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Battle wicked monsters, build up the legend of your party and face insurmountable odds as you strive to achieve an Epic Death!
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Such Epic Plans We Weave!

Posted by Game Salute (Creator)

Hi everyone! 

We've been working hard on getting our plans in line for Stretch Goals since Epic Death! hit its funding target but we're now ready to unveil what we've been doing!

So, this is it - our ideas to make our game even more awesome than normal, with goals set all the way up to $20,000. It's a big dream but honestly, seeing how well the game has been received already, we reckon that this is an attainable target. 

Here's a bit more information on the different goals.

  • $8,000 - A whole new card to include in your adventures!
  • $10,000 - Another new card, filled with Epicness!
  • $12,000 - A set of Skull Tokens to mark your Epic victories!
  • $14,000 - Another card to expand your game yet further!
  • $16,000 - An extra six dice, bringing the total in the box to sixteen!
  • $18,000 - The option to pick up the Most Awesome Dice Tower Ever Made!
  • $20,000 - All dice included in the game get the Epic customisation treatment!

We'd love to hit all of these goals but can't do it without your help. Spread the word as much as you can on Twitter, on Facebook, on BoardGameGeek... whatever you can do to make others aware of Epic Death! would be great! Thank you for supporting us already - now let's see just how far we can go!


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    1. Sam Lamont on

      We love the idea of race specific cards (so much we are making notes in case we get to do an expansion).

      Unfortunately, because we would only have one of these cards, it would be unfair to the players who's races didn't get picked.

      We definitely have plans for cards that utilise the race/class feature on the Adventurer cards for the future though.

    2. Oliver East on

      Personally I'd love a couple of events or quests which depend on your chosen characters race as mentioned in the proper comments section. With the way events work with them seemingly being used before a proper turn I think the idea would be best tailored to them - dwarf drinking contest, sword fighting for humans etc. as then this wouldn't restrict quests.

    3. Daniel Brown on

      No problem Sam, I thought that might be the case. I have no doubt you'll hit the stretch goals anyway with the speed Epic Death! is receiving pledges!

    4. Sam Lamont on

      @ Daniel: Thanks for the Pledge! The rulebook contents list is from before we had quotes from manufacturers and realised how expensive dice can be. This will be updated depending on the outcome of the Kickstarter, but we would love to hit that goal.

      @ Oliver: Hopefully we can get both, but having more dice is better for the game on the whole. Our first promo card is an awesome new Fate card with a unique ability (this will be revealed as soon as we hit that first goal), the other ones are still undecided so we would love to hear what people would prefer!

    5. Oliver East on

      fingers cross we can get all the way to 20K would rather custom EPIC dice than 6 more normal ones.
      What sort of cards will the new ones be events, characters, loot etc?

    6. Daniel Brown on

      Looking very exciting!

      The instruction manual PDF says the game comes with 16 dice in the box already, although the kickstarter page does say 10 dice. Just a heads up so it can be changed if required ;)