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Battle wicked monsters, build up the legend of your party and face insurmountable odds as you strive to achieve an Epic Death!
613 backers pledged $27,800 to help bring this project to life.

It's Promo Time!

Posted by Game Salute (Creator)

So, now that our mighty plans for world domination have been revealed, we're delighted to show off our first couple of Promo Cards! 

As we've already blown through the $8,000 mark, everyone will get a copy of HELP ME!, a Fate Card that allows you to call on the other players when times get tough. Actually, it can be used whenever, even if you're on the verge on winning and feel like rubbing your victory in everyone else's face. Truly, that is the spirit of Epic Death!

Meanwhile, our $10,000 Stretch Goal is the Holy Lightsword, probably the most coveted Weapon from any given Far, Far Away Galaxy. Not only is it definitely the sword you're looking for, it'll bring you 500 Epic Points as well! With the Lightsword in your hand, you'll be UNSTOPPABLE. MAYBE.

Keep spreading the word, folks! Thank you for your support so far!


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    1. Daniel Brown on

      Or Jaynes Gun, that is high in epic loot but you lose some dice because Jayne won't let you use it lol.

    2. Sam Lamont on

      Yes! and a Jayne hat for loot :)

      Coming up with the list of loot quests and adventurers was really fun. After we had finished we kept kicking ourselves for missing certain things though, but yeah, we are hoping to expand the game, so there's plenty of time to add them all :)

    3. Daniel Brown on

      A Hero of Canton card for Firefly would be pretty awesome, it's one of my favourite sci-fi shows. The list of add-ons or expansions for Epic Death! is pretty limitless, I bet you have a real good time coming up with ideas.

    4. Sam Lamont on

      We are also massively in love with buffy (and joss). We definitely have some ideas for several head nods to both buffy and firefly :)

    5. Dheyrdre Machado on

      Your thoughts on Buffy reference card?
      It'll be epic! And something like: "Have Faith in her." As description ;D
      I'm just a huge Buffy fan.

    6. Sam Lamont on

      This is currently the only Star Wars themed loot piece, but that's not to say we couldn't include a Dark Side/Light Side/Bounty Hunter set at some point in the future!

    7. Oliver East on

      Love both will there be a Star Wars themed loot set as there are other sets via the other promo stretch goal card? Or just an epic one off?!

    8. James Cartwright on

      Lightsword looks cool, like the quote on it to.