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A card game of rhyme and reason for kids of all ages. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 17, 2012.

A card game of rhyme and reason for kids of all ages.

Say your right words, the Goblins said... Part 1

Hello everyone!

I spent most of this past weekend finishing and organizing the fairy/goblin nickname list. In total, it came to over 400 nicknames for backers who pledged at the Cringe and Cower level or higher during the campaign.Because the list is so long, we're breaking it up into two separate updates, Part 1 and Part 2. Below, we have Part 1; these are all of the nicknames that were already assigned, listed (more or less) in the order that they were given out.

Tomorrow we will post Part 2, which will have all of the nicknames that have not yet been given out, listed by backer name (more or less in alphabetical order.) These backer names were collected from the Kickstarter backer report - and some of you have changed your Kickstarter account names since then. So if you were eligible for a nickname, you'll have to remember what your old Kickstarter backer was to pick it out from the list.

Thank you all for your support - wear your nicknames with pride! 

Peace, David

  • Sara Yarrington, ye shall be Peppermint Stick
  • Matt K, I dub thee Waxy Wick
  • Mister Hope, we'll call you Me So Sick
  • Chris Wilkes, be forever now Pick and Flick
  • Jimi Bonogofsky, you can be Lolly Lick 
  • Logan O. Uber, hey there Viper Vick 
  • Christopher Cole, rise as Tenacious Tick 
  • Scott Dilley, I name thee Mischievous Mick 
  • Dan F, a.k.a. Bits On Brick 
  • José, hello Rotten Rick 
  • Bradley Town, welcome Slimey Slick 
  • James Chapman, good day Trapsy Trick 
  • Charles Sumner, you're now Tushy Kick 
  • Michelle Sumner, is Michelle Ma Belle 
  • Michael Amerson, I dub thee Fishy Smell 
  • Jana Lass, you'll be Wishing Well 
  • Jason Simpson, I call ye Gooey Gel 
  • suzy, hey you're Tinker Bell 
  • Tim Goldenburg, you must be Hob Goblin 
  • RJ Hanagan, you must be Bob Goblin 
  • Randy Lander, let's start with Eeny Meany 
  • Joseph Person, let's end with Miney Moe 
  • Jonathan O'Donnell, your nickname is Tattle Tisker 
  • Mary Pendergast, we'll call you Kitten Whisker 
  • Van Roberts, transform to Goblin Mister 
  • Lance Leonardi, become a Hairy Blister 
  • Travis Carr, be now Tongue Twister 
  • Chris Straghalis, we name you Crunchy Crisper 
  • Elizabeth Mink, shhhhhhh Secret Whisper 
  • Anfauglir, watch out it's Jaws of Thirst! 
  • Stephen Elliott, you're Chances Cursed 
  • Doug Bass, ewwwwww Liver Worste 
  • Christina Smart, knows it's Fairies First 
  • John Olson, you be Dunk the Skunk 
  • Ben Bruckart, he's got Junk in the Trunk 
  • Herbert Hawes, whoa Stifled Fart! 
  • Xeko, you've got Golden Heart 
  • Kim Swanson dons a Fairy Hoodie 
  • Edward Sizemore plays some Goblin Footie 
  • Emily Compton, we'll call you Baby Bunny 
  • Cathy & Gregg, you're Sweet as Honey! 
  • Dylan Young, Farting's Funny 
  • Ahmad Y. Doleh, grab a tissue Noses Runny 
  • Jason Smith forked over some Moldy Money 
  • Lisa Kinney's nickname is Humming Bird 
  • Edward Hanrahan's is Naughty Word 
  • Carol and Paul Sullivan are a pair of Garden Sneakers 
  • Scott Krous plays with Bubbling Beakers 
  • Mark LeMoine, you're a Tattle Tell 
  • Eric Groenewald, is known as Smelly 
  • Mel Mercedes, is lovely Daisy Dell 
  • Joel Nydam, a.k.a. Sneaky Sell 
  • Rees Maxwell, ye be Grumpy Frump 
  • Theresa Sperle, we'll call you Bunny Thump 
  • James M, it's Calamity Clump! 
  • Valerie Kono, practices her Grasshopper Jump 
  • Jessey, your nickname is Crooked 
  • Crick Floris van der Zwan, what a Charming Chick 
  • avidreader514, watch out for Sandy Quick 
  • sunefox, got stuck in Sticky Ick 
  • Chris Moore, I dub thee Art Deco Gecko 
  • Ryan's daughter Echo, we'll call her Mirror Echo 
  • Brian Walsh, renamed as Rhyming Roger 
  • Karl Okerholm, is a Conniving Codger 
  • Alex Wilson, ye shall be Cut To Pieces 
  • Bieeanda, teams up with Mighty Meeces 
  • Miles Matton, known as Frick and Frack 
  • Ian, nicknamed Slash and Hack 
  • Robert Olivo, forever now Apple Jack 
  • gbreden, I prescribe for you Doctor Quack 
  • uwEE, you're a Silly Brat 
  • laycelin, is That Fat Cat 
  • Curt Kremer, I dub thee Spit and Spat 
  • Trentin C Bergeron, we name ye Vampire Bat 
  • sunflower55, becomes Yogurt Yummy 
  • Bill Glasgow, has an Achy Tummy 
  • Laurel Amatangelo, you'll be Goblin Mummy 
  • Brian Bishop, named now Crasher Dummy 
  • John Ibarzabal, he's so Grizzly Gruff 
  • Shane Lambert, Plays Too Rough 
  • Laura Bishop, a lovely Powder Puff 
  • sozin, Takes Your Stuff J. Herschel 
  • Jeffrey's son Harry, gets the name Big Bad Huff 
  • Johan Andersson, be now Shouty Shovey 
  • Jeannie Voirin-Gerde, can be so Lovey Dovey 
  • jayvs1, you've got Hoarder Junk 
  • Morgan Swiers, you'll be Noggin Clunk 
  • Marion F. Carpenter Jr, is cute as Chippy Munk
  • Evan Pipho, enjoys a Chewy Chunk 
  • and Gordon Griffith, is one Purple Punk! 
  • KLH, gets Roasted Rump 
  • Jason Curtice, becomes a Lazy Lump 
  • PThew, grows a Mossy Stump 
  • Keith Koleno, resides in a Dirty Dump 
  • Timothy Collins, goes Bumpity Bump 
  • Carlo Gozzi, is Pouty Doubty 
  • Matias, looks Bad Mood Cloudy 
  • calledgestewdent, you're Ruffian Rowdy 
  • Virginia S Anderson, welcome Howdy Dowdy 
  • Richard Sandberg's daughter Colleen, gets the nickname Seashell Sandy 
  • COW TAN, be now Trashy Tandy 
  • Michelle, change to Moonlight Mandy 
  • Todd Showalter, shakes with Tentacle Handy 
  • Kimberly Tally, is sweet as Cotton Candy 
  • Patrick Francis Xavier Johnson, chews on a Rubber Bandy 
  • Aurianne, is a Darling Dandy 
  • Rick Rambo, known as Rusty Randy 
  • Elisabeth Malloy, become Brilliant Brandy 
  • Steve Willson, as a Tricky Troll 
  • Adam Walding, enters the Howling Hole 
  • Damien Burczyk, sips from a Bubbling Bowl 
  • Matthew Gillespie, has a Sinister Soul 
  • Kylesaurus, is a Mischievous Mole 
  • David Kitcat, such a Vengeful Vole 
  • Wajih Zaidi, watch out, he Eats You Whole 
  • Joseph Louis, collects Christmas Coal 
  • John Waclawski, charges a Bridge Troll Toll 
  • rikkalarn's son Tathan, is spooky Ghostly Grim 
  • Tsun Yau Mak, you be Zoned-Out Zim 
  • Jon Hylsberg, get a Nose-Hair Trim 
  • Mark Nunnikhoven, take a Saliva Swim 
  • Daniel Muzzarini, you're Light Bulb Dim 
  • Steven Stout, now you're Testy Tim 
  • Glenn Tyler, hops on a Lumpy Limb 
  • Christopher Mitchell, eats Smelly Jelly 
  • Carl Allenspach, shakes his Jiggly Belly 
  • Lih Ping Teo, a painful Thumbsy Tack 
  • Cyn L, be named Flimsy Flack 
  • Tiggertooth, travels with a Predator Pack 
  • Paul Bigbee, relaxes on a Torturous Rack 
  • Ken Davis, shows off Plumber Crack 
  • John Marquette, meet Meany Mack 
  • Richard Gable, walks a Twisted Track 
  • Sean Brulet, watch out for Wizard Whack 
  • Ezekiel Hendrickson, suffers a Snack Attack! 
  • Matt Sweeney, you'll be Horseshoe Clop 
  • Jill Maeda, you're Flippy Flop 
  • Jonathan McAnulty, drinks Fizzy Pop 
  • Bill, comes to a Dizzy Stop 
  • Damith Abeysekera, has a Twisted Top 
  • Emily Crum, a cute little Bunny Hop 
  • Craig Johnston, is the Creamy Crop 
  • Francis Cermak, eats Slimey Slop 
  • David Ewald, loves to make Blister Pop 
  • Ville Terama, cleans up with Mildew Mop 
  • ozymandias, becomes Chum Chum Chop 
  • LOZACH, is now Puddle Plop 
  • Martin Daycock, makes his Braincase Bop 
  • Grollo Stoutfoam, suffers a Headless Lop 
  • Ritchie Tiongson, impersonates a Creepy Cop 
  • Hagen_Cartoons, has Stinky Feet 
  • Billy Gove, belts out a Billy Goat Bleat 
  • Amauri Silva Lima Filho, prepares for a Mystical Meet 
  • Ricardo F. Ferreira, will Greedily Eat 
  • Kat, the kids call her Sassy Street 
  • Martin Gregory, generates Armpit Heat 
  • Kitty Page, is admiral of the Fairy Fleet 
  • Nate Lawrence, dodges Yellow Sleet 
  • Keri, sends a Birdy Tweet 
  • Alexander Hawson, can deliver a Brains-Out Beat 
  • Claes Svensson, gets traction with a Shoeless Cleat 
  • Muneera Mak, serves up a Tasty Treat 
  • Joe W., eats Maggoty Meat 
  • Margaret St. John, has an Aroma Sweet 
  • Nancy Hutchins, such a Blushing Beet 
  • Ronny Mo, shall Lather Rinse Repeat 

The remaining nicknames will be given out in Part 2. See you then!