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How do we revolutionize the local? Eat Your Sidewalk. Join the movement and take the challenge!

How do we revolutionize the local? Eat Your Sidewalk. Join the movement and take the challenge! Read More
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[En français]


With only 3 more days left in our campaign, we're super excited to announce that on June 16, Spurse will be competing against Danny St. Pierre, the famed chef of Auguste and Le Cabane restaurants, in our finale cooking competition, the Sidewalk Throwdown. The clincher? Spurse's team will be made up entirely of amateur foragers, gleaners and foodies who've participated in the week-long Eat Your Sidewalk! challenge. It's the ultimate moment of truth for our challenge participants who, in all their newfound mastery, help us take on Danny in this Iron Chef-meets-Survival event. Put your bets on the underdogs!!

Check out the rules of the Throwdown:

  • Make a meal that includes at least 3 courses, and that can feed a hungry public of spectators!
  • Earn points for 1) originality, 2) presentation, 3) taste; and finally, 4) use of the entire ingredient (think "nose-to-tail").
  • Use only ingredients that have been foraged, gathered, hunted or found within a designated boundary. This boundary gets determined at the start of the competition by a string and a map of downtown Sherbrooke.
  • Do this all in 3 hours!
At the end of the competition, judges will vote on each team's culinary creations and don the winning team with bragging rights. Stay tuned when we announce who the judges will be for this event!

Want to see what Danny is made of? Catch him in action, going tete-a-tete against his old friend and chef rival Martin Juneau. 

Who do YOU think will win in the ultimate extreme challenge to eat sidewalks??


What is Eat Your Sidewalk? It’s a movement to revolutionize our concept of the local that does not rely on simply changing our shopping habits.

How does this happen? At the core of Eat Your Sidewalk is an outrageous  community-wide dare: it’s a challenge where for one week the means to live and eat are limited to what is found right under your feet.

Picture this: a wild mash-up of the 100 mile diet meets your grandmothers foraging skills meets MacGyver for seven intense days. At the end of the week things ratchet up even further as your new skills get put to the test in a hybrid foraging cooking competition we are calling the “sidewalk throwndown”.

Catalyzing this challenge is the second key component of Eat Your Sidewalk: a practical set of tools for civic engagement to revolutionize your new concept of the local. There will be code books to fit in your back pocket, cookbooks with recipes for social, and ecological possibilities, and a set of stencils to reactivate your environment. And to fully round out this kit of tools there will be how-to posters on tool making as well as work gear, aprons and bags -- all designed to be powerful catalysts to support you as you co-shape your local.

Accompanying this project is an online crowd-sourced platform which will grow as the movement evolves. It will host bloggers telling the stories of the challenges, as well as a hub for wayfinding and mapping all of our interwoven locals.

With all of this developing we are really thrilled that Eat Your Sidewalk will launch in two cities this summer: In Sherbrooke Quebec which is in the heart of Montreal’s food region and in Detroit (a city that is pioneering ways to transform the post industrial landscape in relation farming and foraging).
And so this should give you a good sense of  what the money is for: the city-wide challenges, the design, development and production of the remarkable tools, and a robust web infrastructure..

Please join us on this adventure to reinvent place and further the possibilities of a richer path through life.

OK, so I get the challenge but say more about why I really need to“Eat my Sidewalk”?  

For us it is in the very words:
EAT: eating is what links us to all life -- when we eat a dandelion growing on our street what has happened to it now happens to us. Our health and its health are linked. Its concerns and ours meet. We can no longer separate our fates.
YOUR: You are not alone as you pick this plant -- others want it (both human and non-human), you have to negotiate, work together -- this means forming a community based on shared concerns (health, sustainability, pleasure...). Not a top down community, or a community in name only, but a co-evolving community of partners.
SIDEWALK: So often we talk about local but we skip over our actual place to get to the parts of our environment we more easily recognize because they are more like products or have been defined for us as important. But this means we are not addressing our actual environment fully. How do we do this? Begin with where you are -- your sidewalks, yards, neighborhoods, and the systems that they are part of -- and pay attention to everything. When this really happens a place comes alive.
!: Lets not forget the thin bit of punctuation! The exclamation mark is there because it has to be as urgent and as it is fun. (It can’t be all doom and gloom). Eating your sidewalk is an occasion to celebrate (and work on a dare!): For 7 days, you’ll be tuned into a frequency of life where old habits are broken and new skills are learned. Where blind faith rules and new futures get hatched. As each day’s events fold into the next, you’ll be thinking and making on your feet, with collaborators of all kinds, to push your capacities beyond anyone’s expectations. Eat Your Sidewalk! celebrates the excesses that just might come with a less dependent way of life.

Please join us on this adventure to reinvent place and further the possibilities of a richer path through life.


  • Ne cherchez pas plus loin ! La traduction intégrale du projet se trouve ici même !

    Mange ton trottoir ! – Le défi

    Et si nous ne pouvions pas acheter notre nourriture et magasiner nos choses ? Si nous devions produire tout ce dont nous avons besoin à partir de ce qui nous entoure… littéralement ? Jusqu’à quel point nos compétences surpasseraient-elles un mode de vie consumériste ? Et quelle différence cela ferait, de toute manière ?

    Mange ton trottoir ! vous met au défi de découvrir. Durant sept jours, vous vous accorderez à une fréquence de vie où les anciennes habitudes se font démanteler tandis que de nouvelles compétences se forment, et où la confiance aveugle règne alors que de nouveaux futurs sont incubés.

    Tandis que les événements quotidiens se fondent dans ceux du lendemain, vous serez appelés à réfléchir et agir dressés sur vos pieds, avec des collaborateurs en tous genres, afin de repousser vos capacités au-delà de toutes anticipations. Mange ton trottoir ! célèbre les excès qui peuvent émerger d’une existence moins dépendante. Vous êtes prêts ?

    Qu’est-ce que les gens en disent ?

    « Quelle riche opportunité de repousser ses limites personnelles tout en étirant ses horizons collectifs en tant que communauté ! Quelle affinité ! » - Mischa Schuler (herboriste et cueilleuse)

    « Je suis vraiment excitée de prendre part au défi Mange ton trottoir et j’espère que l’événement sherbrookois incitera d’autres communautés à entreprendre le défi ! » - Rebecca Estrada (étudiante et jardinière)

    « C’est une invitation à ré-‘occuper’ l’économie, à se réapproprier l’environnement urbain et les lieux ‘communs’ que nous côtoyons, à recouvrer un savoir trop longtemps délégué à des ‘experts’… Dis simplement, ce défi m’apparaît comme une opportunité gastronomique de développer une existence collective prospère et savoureuse, sans restreindre la condition humaine et la nature à une dimension de marchandise. » - Jean Doyon (agriculteur communautaire et activiste)

    « Ça se résume pas mal à ça : J’adore, je veux participer et je suis curieuse se voir ce qui suivra par la suite ! » - Kristelle Holliday (artiste et éducatrice)

    Mange ton trottoir ! – Les faits

    Qu’est-ce que c’est exactement ?

    Mange ton trottoir ! est un festival de sept jours localisé dans un terrain vague au centre-ville de Sherbrooke. Ce festival prend la forme de défis quotidiens, d’ateliers et d’événements connectés par un thème journalier. Chaque thème donne une teneur particulière au défi relevé ce jour-là, ainsi que les ateliers qui s’y rattachent. Chaque journée de défi est couronnée par un festin public servi à La Fissure (notre camp de base) pour décompresser et partager un repas avec Sherbrooke. Mais n’attendez pas d’y trouver des transactions d’argent ! Les seules devises acceptées sont les échanges de biens et de compétences. Alors équipez-vous de votre curiosité—et même de votre scepticisme !—et apportez quelque chose que vous êtes prêts à échanger.

    Les gens mangeront-ils réellement le trottoir ?

    Évidemment, seulement pas la partie en béton ! Notre environnement immédiat regorge de plantes utiles, comestibles et savoureuses. Vous êtes-vous déjà demandé ce que vous pourriez faire de tous les pissenlits qui parsèment vos pelouses et colonisent les craquelures de vos marches ? Êtes-vous curieux des propriétés médicinales des racines de gingembre ? Et ce n’est que le début…

    Pourquoi 7 jours ?

    Deux raisons :

    1. Comme dans un camp d’entraînement, les nouvelles habitudes et les nouvelles compétences s’intègrent plus efficacement lorsqu’elles sont pratiquées intensivement. Lorsque le temps nous y est accordé, nous analysons à outrance les changements que nous voudrions apporter, ce qui peut paradoxalement conduire à la paralysie. Mange ton trottoir ! cultive la confiance et l’expérimentation à partir des changements provoqués par des décisions parfois instantanées.

    2. Contrairement aux camps d’entraînement, nous ne cherchons pas à créer une expérience pénible, plutôt une semaine épique et mémorable qui émancipe votre désir d’action et vous garde sur votre appétit. C’est dans cet esprit que la programmation de Mange ton trottoir ! s’insère facilement dans votre heure de dîner, votre promenade avec votre chien et votre temps libre après l’école (ou à la place de l’école !).

    Après tout, qu’avons-nous réellement à perdre—mis à part quelques produits de consommation, une poignée d’habitudes et quelques kilos en trop ?

    Pourquoi Sherbrooke ?

    Pour faire vite : pourquoi pas ? Un projet de communauté comme Mange ton trottoir ! n’apparaît pas des nues, mais émerge à partir de ce qui est déjà en cours de se former. Lorsque spurse s’est vu invité par la Galerie d’art Foreman de l’Université Bishops à réfléchir sur la question épineuse « Comment est-ce que l’art enseigne ? », le temps semblait venu d’activer—façon spurse—certaines idées longuement mijotées : suivre des courants, connecter des circuits existants et insérer des possibilités dans leur nouvelle réalité.

    Au cours des trois derniers mois, spurse a travaillé de pair avec les co-commissaires Yael Filipovic et Gentiane Bélanger, et a entamé des collaborations solides avec différentes constituantes de la communauté sherbrookoise pour l’élaboration de ce projet. Des traces inspirantes de pratiques créatives concernant l’alimentation, le mode de vie et le travail ont rapidement sauté aux yeux. Située à un peu plus d’une heure de Montréal, Sherbrooke est un portail pour l’agriculture biologique et la production agricole locale. Mange ton trottoir ! atteste du support incommensurable apporté par nos multiples collaborateurs déjà consacrés à engendrer un avenir digne de considération. Merci Sherbrooke !

    C’est quoi La Fissure ?

    Les fissures sont des lieux de rupture dans une structure, permettant à l’inattendu de surgir à tout moment. Les fissures nous permettent de porter attention à notre façon de nous engager dans le monde. C’est aussi comment Mange ton trottoir ! appelle son camp de base : un lieu où les intérêts locaux sont déjà à même de transformer un terrain abandonné en jardin communautaire du tonnerre ! Situé aux abords d’une rivière polluée, d’un vieux lave-auto décati et d’une population éclectique d’immigrants, de créatifs et d’aînés, La Fissure se présente comme la rupture catalytique de ce quartier insolite. Un lieu pour célébrer comment nous nous engageons dans un avenir collectif.

    Qu’est-ce qui s’y passera précisément ?

    Tous les événements de Mange ton trottoir !, incluant des ateliers, de la cuisine et des repas publics, sans compter toutes les étapes d’un jardin communautaire—bêchage, semis et plantation, compostage et récolte.

    Comment peut-on participer ?

    La totale :

    - Venez relever notre défi de 7 jours en vous inscrivant en ligne à . Ouvert à tous !

    Le défi quotidien :

    - Mesurez-vous à un de nos défis quotidiens. Envoyez-nous un courriel à et vous recevrez des nouvelles sur chaque défi quotidien et les ateliers qui l’accompagnent. À chaque jour s’ajoutera un nouveau défi pour développer de nouveaux savoir-faire.

    L’esprit libre :

    - Présentez-vous spontanément à nos ateliers quotidiens pour une formation « dans le vif du moment » sur le grappillage, la cueillette, la fabrication d’outils, la cartographie, le cannage, le jardinage et plus encore !

    - Venez souper avec nous à « La Tablée ». C’est gratuit, apportez seulement un ingrédient ou votre coup de main au projet.

    - Apportez vos instruments : Nous offrons chaque soir à notre quartier général un festin unique, à partir du bien commun. Ajoutez votre grain de sel avec des expérimentations sonores. Amenez vos chiens, vos chats, vos tortues ou vos poissons pour chanter avec vous ! Contactez-nous :

    - Partagez votre savoir-faire : Êtes-vous confiseur autodidacte ou mycologue amateur ? Nous aimerions connaître vos talents cachés !

    - Participez à un atelier et courez a chance de gagner une place dans l’équipe de spurse pour une épique compétition de cuisine expérimentale de trottoir. Les noms des participants seront pigés au tout début de la compétition. Avez-vous suffisamment de palais pour cuisiner les délices du trottoir ?

    Qu’est-ce qu’on y gagne ?

    Pas de l’argent, en tout cas. La poignée de change que nous serions en mesure de vous offrir ne vaudrait même pas le temps de lire cette page. Mange ton trottoir ! est une célébration d’accomplissements. Vous y gagnez la renommée au sens ancien de faire reconnaître vos accomplissements, vos savoir-faire et les expériences qui vous y ont menées. Cet événement cherche à susciter un plaisir collectif à développer de nouvelles formes d’engagement. C’est précisément là que se trouve le réel défi.

    Pourquoi supporter / participer ?

    Parce que c’est tellement déjanté qu’on voudrait que ça fonctionne !

    Parce que c’est un projet-pirate qui imagine un autre monde possible.

    Parce que ça pourrait marquer le début de quelque chose d’absolument grandiose et glorieux.

    Parce qu’on va finalement savoir ce qu’il y a sous les pavés !

    Parce que ça ne dure pas seulement le temps d’une seule occurrence. L’idée semée à Sherbrooke vise à faire germer une mouvance internationale.

    Parce que…

    Qui est spurse ?

    Depuis quinze ans nous formons un collectif de recherche et de design à la croisée de l’art, de l’écologie et des communautés, en vue de développer, comme nous nous plaisons à le dire, des problèmes dignes d’être négociés et des mondes dignes d’être engendrés. Nous avons travaillé avec une panoplie de communautés, allant des communautés de pêche aux communautés minières—en passant par des communautés bactériologiques—afin d’envisager de nouvelles solutions effectives pour des problèmes jugés intraitables. Nous avons collaboré avec des communautés dans l’arctique, de grandes institutions comme le Guggenheim, et des organismes à but non-lucratif comme la…. Nous abordons avec plus de détails nos méthodes, nos idées et nos innovations sur notre site…

    Qui sont nos partenaires ?

    Mange ton trottoir ! est chapeauté par la Galerie d’art Foreman et implique la collaboration de plusieurs partenaires locaux :……

    CJMQ, Jason Krpan et plusieurs autres.

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  • "Eat your Sidewalk" is a startling title for a startling art project. It demonstrates that food can be acquired without purchasing industrially grown and processed commodities, and without growing it in a garden. The alternative is free. It takes little effort. It is called foraging. Spurse provides a timely lesson in urban sustainability by utilizing tasty and nutritious edibles that pop up in the cracks of urban pavements. Support this effort and you will improve human health, the economy, and the environment.” Linda Weitraub (Writer, Critic, Artist and Ecologist)

    “How would it feel to have to pay that much attention to your surroundings, not just for an afternoon exercise in mind-sharpening, but in order to survive? In my research on wayfinding, one of the strongest themes I've noticed is that those cultures in which one finds the most highly cultivated sense of place and space were also characterized by this exquisite sensitivity to one's surroundings--a kind of mindfulness. And what inevitably followed from this kind of place tuning was a deep reverence. What if there was some way to capture a little glimpse of how that kind of reverent connection to place might feel? Can modern, urban human beings live off the land? And if they do, what new connections might form between themselves and the sidewalks under their feet? Or with one another? Well, an ambitious project by the fabulously clever and creative group, calledhttp://../projects/spurse/eat-your-sidewalk, has been proposed to answer exactly these kinds of questions. Take a look. You should give them some dough to make this happen. It's important.” Colin Ellard (Philosopher and researcher of Place)

    “ What an opportunity to do something that pushes the envelope within yourself, and at the same time as a community of people! Talk about kinship!" - Mischa Schuler (Herbalist and Forager)

    "I am so excited to be part of the Eat Your Sidewalk challenge and I hope the Sherbrooke event prompts other communities to take action too!" - Rebecca Estrada (Student and Gardener)

    “It’s an invitation to re-“occupy” the economy,... to re-appropriate the urban and “common” spaces we find ourselves in, and to recover the knowledge and learning we too often leave in the hands of “experts”... To put it simply, this challenge appears to me as a gastronomically unique opportunity to live collectively prosperous and delicious lives that does not need to reduce humans and nature to a disposable commodity” Jean Doyon (Community Farmer and Activist)

    "It pretty much boils down to this: I love it, I want to take part and I want to see what can happen next!"- Kristelle Holliday (Artist and Educator)

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  • We are working with the Trade School to seed locally organized barter schools to teach related skill on an ongoing basis. We are working with Salt and Cedar to develop and publish our materials Detroit Emergent Futures Lab and Detroit Market Studio Kitchen are our early partners to help us develop the Detroit Challenge. Eat Your Sidewalk! In Sherbrooke Quebec is hosted by, and is the outcome of collaboration with Sherbrooke’s diverse social, cultural and ecological communities. Our very warm thanks go to the good folks at,,,,…, Danny Sevigny, Bryan Teasdale and Frank Poule for keeping the (blind) faith!

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  • 1. Foraging: Eat Your Sidewalk begins with the simple act of sleuthing for and gathering wild things. This is not just plants for eating, it also involves sleuthing out material, ideas, and habits.

    2. Become Local: When you eat what grows under your feet you become part of your environment. This form of Eating links us directly to other living things. When we eat a dandelion growing on our street what has happened to it now happens to us. Our health and its health are linked. Its concerns and ours meet. We can no longer separate our fates.

    3. Re-skilling: As we became consumers we lost many skills. Eat Your Sidewalk has a core set of workshops to helps us regain lost skills and invent new ones that take us beyond a passive consumer approach to reality and evolve skills from foraging to permaculture, civil disobedience, urban gardening, preserving, fermenting...

    4. Community Driven: All of the skill building activities, locations, and concerns come from the community that hosts the Eat Your Sidewalk Challenge. We work with as many local partners as possible to foster an initiative that lasts and evolves long after the challenge is over. The deeper the collaborative becomes, the more robust our skills for foraging can develop. To help with this we are partnering with Trade School.

    5. Immersive: This is critical for us -- there is a difference between a workshop or a class and an intensive week long challenge. It takes time and an intensity of experience to come to certain insights and to break old habits and form new ones. The challenge is somewhere between a “Tough Mudder”, the “100 Mile Diet” and foraging with your grandparents.

    6. Making Community Making Commons: When we forage we have to become sensitive not only to what we are gathering but to who else is gathering. And this is not just fellow humans, we have to negotiate with other critters. At this point a new form of collective begins to form. This collective consists of people, plants, other critters, habits, practices, ecosystems, ideas and much else. We enter a wonderful and complex dialog across species that co-shapes our shared environment.This is what we consider to be the “commons”.

    7. Wayfinding: With foraging your perception of a place really changes, you move differently and the world becomes a lot more concrete -- full of actual plants and not just general stuff (the lawn, the field...). You become tuned to the weather, the seasons, chemicals, and social dynamics. A very different reverence for place develops, a reverence that it is active, and engaged (not just the "take photos and leave only footprints...).

    8. New self: It is hard to say “me” or “I” when foraging -- what I pick is not something I grew, nor do I own it, and in a real sense I didn’t even “find” it. As well if what is happening to a plant is also happening to me then in a very real and concrete sense we are interconnected. Foraging makes you less of an individual and much more of a distributed creature where it is very hard to separate the self from the environment.

    9. MacGyver the World: Remember that crazy tv show in the 80's where MacGyver transformed random things into planes, lockpicks, bombs, phones and the like? We need to think more like that: a couple pens, some matches, an old phone book and gum... Take nothing at face value -- MacGyver everything!10. Nature is Urban: So often we forget that we are part of nature and that cities are complex ecosystems. We have reached a point where the majority of us humans live in urban environments. We need to reconsider these environments beyond seeing the concrete jungle.

    11. Here Comes Everything:With foraging you start with where you are -- you walk out the front door, you pay attention to your surroundings rather than imagine you could be elsewhere. You deal with your world -- the good and the bad -- the everything (but concretely and pragmatically). Race, pollution, globalism, unwanted critters... You celebrate and you transform the best you can.

    12. Problems Are Created: Yes, you read that right -- we want to make problems. It is a mistake to think that problems pre-exist. Problems need to be created. The goal of Eat Your Sidewalk is to create problems worth having and worlds worth making with a community of humans, plants and other critters.

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  • The money is for three main things: Running the urban challenges, designing and producing the tools, and developing a robust interactive web site. There are a lot of expenses associated with running a large public art festival. The bills add up fast, and there’s no way around them. These costs are things like city permits, fees, and licenses. To make the tool we are working with the great team at Salt and Cedar Press. They are remarkable, award winning designers who will help us make astonishing books, and other tools. For the web site we are developing a web interface that can support mapping, geotagging, video blogs and other media.We have carefully figured out our budget to cover all the logistics, support all of those involved in an equitable manner and put in place a foundation to grow from. This is where you come in: to do all of this we need your support: please join us in taking the challenge and please join us in developing this campaign.

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  • Two reasons: Just like boot camp, new habits and new skills stick better when they’re experienced in intense doses. Seven days is just enough time to break habits and form new ones. Unlike boot camp, we’re not interested in making this a painful week, just a memorable one that leaves you wanting more. That’s why Eat Your Sidewalk! is scheduled to fit into lunch hours, dog walks and after-school time (or even, instead of school!).

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  • When we began working on this project, we should talk with organizations working with the elderly because we would find some old timers who foraged, canned and preserved things. Well, little did we know what we were asking! The good folks at Respect for Our Elders sent us to this man -- Jason Krpan -- and after a long drive out into the country we came upon his place and immediately knew we had come to a someone who would change our sense of the possible! Jason has been radically rethinking what it means to dwell, consume, make and work for the last 50+ years and in that time he has invented/rethought everything. And after an astonishing Croatian welcome (wine for breakfast) we immediately asked him to share ALL of his secrets with us. While we're sure he is holding a few secrets back... We are presenting as one of our most important rewards a poster by Jason titled TOOLS TO MAKE TOOLS. It is going to be a masterpiece of its kind. Limited edition, bilingual and honestly a steal for $40 -- It's a lifetime's wisdom on the question of tools, pragmatics, repurposing and the value of labor. We highly recommend it! (Also check out the other rewards that Jason is behind).

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  • Eat Your Sidewalk! - Our Pilot Project:Coming to Sherbrooke Quebec June 9 - 16 2012What is it exactly?For seven days Eat Your Sidewalk! is a 7-day festival that will pop up at different sites across Sherbrooke. It’s a series of daily challenges, workshops and events that build on that day’s theme - not only shaping what the daily challenge will be, but what the supporting workshops will teach. At the end of each day, a big feast will be served up at The Fissure (our roving base camp) to decompress and share a meal with Sherbrooke at large. But don’t expect to find money exchanged here! The only currency circulating will be bartered goods and skills. So, come with your curiosity - even your skepticism! - and something you’re willing to share. The week will end with a “Sidewalk Throwdown” where we Why Sherbrooke?When spurse got invited by the good folks at Foreman Art Gallery (Bishop’s University) to consider some heady questions like “How Does Art Teach?” it was time to put some long-stewing ideas to work in true Spurse fashion: follow the currents, trip the circuits and steward the possibilities deep into their new reality. Over the last three months, spurse has been working closely with Foreman Art Gallery co-curators Yael Filipovic and Gentiane Bélanger, and collaborating with Sherbrooke’s many communities to develop this project. It took no time at all to sense the incredible practices around eating, living and working already alive here. Located just over an hour east of Montreal, Sherbrooke is a gateway to organic farming and food production of all kinds. Eat Your Sidewalk! is a testament to the overwhelming support of some amazing partners who are already dedicated to a future worth shaping. Thank you, Sherbrooke! Please go to the project web site for updates: Registration is open to everyone! Will this Event be Bilingual?Mais, oui!It’s a Challenge... so what do I win?Certainly not money! Eat Your Sidewalk! is about celebrating excesses of another sort. You win fame in that ancient Greek sense - recognizing your achievements, new skills and your journey. Don’t let this lack of “prizes” make you think of those “everyone's a winner” type events. That’s just not the point! This event is about celebrating and collectively finding pleasure in a new sense of engagement. And that’s the real challenge.

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  • If you've backed the project, simply go to UPDATE #1 to watch our hilarious collection of bloopers. It's there, waiting for you and your rotten tomatoes! If you haven't yet backed the project, donate as little as $5 and you're good to go. We're not too proud to go the extra mile for our amazing supporters!!

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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    Eat Your Sidewalk! Code Book: Feeling the urge to challenge your current worldview, but don’t know where to start? Bring our handy pocket-sized guide along, and try out our 9-point approach - the same one that we’ll be bringing to Eat Your Sidewalk! Simple, direct and groundbreaking.
    AND... whether you donate $5 or $10,000, you’ll immediately receive a link and passcode to watch “Eat Your Sidewalk! Outtakes,” a hilarious collection of bloopers while shooting our Kickstarter video. After a hearty meal of dandelions, a little comic relief goes a long way.

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  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    “Future Garden” PDF Stencil: The world beneath your feet is teeming with potential, but just how do you change perceptions of your grass fringes? Print out this full-scale template, cut along the dotted lines and tag your curbs (specify French or English for stencil).

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  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    Interventionist Kit: Ready to hit the pavement? Mark your beat with this Eat Your Sidewalk!/ Mange Ton Trottoir! stencil (5” tall by 24” long), featuring the very same design we’ll be using in our guerilla ad campaign throughout Sherbrooke. Your kit will also include the Code Book and the PDF Stencil (specify French or English for stencils).

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    BFC #2

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    Pledge $40 or more About $40 USD

    “Tools to Make Tools” Poster: If necessity is the mother of invention, then Jason Krpan - a long time back-to-the-lander, and collaborator on this project - is the father of extreme repurposing. In this signed, limited edition poster (18” x 24”), Jason lays out 40 years of secrets to make tools from anything... literally!

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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    The Sidewalk Cookbook: There was The Futurist Cookbook, The Modernist Cookbook, and The Anarchist Cookbook - manifestos disguised as cookbooks. Now, it’s time we concocted new recipes for social, ethical and ecological possibilities, from knotweed cakes to mashed potentials. One part culinary to two parts conceptual, this cookbook chronicles the how’s and why’s of every meal we serve during Eat Your Sidewalk!

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 28 backers
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    Pledge $75 or more About $75 USD

    Tool Kit: Get tooled up with this basic bundle that includes the Code Book, the Stencil, and the Poster. Ink, paper and great ideas never worked so hard for your support! Signed with a personalized thank you (specify French or English for stencil).

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 2 backers
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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    Complete Kit: Arm yourself with this deluxe set of tools, including the Code Book, the Stencil, the Poster and the Cookbook. Put these all together and you’re ready to leap across fences and make like MacGyver (specify French or English for stencil).

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 9 backers
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    Pledge $125 or more About $125 USD

    Workaphile’s Apron: The concept of work takes on a whole new meaning when you’re eating your sidewalk, and so should the concept of work gear. Dress the part with this work apron, fashioned out of durable and repurposed materials that give “pragmatic” a new spurse design sensibility. Limited to 20, each one is designed and made during Eat Your Sidewalk! Please add $15 shipping fee.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 1 backer
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    Pledge $150 or more About $150 USD

    Jason’s Tool: Behind every great tool is a great problem worth having! No one knows this more deeply than our collaborator and extreme back-of-the-lander Jason Krpan. Inspired by his unique collection of tools come this limited edition of handcrafted tools; each one will be designed and made during Eat Your Sidewalk! Please add $15 shipping fee.

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    Limited 0 backers
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    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    Essential Tool Box: So you think a box is just a box? Think again, with this custom-designed tool-box that doesn’t just hold one of Jason’s tools, it helps you make your own tools. In case you need to jump start your tool-making, we’ll also throw in the Code Book and the Poster for good measure. Please add $15 shipping fee.

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    Limited 1 backer
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    Pledge $350 or more About $350 USD

    Tool Bag: Eating your sidewalk calls for a subtle street flair; this shoulder bag is the ticket to coming prepared AND never letting on! Designed and stitched exclusively with Eat Your Sidewalk!, this sturdy bag is made from recycled bicycle inner tubes by Sherbrooke’s brilliant folks at Ressac (one of our partners on this project). But don’t wait! This stylish, one-of-kind sack has a limited run of only 20 (specify French or English for stitching). If not picking up locally, please add $20 shipping fee.

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Complete Tool Kit: This boxed edition is chock full of wares that help you carry out even the most challenging of challenges: the Code Book, the Stencil, the Poster, the Cookbook, the Tool, and the Apron. All carefully packed in a compact field box with shoulder strap. Please add $20 shipping fee.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Fieldwork: Slip on your hip waders and go out in the field with spurse and 11 of your friends! Spurse will lead a 3-hour exploratory adventure to rethink your region. You choose the area - or let us choose from one of our favorite secret spots - within a three hour drive of New York, Austin or San Francisco. For distances and group sizes beyond that, travel and material expenses will be covered by the backer. (Led by 2 spurse members).

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 2 backers
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    Pledge $1,500 or more About $1,500 USD

    Crash Course: This is the Code Book, brought to you live, unedited and completely decoded! Designed to jump start a plan for change with our 9-point approach, spurse will conduct a workshop that accommodates specific questions, problems or issues (up to 15 participants). We’ll come to any area within a three hour drive of New York, Austin or San Francisco. For distances and group sizes beyond that, travel and material expenses will be covered by the backer. (Led by 2 spurse members).

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
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    Pledge $2,500 or more About $2,500 USD

    Boot Camp: Get down into the trenches with spurse, as we eat sidewalks with you and 9 of your friends. This full-day event will kick off with a crash course to rethink our ideas about the commons, and will culminate into an exquisitely experimental meal. We’ll come to any area within a three hour drive of New York, Austin or San Francisco. For distances and group sizes beyond that, travel and material expenses will be covered by the backer. (Led by 2 spurse members).

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    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    Sidewalk Throwdown: Sometimes it takes a little friendly competition to turn a skeptic into a believer, and spurse is no stranger to that! spurse will bring the “Sidewalk Throwdown,” a unique cooking challenge, to your community. Spurse will face off against a local chef and their team, racing to turn foraged mystery ingredients into culinary delights. Local judges will choose the tastiest, taking place in a festive atmosphere. It’s a chance to celebrate what is right under our feet, and to open our eyes to new practices. We will come to any area within a three hour drive of New York, Austin, or San Francisco. For distances beyond that, travel expenses will be covered by the backer. (Led by 2 spurse members).

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    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    Eat Your Sidewalk! Challenge: Bring the challenge to your city! Spurse will help you develop a custom Eat Your Sidewalk! event that catalyzes existing practices and communities into new states. Spurse will help with the planning, development and offer logistical support. Please contact spurse directly for more details.

    Estimated delivery
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