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$7,179 pledged of $23,000 goal
$7,179 pledged of $23,000 goal

The $9,000-by-Sunday-night DARE

You made Mom proud when she told you to EAT YOUR VEGGIES. Werner Herzog made good on his promise to EAT HIS SHOE

Now it's our turn: if you help us reach $9,000 by Mother's Day (midnight), SPURSE WILL EAT OUR SIDEWALK - literally. Concrete never tasted so good when served with a squeeze of rain and a pinch of dirt. Who knows what or who else might show up on the plate? 

If we make it to this point in our campaign to raise $23,000, we'll post a juicy video clip to prove that we can take our own dare.

What's for dinner Sunday night, Mom? Sidewalk Salad?

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