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This electronic album that tells the story of a marooned astronaut is re-recorded in entirety for each backer, making each copy unique.
663 backers pledged $25,680 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Bill Boulden 2-time creator on

      @Robert Wells: I see. Either would work, it would appear my mental image of what it is I do with the track has shifted. I think that originally I figured if somebody sent in a clip that was only 1m long, I could use it at the beginning and then all over again at the end. But then later, what I've been doing mostly is taking longer 4m clips, and laying them out over the whole space so that the beginning minute plays, there's the intermission, and we finish with the last minute.

      But like I said above- I will be using my best judgment within reason to try and make people's tracks fit. Whatever you send me I will shoehorn in there somehow in a way that feels good.

    2. Robert Wells

      Just checking, how long do the samples have to be? Above you say 3-4 minutes, but on the survey it said 1-3 minutes.

      Also, awesome! Excited! Well done! Other good words!

    3. Louise Mc

      I can't remember if you mentioned it, but if I'm the only person who requested the Daniel Graves voice track, I am quite happy to wait until the others are finished, might save you some time and work if you keep the single voice actor requests for last?

      Other than that, I think you've managed to find a fair and equal compromise, and I am just so happy and excited that we're in the home stretch :D

      (p.s. I don't mind waiting a bit longer, the end result will be TOTALLY worth it ;)

    4. Annie Donahue on

      Sounds totally fair to me. I'll be ecstatic to get my copy whenever that day happens to roll around.

      For what it's worth, my thought process around my Distant radio track was a sort of "ending credits" idea mixed with nostalgia. Back in the day a friend and I ended up creating our own personal soundtracks. The track I picked for Distant was my ending credits track from that silly exercise, and it’s a song about letting go of fears and moving on to the next thing. But it's also a song that makes me nostalgic for that time in my life. I wanted it to be something that made me long for a different time (i.e. a time before floating away to die in space...) and also something that brought closure to the whole thing.

    5. Bill Boulden 2-time creator on

      Assuming you got your canon copies long ago in December, you should also have copies of that handy. Or, in spotify?

    6. Bill Boulden 2-time creator on

      @Mihai, may I ask what country you are in? They are not on my channel, they are public links on a different channel but in the US only.

    7. Mihai Cosma on

      those youtube links return "This video is not available."

    8. Becky Graves on

      Yay!!! This has been such an exciting and interesting project to observe, & I can't wait to hear my unique copy (and others!). I think the methods you've outlined for fulfillment are totally fair and make sense, & I appreciate your thoroughness and transparency about this entire process! You rock! Keep kicking ass. :)