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Battle wicked monsters, build up the legend of your party and face insurmountable odds as you strive to achieve an Epic Death!
613 backers pledged $27,800 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Game Salute (Creator)

We're knocking down the Stretch Goals with an almost wanton abandon! $10,0000 has come and gone, meaning that not only does each copy of Epic Death! come with the HELP ME! Fate Card... the Holy Lightsword is included too.

Now, what are these beautiful things?

Why, they are EPIC SKULL TOKENS. Should we hit $12,000, the game will come with a set of these fine markers that you can use to show when you've managed to complete a quest with a perfect roll. Waits In Graves have spent hours on the fantastic art of Epic Death, so why on earth would you want to flip it over and hide it away? Use these gruesome but handy skulls to show just how great you are! 


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    1. Game Salute 87-time creator on

      hur hur hur.

    2. Daniel Brown on

      Not that I whored the rules or anything... >.>

    3. Game Salute 87-time creator on

      That's it precisely, guys. Should you need to roll say, five Trivial Victories to complete one of the red-backed Quest cards and manage to get the exact amount, your chosen character doesn't just complete it - they score double for the Quest AND they get killed off. Just what you need!

    4. Daniel Brown on

      If you are doing an 'epic quest' and roll the exact number of victories required you finish the quest AND die an epic death, doubling the epic score in the process. These tokens will help you mark the epic quests you got the perfect roll on, so you can see it when tallying scores.

    5. Oliver East on

      @Curtis when you are fighting on the hard quests you are trying to kill off your characters for an epic death. A perfect epic death is when you get the exact number of successful dice required I believe no more no less :)

    6. Mitch0712 on

      I still don't understand what these are for. What is a perfect roll?

    7. Sam Lamont on

      The Epic Death tokens will be punch-board card.

    8. Dheyrdre Machado on

      Love the skulls, what they are made of?

    9. Beth H on

      As awesome as $10,0000 would be, we actually went over $10,000. Bit too excited I think :P

    10. Sam Lamont on

      Yeah, we have found there is on average 1 to 3 Epic Deaths! per game, but awesome skull tokens are awesome. And yes you will get 10!

    11. Daniel Brown on

      They're for 'perfect' epic deaths so not every epic death would need a token. Although there is a chance everyone could get REALLY lucky lol.

    12. Oliver East on

      Was initially unsure but now I am sold on these tokens! When you say a 'set' how many does that include 10 like in the image? Seems unlikely there would be 10 epic deaths in one game. Also if think I speak for everyone but more promo stretch goal cards please! One for 350 backers then 500 maybe? X likes on FB? :D

    13. Daniel Brown on

      Looking good, streamlines the game play a bit too I would wager.