that ties in to all the smarts Hexo+ already has. It could be an add-on, but the key is that it has your full support and not some hacked-on solution.

    37. Vincent on

      Same of the others comments : would you be able to include real time SLAM algorithms (from CEA tech or LAAS-CNRS) to manage obstacle avoidance ?

    38. Missing avatar

      Andrew Spence on

      Martin. Not wanting to bring attention to another project. But if Airdog can promise obsticle avoidance free of charge as their next stretch goal, why are you so set for Hexo+ not to do the same?!? Unless you are only going to be using your Hexo in an open field you must see why obstacle avoidance is peoples number 1 concern?

    39. tigerbus on

      s/the are/to care/

    40. tigerbus on

      Dan: wanting obstacle avoidance is one thing, wanting this project to go a realistic path and not engage in stupid marketing battles not backed by technological abilities is another. Asking NOT the are about obstacle avoidance is exactly that. I understand that 99% of the backers don't have the background to actually being able to judge on that matter, but some do. Sorry for that. Stfu is a bit harsh in that context, my friend ;)

    41. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      FELICITATIONS! One Million is awesome!!!
      All of those may have been covered already, simply putting my hand up for the following:

      1- Obstacle avoidance: The idea to make it foolproof and easy to use - to me - goes hand in hand with obstacle avoidance. The last thing any user wants is to see this awesome system fly in someone's face who happens to cross the fight path at the wrong time. The risk is high, collateral damages and liability are increased when it flies at 70 kph... Also, by sensing how close it is to the ground and obstacles, a director will have more choices to film for example at waist height etc.
      If this has to be part of a version 2.0, it would be nice that your initial backers have an upgrade path (rather than having to buy the whole thing again). So as a minimum, please make it EXPANDABLE.
      2- Using standard LiPo batteries: rather than having a custom battery made (think $$$), please give us the possibility to choose from the very wide range of batteries available out there. That way we can decide on payload vs. flight time.
      3- follow-me transmitter: it would be great to have the system follow something other than an iphone, and to separate the follow-me technology from the real time feed and setting device. The director might want to adjust settings on the fly to get a better shoot. So live feed + on the fly adjustments and a separate tracking device.
      4- waterproof, crashproof*, failsafe, return to designated landing spot should all be standard. Think: rebuild in a few minutes instead of going home for the day. Crashproof for the flight controller hardware and other sensors that can't be replaced with 3rd party.
      5- 3D gimbald design ready to print for us DIY backers.
      6- Mount GoPro in waterproof case
      7- Find me function: in case it is lost.
      8- doesn't sink when falling into water. Maybe a sealed compartment would do it, or some clever airbag of some kind.
      9- Open source community, I like that Jens!
      Again thanks for creating such an awesome product!!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      I don't get all of you saying No not this feature that others asked for. The question was list things you want. NOT knock down requests others have made. If someone wants to ask for obstacle avoidance, that's what they want. Don't think you have the right to tell the creator to disregard other people's wishes. Ask for what you want and then stfu!

    43. Missing avatar

      David Hardy on

      Congrats on the $1M!!! Well done! Agree with the following suggestions:

      - **alternate waterproof tracker (bracelet, etc)** This is a big one for me.
      - mount GoPro in waterproof case
      - water landings
      - Remote control with a smartphone
      - LED lights for night
      - audio alerts to find it in crash landing
      - preset flight paths

    44. Missing avatar

      Georgios Chatzakis on

      -Taking pictures possibility,with live view help for framing

    45. Richard on

      I'm also in for:

      - LED lights
      - weather proof components
      - longer flight time
      - On-time delivery!!
      - NO object avoiding system please

    46. Marc V on

      A different tracking device is nice for those that want to go on the water or perhaps attach it to a dog, horse etc... Another option is attach the tracking device on a person and this would allow the person on the phone/controller to allow to change the flight mode for on the fly producing.

    47. Squadrone System Creator on

      And more:

      mount the GoPro whilst in the water proof case,

    48. Squadrone System Creator on

      More from the main thread:
      - think about surfers and watersports !! a bracelet would be cool as it is difficult to take a smartphone in the waves :-)
      - waterproof device !!!! Could be so cool
      - flight on a pre made flight plan
      You just program the flight on a google map and it does it itself
      - extra battery
      - led lights to see where the hexo+ is in case the drone is lost
      - fail safe capacities
      - call your drone in case it s lost
      - rc capacities
      - night mode