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This electronic album that tells the story of a marooned astronaut is re-recorded in entirety for each backer, making each copy unique.
663 backers pledged $25,680 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Stuart Emerson on

      Fantastic. Great art, great vocals. difficult to choose in all instances, and also tempting to 'save' favourites for non-canon copies. You and your contributors have done an epic job - I can't wait to hear the final versions. Thanks for making the choice so hard :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Bruce Webster on

      Thanks for the response, Bill. I would want to suggest pairing up "Across the Universe" with Sabat's British performance (assuming it was selected), but that's based on the original and not a cover version.

      I agree with the many comments that this was a hard ballot to cast, you have assembled an excellent collection of voiceovers.

    3. Missing avatar

      Katherine Bialek on

      Wow! Will we have options to pick an extra copy of ours with a different voiceover? If the canons don't have my choices, I would want the option to pick an extra. I was also wondering, if our own copy will have the option to also get a version with no voiceover? It might be a related question, the option to have multiple or no voiceovers on our copy. I'm so excited!

    4. Richard

      Voted. But as everyone else has said it was a very difficult choice. I wish I could have all the renders

    5. Gron Proudflayer on

      Not easy to chose.. A bit hard to really hear the VO on those tracks, but yeah.. Got them picked :P

    6. Bill Boulden 2-time creator on

      @Caleb- There have been some other renders here and there. Not everyone has been on the same amount. Fortunately, I've got an extra Mikey and an extra Spacesick lying around, for this case. Here's a Mikey Uncertainty Principle:… and a Laura Bailey Spacesick:…

    7. C Jones on

      I'm slightly concerned that Mikey Neumann is the only one on Spacesick/Hypertorus, can we really compare the voice acting properly if they're performing such different pieces? It'd be nice to be able to hear Mikey on one of the other pieces so we have better context for comparison.

    8. Jeff Good on

      Tod - Personal copies will be unique and your personal choice. The canon voting is happening first because it could influence your decisions on your personal copy. You can still pick a voice over that was on a canon version, but your version of the music will come from different renders and be distinct. We've got enough sample versions now that we can really hear the range of differences possible in these.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tod Weitzel on

      I'm kind of lost about how canon copies vs. personal copies work. Will we vote for canon copies, and then pick personal copy in a separate poll? What if one of the ones selected for personal copy becomes a canon copy?

    10. UpstartThunder on

      I loved hearing all these. It defo seemed the non British and non American, non human voices to be far better. They are a lot less 'hammy'.

    11. Kyle Rogers on

      So hard to choose an absolute favorite...but Laura Baily's performance just stirs something in me when I listen...haunting and beautiful at the same time. Chris, Daniel, and Brina also have outstanding ones too!
      What a problem to many great performances!

    12. Behrooz 'Bez' Shahriari

      I think I'm biased towards the Scottish accent since I was born and raised there, so it sounds a bit more natural to me, and I can identify strongly with it.

    13. Behrooz 'Bez' Shahriari

      I love Brina and the Scottish lass for the voices. Very clear and also well delivered.

    14. Missing avatar

      alex on

      it's going to be tough to narrow these down! I've simply got to have Brina on one of my copies though. I love her performance as Moxxi in Borderlands far too much haha. It might be trickier for me when it comes to the artwork. The collection of them seem to complete eachother. They would make a great booklet, perhaps with the dialogue written over the artwork and such. Great work by everyone involved. Getting excited for the releases! :D

    15. Bill Boulden 2-time creator on

      Bruce, no, there will not. I have to pay licensing fees to use the copyrighted songs and, to avoid legal problems, I already procured the licenses months ago.

      The canon copies will feature, among the three of them:
      1) "Footsteps In The Snow" by Debussy
      2) A cover of "Across The Universe" by John Lennon
      3) A cover of "Space Oddity" by David Bowie

      Using cover versions and purchasing rights from ASCAP to distribute those cover versions makes it possible for these to go in iTunes legally and such.

    16. Missing avatar

      Bruce Webster on

      Will there be an opportunity for input as to the "snippet of radio broadcast" overheard in the Canon survey?

    17. Jeff Good on

      Richard Kane Ferguson, Kris Straub and... geez... I don't know, they're all so good. I'm hoping there's eventually a big art book including all of these (and maybe more MTDAIST inspired art).

      Mikey is by far my favorite voice over. He just put everything into his performance. Choosing from the rest will be hard.