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The 16-Bit President of the United States, starring in his very own deckbuilding game. Get ready for 8-Bit Emancipation!
The 16-Bit President of the United States, starring in his very own deckbuilding game. Get ready for 8-Bit Emancipation!
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Updated #40: Rewards & Discount Codes


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Update #39: Pixel Lincoln Production Update & Origins Game Fair

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to touch base and let you know that the games have arrived at the Game Salute warehouse! I've spoken with Game Salute and they confirmed that the surveys and order site will be going up after Origins (6/12-6/16), so keep an eye out for it.

Also, for backers who will be attending Origins this week, you can pick up your game while you are there. The game will be on display and available for demos (I'll be there too, so I hope to see you!) and the wide release will be shortly afterwards.  (Note: They will NOT be selling the game at Origins.)  

Thanks to everyone for your patience over this long journey. Soon we'll all be playing Pixel Lincoln!

Anchor's Aweigh

Update from Jason Tagmire, Designer

Hey everyone, we have very good news to report:


Yes, it's true. The boat should be docking in Boston in the next two weeks and assuming everything goes well in customs, Game Salute should have the games in their warehouse by June 7th. Of course, unforeseen things can always delay shipment (i.e. icebergs, laser sharks).

Can't wait for everyone to get their copies of the game!

Production Update and Final Game Unboxing

Last week, the final review copy of the game arrived for my review and I can't say much more other than how amazing it turned out. The colors are perfect, the quality of the components is perfect. Overall, I was very impressed.

Now that everything has been approved the game should be shipping out of China within the next week or so, and soon enough it'll arrive in the US, and soonafter it'll be in your hands. I cannot wait for it to get here so everyone can start playing the game.

My iPhone doesn't do it justice… but here's a video of the unboxing ofthe final print.

Also, as a reminder: Our Bicycle Cards Kickstarter is ending in just a few days. If you're interested in Pixel Lincoln themed playing cards, a mini-expansion for the deckbuilding game, or if you missed out on the custom cards here, check it out. Any help is appreciated.

Pixel Lincoln: Bicycle Playing Cards

News, Photos and a Mini-Expansion!

Update from Jason Tagmire, Designer

News, Photos and a Mini-Expansion!

Hello everyone! We wanted to touch base because there is some awesome news to report. The production of Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game is moving along and mostly finished by now with the complete game headed my way for final approval. At this point it's all been printed and packaged and soon enough will be heading to America. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person, but in the meantime we have a bunch of photos for you. 

I wanted to thank everyone for your patience once again, and by the looks of the images it will pay off in the end. The game is looking better than ever, and we're getting closer and closer to release.

On To The Other Big News

Inspired by this Pixel Lincoln Bicycle Playing Cards project, we're announcing a 21 card mini-expansion for Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game. Yes, that's right--it's a deckbuilding game expansion based on a playing card deck that was based on a deckbuilding game which was based on an unreleased video game that was based on a silly card game. Whew!

Over at the Playing Card project you can now get Pixel Lincoln: Twenty One. Simply add $10 to any pledge level, and the rest will be taken care of after that project is successfully funded.

Pixel Lincoln: Twently One is a playing card inspired expansion, consisting of:

  • 4 Secret Item Cards (Club, Spade, Heart, Diamond shaped weapons)
  • 4 Alternate Booth Mini-Boss cards (in the outfits that you might have noticed on the playing cards)
  • 4 Alternate starting Lincoln cards (with the faces you see on the playing cards)
  • 4 Alternate ability character cards of the 4 Jokers (for maximum messing with your friends)
  • 4 All new character cards with unique abilities (King, Queen, Jack, Joker)
  • 1 Rule card to combine a playing card deck with Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game for an all new adventure

Here's a look at everything you'll get for just $10.

click here for a close-up view

Thanks again! Also thanks to those of you that stopped by at PAX East, it was awesome to meet you in person and play some games together. Talk to you again soon!