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This electronic album that tells the story of a marooned astronaut is re-recorded in entirety for each backer, making each copy unique.
663 backers pledged $25,680 to help bring this project to life.
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      Katherine Bialek on

      Roy, he lists all of the voice examples and art examples in update 22, if you check it out on Kickstarter. The E or J is because that one artist did a version in English and Japanese. Once you know your favorites, you should check out update #23, because that tells you the three copies he chose, and it might affect your final decisions, because you'll get all three of the other copies to enjoy. (It is such a difficult choice! It is all so well done!) Good luck, you'll need time to go through it, it is all so good!

    2. Gron Proudflayer on

      I dont get the Reward survey options. How are you supposed to know witch "number" they are? (Like the description say: "If you request Shigihara, specify E or J.") WHAT? Were are the list?
      Same for the arts :/
      Im so lost LoL :P

    3. Missing avatar

      Katherine Bialek on

      Argh! So bummed I missed it :( More notice so I can plan around it :)

    4. lyrik

      Thanks for the insight into creating your style in the video. Awesome!

    5. Louise Mc

      I'm one of those who is hoping for a second run, so that I can get the renders I missed out on this time (so many amazing voice actors, and only one personal choice *facepalm*)

      But I could certainly understand you being over it by the end :(

      Take as long as you need with my personal copy, I am happy to wait as long as you need. The canon copies will keep me going til it's ready :)

      Now that it's come up, I would also love to buy a voice-less copy *LOL* ;)

      Good luck with all the copies yet to make, the end result (and the wait) will be totally worth it!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      R. Eric Reuss on

      Thanks for the info / explanation re: getting additional copies! I'd been considering asking about whether it'd be possible to get both a with-voice and without-voice copy; you've pre-emptively answered my question. :)