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The 16-Bit President of the United States, starring in his very own deckbuilding game. Get ready for 8-Bit Emancipation!
The 16-Bit President of the United States, starring in his very own deckbuilding game. Get ready for 8-Bit Emancipation!
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Production Timeline

Update Posted by Springboard Administrator

Well, as many of you might have guessed by now, Pixel Lincoln will not make the December release date that was originally planned. All of the members of the production team feel very bad about this and we offer our apologies.

Earlier this week we signed the contracts with Panda Games Manufacturing and we got down on our knees and begged them to do everything possible to get the game on the ship before the dreaded Chinese New Year Holiday. CNY runs from about Feb 3rd to Feb 17th and closes down most of the country so workers can go home to their families. If you think traveling at Christmas is rough, it's nothing like CNY. Panda says there is a SMALL chance that it might all work out, but they're not very optimistic.  Keep your fingers crossed.

As soon as we know that the games are on the ship and sailing to America, we'll send out the Kickstarter surveys to get your mailing addresses. No need to worry over that right now, though.

As proofs and milestones happen, we'll keep you updated.

Pixel Lincoln and Boss Monster!

An update from Jason Tagmire, designer of Pixel Lincoln:

I did a preview of Boss Monster over at Fruitless Pursuits called Boss Monster vs. Pixel Lincoln, and in a cool turn of events, you will be able to physically reenact your own Boss Monster / Pixel Lincoln battle in each game!

Boss Monster is including a Pixel Lincoln Epic Hero Card in its (insane!) $130,000 stretch goal.

We’re making a King Croak boss card for an upcoming release or promotion (details to come).

Check out my preview for a full recap of Boss Monster, and the gushy details of the similarities and differences between it and Pixel Lincoln. If you want the short version, it’s a LOT of fun and these are two awesome games that reference the best era of video games in very different ways. The differences will appeal to specific types of players, but the ones that enjoy both will soon be able to compare, contrast… and combine the two games. Super exciting!

Pixel Lincoln at BGG.Con with Rich Sommer & Game Salute!

As you may know, Rich Sommer is part of our awesome celebrity pack. I was super excited about having Rich on board with his background in TV, film, and most importantly, the board game community. His blog ( has a wonderful take on solo games in the Solo Games Odyssey, and G4TV's Game Night was the perfect board game/cable TV cross-over segment. 

 You may also know that Rich is the special guest at BGG.Con on November 14-18 in DFW, Texas. But… what you don't know is that we teamed up with Rich to make a Pixel Lincoln "Evil Rich Sommer" Mini-Boss card, that you can only get directly from him at BGG.Con. It's our first official promo release, and it turned out really cool. Check it out in the image attached to this update.

Keep an eye on Board Game Geek for Rich's schedule at the convention. As for Game Salute, they will have copies of Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game on hand for demos at BGG.Con. They have a huge booth, so you can't miss them. Make sure you stop by, try the game, and throw in the Evil Rich Sommer card for extra fun. Unfortunately I can't be there this time, but I have a ton of conventions on the schedule. Metatopia is next week, and Unpub 3, LunaCon and Pax East are all coming up. I always have an early copy of Pixel Lincoln on hand, so let me know if you would like to play. See you around!

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Custom Card Update

By Designer Jason Tagmire 

We’re knee deep in custom characters right now, and many of them are either finished or in the final stages of layout. If you haven't received an email with your image it will be coming very soon. In the meantime, check out this gallery of custom characters! The world of Pixel Lincoln has expanded considerably. 

Also, we are still waiting on some images/text, so if you haven’t sent yours over yet, please send it to us. Details are right here:

Pixel Lincoln From The Future


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