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This electronic album that tells the story of a marooned astronaut is re-recorded in entirety for each backer, making each copy unique.
663 backers pledged $25,680 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Louise Mc

      Thoughts so far (having listened to Tsuki no Usagi and Cepheus)...

      While I love it, the Tsuki mix is probably slightly too young and upbeat for my taste, I lean more to the angst side of things so it felt a little too playful and not serious enough for someone about to die of asphyxiation? But that's just my personal feeling, I can see that it is definitely one of the best loved of the canons, which is fantastic, it means you got a well-rounded mix of styles and there is one to suit most tastes :)

      The Cepheus mix tho was way more my style. I really loved the Refract, it reminded me of the music from Motral Kombat a bit so it felt like the astronaut was preparing to do battle. Also, I kept trying to figure out why it felt so wasn't until a day later that I realised why? It felt like listening to The Journalist in Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, which is one of my favourite rock operas, so listening to Cepheus felt like coming home. Spacesick and Distant again felt like fighting, but by the end of Oblivion, I felt like I was at peace with the universe once more. It didn't hurt that it made me think of the score of Southland Tales, beautiful music in that movie.

      Very much looking forward to Andromeda next :D

      All I can say is, I am SO glad I was able to be a part of this project! I have loved every minute of every part, and I will be so happy to hear my personal copy when it's completed! \o/

    2. Sara Gonia on

      The Cepheus mix was amazing to listen to. The description for the Tsuki mix stated that it would be more of a "playful" type, but I actually got more of that in the Cepheus mix than anything. It really felt like an amazing journey. Even "Oblivion", with its cold rawness, felt magical. I really felt like I was in space.
      And Chris Sabat did a nice job on the accent. The astronaut sounded like a Shakespearean actor at times, giving the narration just the right amount of drama.

    3. Missing avatar

      alex on

      love the canon mixes. track 2 of the tsuki mix really stood out to me. those bells! such a nice element that sets it apart from the other versions. i'm excited to get the custom one and see how it differs to these!

    4. Missing avatar

      Tod Weitzel on

      Andromeda Rotations sounds like a Jean Michel Jarre track remixed by FSOL. ACE

    5. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Dude. Best. Christmas. Present. Evar. I'm listening to Tsuki no Usagi right now, and oh, how I love it. It's just so playful and light.

    6. Missing avatar

      Phillip Hatch II on

      Laura Bailey is beyond amazing as I already knew. Her performance on this just proves it more.

    7. Chris Jean

      I'm happily drifting my way through my first listen of Andromeda right now. I just slipped into "Pulsar". It's a ride that is both exciting and somber.

      Thanks again Bill for the amazing idea, all the hard work, and for giving all of us a great musical journey for Christmas.

    8. FifthDream on

      Oh man, i love this project so much. The second i got my canon copies, i stopped everything i was dong (namely watching an episode of "Slider" before going to bed, which did not happen), and listened to them. I intended to listen to one, and save the other two for this morning, but i couldn't help but listen to them all. And i'm listening to them again as i type this.

      There's too much for me to say! The vocal performances are each unique and wonderful. and each album is of course similar, but so unique as to give each one a completely different feel. To me, Andromeda feels angsty, a little cold, unsettling. It's a lovely piece of music that leaves me feeling grateful to come back to oxygen and warmth at the end.

      Cepheus feels more musical to me, more melodic. More often, i find myself bouncing a little, or tapping my feet when i listen to it. Headbobbing happens. Even the astronaut's terrifying "wall of sick" is catchy.

      Unfortunately, i think i was too sleepy to listen very closely to Tsuki No Usagi, but i will listen again after this playthrough of Cepheus.

      So far, i like Andromeda a lot, but think if i had to pick one to bring with me on a trip (hopefully not to space), it would be Cepheus. I just love it.

      Of course, now i'm superexcited and looking forward to hearing my unique mix of the project. Thanks so much, Spruke. This whole thing is amazing.

    9. Jeff Good on

      The Andromeda Absolute Zero might be my favorite track of any version. I never imagined a song could be so simultaneously chaotic and peaceful. That's space summed up in 3 minutes of audio right there.

      The Andromeda "Tides" is the "Bladerunner" version.
      The Andromeda "Neutrinos" is where the universe really starts to fight back. It's not singing so much as growling at her.
      Alternately, the Tsuki no Usagi version isn't tearing you apart so much as unzipping you.

      The Tsuki no Usagi "Spacesick" synths are "Reading Rainbow" synths
      The Tsuki no Usagi "Oblivion" background drone sounds like crickets. I think a sound engineer could spend many hours specifically trying to synthesize the sound of crickets and not get such a compelling result.

      "Void" generally brings back a more confident or optimistic feel. Not in Andromeda! Abandon all hope. You're just falling through the Void!

    10. Dave Reed on

      This is amazing. Thank you for all you did during this project, from the surveys to the updates to the how-it-was-made videos. This was awesome!

    11. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Aldridge on

      I have an older computer and had to fight to get my FLAC file to play, so I was only able to listen to the first 30 mins of the Andromeda mix. (The real reason is that Spacesick hit me in the feels so hard I didn't think I was gonna be able to stand any more of the inevitable astronaut death that late at night.)

      From a narrative standpoint, the words are brilliant and well-delivered. There is a deep sense of personal connection, as if I knew personally the woman now spinning through space to her end. The idea that she is already years dead and that there's nothing I can do about it comes through pretty heavily, at least in this first section of this first render.

      Musically, I love it. I'm looking forward to trying to piece together which elements are non-deterministic and which are fixed. It's interesting from a theory standpoint, because in 100% composer-controlled pieces you can argue about the meaning behind a dissonance or a figure, but when you don't know what's purposeful and what's a happy accident, it's harder to tell. I think I'll send a CD of my personal copy to my Music Theory prof when it arrives; maybe he'll use it in one of his upper-level classes. (I really hope so; this album deserves a wide audience.)

    12. Dave Friederich on

      I've listened to andromeda twice and love it! Look forward to listening to the others soon. :)

      Well done!