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Sprav: the wireless and easy-to-use water and energy meter for the shower. Want to save money on your utility bills? Sprav can help!

Sprav: the wireless and easy-to-use water and energy meter for the shower. Want to save money on your utility bills? Sprav can help! Read More
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Sprav Water

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Fast Company (Co.Exist) - “There’s no leaking or mess, like a few other devices that are available that require tools and Teflon tape.”

Mother Nature Network - "Sprāv changes colors... but, in an ingenious departure, also boasts Bluetooth connectivity."

TechnologyTell - "...Sprav is the least obtrusive and most connected water-reducing shower enhancer I’ve seen to date."

Jubbling - "...what makes Sprav different is its ability to track your shower and instantly report to you how much you are saving by changing your showering habits."

New! - Sprav Element ($20)

Introducing the Sprav Element Meter.

Sprav Element is a low-cost, non-Bluetooth alternative to the full feature Sprav meter. Sprav Element gives users the same instant feedback as Sprav, without smartphone integration or long-term data tracking. Perfect for those without smart phones or who are on a tight budget.

Sprav Element works by measuring the average length of user's showers and giving visual feedback via an LED light. When the user has reached 80% of their average shower time, the light turns red. If the shower continues past 150% of the average time, the meter will give an audio cue. Every time the shower is used, the average time is updated such that over time, users will be encouraged to take shorter showers (until a behavior defined minimum is reached).

Take control.

Sprāv is a wireless water meter that gives you control of your water and energy consumption. Using a combination of instant feedback and usage tracking, Sprāv gives you the tools to reduce your utility bills as well as your eco-footprint.

 During showers, Sprāv will give you visual and audible cues so that you know your water and energy consumption in real-time, allowing you to cut your shower costs by 10-20% per year. Sprāv does not cut off or restrict water flow, so you are always in control of how much (or little) you want to save.

If you live in a typical home with an electric water heater and average utility rates, Sprāv will save more than $50 annually for every minute you reduce your average shower length.  And that's just for one person! The savings are multiplied for households of two or more.

Easy installation.

Sprāv clips directly onto the supply pipe behind your existing shower head in a matter of seconds.  No tools required.

This also means that Sprāv will not restrict water flow or change the location of the shower head.

Instant feedback.

Sprāv changes color to reflect your current consumption.  The lights are clearly visible and work similar to a traffic light:

The timing and color of these lights may be customized via the smartphone app so you can tailor the experience to your liking.

Extensive data tracking.

Our app will be available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The interface allows you to monitor resource consumption in real-time as well as view periodic usage reports and savings.

More powerful features, such as personalized utility rate information and social media interaction are also available.


Sprāv features an open API and open firmware.  This makes it easy for anybody with programming skills and an interest in water use to create apps for use with Sprāv.

How It Works

Sprāv senses water temperature through the pipe and acoustically monitors water flow. By determining flow acoustically, Sprāv doesn't need to be inline with the water stream.  This means that there is no leaking, no teflon tape, and no mess.  Just clip it on and start saving.

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Every drop counts.

If everyone in America cut their average shower time by one minute, the CO2 emissions reduction would be equal to taking 6 million cars off the road.

Sprāv can help everyone to do their part.  Together we can make a difference.


 Moving Towards Production

Sprāv is the final result of more than two years of work and more than a dozen different prototypes. Using everything we learned, we have put together the following schedule to get Sprāv out of the prototype stage and into the hands of our awesome backers.

As you can see, we have already cleared most of the major technical hurdles and are beginning to focus on real production (that's where we need your help!)

Prototype (Under the Hood)

We have some really cool hardware already built. All we need to do is finalize some designs and write some firmware before we begin production. All of your pledges will go directly towards pre-production setup and the actual production of units.

The Team

One of our strengths as a team is our diversity. We come from a variety of educational backgrounds, including Mechanical Engineering, Macromolecular Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Industrial Design. Here is a little more about each of us:

Craig Lewis - Business Development

Craig is a senior at Case Western Reserve University studying Macromolecular Science and Engineering while minoring in Economics. He is also a student in the Master of Engineering and Management (MEM) program. Craig gained extensive product development and market research experience while working at American Greetings and an international chemical and ceramic producer. When not working on Sprāv, Craig enjoys watching a variety of European motorsports.

CJ Valle - Hardware Development

CJ is a senior in the Mechanical Engineering program at Case Western Reserve University. Before taking the lead on Sprav hardware development, he was a captain of the CWRU Baja team and has worked for several different companies on a multitude of different projects. These include software development and creation of specialized testing hardware at Barrett Technology and the design of medical scanner components for Philips Healthcare. CJ enjoys spending his spare time advising the Baja team as he's able and working on his motorcycle.

Andrew Schad - Product/Graphic/Brand Design

Andrew is a recent graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design. He is currently an automotive designer in Detroit MI. Andrew has designed several products in production from his time working at Little Tikes Toys and Chrysler Group LLC. When he's not meticulously perfecting the Sprāv design and branding, he enjoys boating and wake boarding.

Tom Emelko - Software Development

Tom is a junior in the Computer Engineering program at Case Western Reserve University. Tom is also involved in the ACM chapter at Case as well as Sigma Nu Fraternity. He is currently on Co-op with Rockwell Automation, balancing his full time job with Sprav. He also enjoys tinkering and working on fun and small side projects involving everything from Arduinos and LEDs to IRC Chatbots. Tom spends his spare time playing video games, camping and hiking, and Autocrossing with his dad.

Risks and challenges

We believe that hardware is major driver of innovation but we also realize that hardware presents its own unique challenges. We feel that between our knowledge, expertise, network of mentors, and work ethic, we can avoid many of the pitfalls of other hardware projects.

We have an invaluable network of mentors and advisers that cover many different subject areas. Sprāv is a member of the Blackstone LaunchPad program at Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland based start-up accelerator Bizdom. Bizdom is a non-profit start-up accelerator founded by serial entrepreneur Dan Gilbert, Founder and Chairman of Quicken Loans, Majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and General Partner at Detroit Venture Partners. With this network, we've had the opportunity to work with world class engineering professors, successful entrepreneurs, and international sourcing experts, to name a few.

Below you will find some areas where challenges could occur as well as why we are equipped to deal with them.

Engineering and Manufacturing:

Sprāv is an innovative hardware device that uses a variety of components to help you track and reduce your water usage. These components interface and communicate in complex ways and there could be issues while we are finalizing our designs or during manufacturing. We believe we can manage risk due to our ability to rapidly prototype new designs and solutions to problems at think[box] at Case Western Reserve University. We have access to additive manufacturing resources as well as circuit board prototyping equipment. If there is a problem, we have the equipment to fix it quickly.

Supply Chain and Logistics:

We are working with several manufacturers as well as a former Nike sourcing manager to make this product a reality. Over the past 6 months we have done our homework (engineers love homework), and as a result, we have several different manufacturing scenarios based on the success of our campaign. Each scenario differs slightly in the sourcing of off-the-shelf components and the method of manufacturing the custom ones, to give us the quickest turnaround at the most reasonable price possible.

We believe we can minimize risk by working very carefully with our partners as well as being conservative with all of our estimates. You have our word that we will remain honest and transparent throughout this entire project. Thank you for your support and we hope you will join us on this journey.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Sprāv is powered by a standard CR2032 coin cell battery. Battery life is dependent on many factors, including the length of showers and the number of users per day. Sprāv should last six to eighteen months, depending on usage, before the battery must be changed.

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  • While not accurate enough to be used in critical industrial applications, the sensor is accurate enough to give home users a good idea of their water consumption. We are still perfecting the sensor calibration, and will provide more specific accuracy information as soon as we have it.

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  • Currently, those uses are not officially supported. We provide an API, however, so that with a little coding and some re-calibration, any of those things should be possible.

    In the future, (after we've produced and shipped this first batch out to our fantastic backers) we plan to release a few more devices that offer similar metering for other areas of the home.

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