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A Medieval Space Folktale with Action-RPG and Roguelike influences. For PC, Xbox One and PS4.
A Medieval Space Folktale with Action-RPG and Roguelike influences. For PC, Xbox One and PS4.
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Progress of 2018 - part 2

Posted by Spiritus Games (Creator)

Hey all,

As we’ve promised in the previous gameplay update, here’s a good portion of the art that was produced this year so far. There are a few pieces that fell into the ‘spoiler’ category so we’ve withheld them. Also we wouldn’t like to talk too much (and again possibly spoil stuff for you), so we'll just let the art speak for itself. :)

The following are mostly event illustrations and concepts from the Neverending Sea (Realm 2) with a few exceptions where noted:

The Reservoir

A planet-sized source of precious water supply located in the Aquatic Kingdom.

Sir Pufferfish

Valiant Knight of the Fisherking with unquestionable loyalty and a short temper. 

Champion of the Sea

Concept for a knight-class elite enemy of great agility who will prey upon you if you let your guard down even for a second.

Sir Hammerhead

An intimidating champion famous for his fighting style and his insatiable hunger.

The Aqua Palace

A grandiose royal residence of the Fisherking himself. Has seen better days, much like its inhabitants...

The shepherd

Guardian and caretaker of the prized Royal Sheep Herd of His Majesty the Kingfather, which contains the precious Lamb with the Golden Fleece.

Noseen the Punished One

This enormous deep-space-dwelling monster has been imprisoned for eons for crimes long since forgotten. Will you release the kraken?


Marauders (and their event illustrations) come in various shapes and forms...

What’s next?

Our focus for the next few months is to piece together a playable first realm as soon as possible with all major game mechanics in place and playable events that have an effect on gameplay as well (losing and gaining resources, items and passengers, completing multi-step event chains, etc.).

As soon as we’re satisfied with our first realm, we will update the Pre-Alpha version on Steam so you can try it as well and so we get a little feedback again from players. In order to do this we first have to tackle a few remaining issues on the Starmap, then we’ll have a go at making events to populate the realm with.

This promises to be a fun time from a creative standpoint. Now that we have the tools, we can start shaping the actual stories, events and mechanics in the game, and personally I can’t wait to see them realized!

As promised, we’ll shout when the Alpha version updates, but until then, don’t go trying to make friends with unidentified mean-looking vessels carrying a spiky ball on a chain! ;)

-- Batowski

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    1. Milan Batowski Collaborator on

      @Myca Arcangel: sure thing, a couple of ladies have already been featured in our campaign content update #4, but we plan some more for sure!


      Oh, and there was a point in the beginning when witches were the main antagonists in the game, hehe...

    2. Myca Arcangel on

      It looks great! Will there be more Lady knights or other female characters like witches? Lots of cool potential! Looking forward to it