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A Medieval Space Folktale with Action-RPG and Roguelike influences. Coming for PC, Xbox One and PS4.
A Medieval Space Folktale with Action-RPG and Roguelike influences. For PC, Xbox One and PS4.
A Medieval Space Folktale with Action-RPG and Roguelike influences. For PC, Xbox One and PS4.
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Testing the water

Posted by Milan Batowski

Hey all, this is Batowski again with the latest updates! We hope you’re reading this on a beach, near a pool, or in an air-conditioned room, because as summer kicks a last one, it’s time to “summerize” the latest developments in Fabular-land. 

Vertical slice and Pre-Alpha access

The biggest development of the summer is that the vertical slice of the game is operational, meaning all crucial game mechanics are implemented (apart from the ship upgrades), and you can do runs of the game on a randomly generated Starmap. We’ve still got a long way to go, but it looks and feels like a proper videogame now, which is a fantastic feeling! 

Although this is still not a real Alpha version, we don’t want you to miss out on the fun, so we’ve decided to give out keys for the Pre-Alpha to everyone that has the ‘($58, €52) - ALPHA ACCESS’ or higher backing tier. Expect your Steam keys to arrive in your mailbox in a couple of days, we will do a small update when we actually send them out!

For those of you who don’t have Alpha access, we’ve compiled a nice little gameplay video that showcases one particular run of the game:

We’re quite excited to ‘test the waters’ together with you guys, and your feedback is very welcome as always!

Events and enemies

Work never stops in the ‘art department’, and while we’ve been working on putting together the pre-alpha game mechanics, the number of event and enemy concepts never stopped growing. Here are a few examples:

Event illustration concepts:

Event illustration concepts carousel (animated)
Event illustration concepts carousel (animated)

Enemy concepts:

Enemy concepts carousel (animated)
Enemy concepts carousel (animated)

Future plans

Having built a playable and coherent version of the game feels very nice, but we’re still far from the ‘complete package’. Ship upgrades, multiple realms, shops / vendors and long-term progression such as unlockable characters and items are still amongst the missing game mechanics, and we intend to focus on these in the near future.

Unfortunately the development time lost due to my health problems can not be recovered, so it is certain that the game won’t be released this year. We’re all very sorry about this, but there’s not much we can do about it. We certainly don’t want to rush things and come up with an inferior product, so development will continue on and we’ll find a way to realize the game as close to our original vision as possible.

Hope you all had a great summer, and keep on being awesome!
--Batowski out

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    1. Jonas Gabrielson

      Awesome stuff!

    2. Griffin Post on

      Looking good! My backlog is pretty nuts right now. I have plenty of other games to burn through, so take your time and make an excellent game.