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A Medieval Space Folktale with Action-RPG and Roguelike influences. For PC, Xbox One and PS4.
A Medieval Space Folktale with Action-RPG and Roguelike influences. For PC, Xbox One and PS4.
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CONTENT UPDATE: Fabulous Locations

Posted by Spiritus Games (Creator)

Hey Fabular Family,

Today’s content update is about special locations in the game that tell you stories just by looking at them. Each of these wondrous places root deep in Fabular’s lore and they have an air of magic and fable surrounding them. Some of them are ancient and of unknown origin, some of them are man-built, but equally interesting and thought-provoking.

You can encounter them either as a backdrop in a battle environment, such as the Long-gone Labyrinth below, or on illustrated event screens where you can usually find out more about the lore surrounding them by choosing the right dialog option. Unlockables in the game will also feature lore bits and concept art if you want to dive deeper into the background of these storytelling environments.

The Long-gone Labyrinth

This ancient labyrinth once might have covered the entirety of the planet but it has been in ruins since the first travelers spotted it. The blown-off pieces of the gigantic maze formed a belt around the planet, and the huge puzzle-piece-like rocks make life hell for every participant of a battle here.

Maybe one day someone will fit the puzzle together and find out the purpose of this mythical place...

The Prime Tree

The largest plant known to man, this humongous World Tree has been standing there since the beginning of time. Legends say that its seeds spawned the entirety of the Deep Space Flora, and it is of the same age as the Universe itself.

You encounter the Prime Tree in an event, in which your task is to acquire one of its seeds and transport it to the Desolate Realm to plant it and allow life to sprout again despite the grim conditions.

The Manufactorum

The most monumental industrial hub of the Outer Realms. This huge factory was built upon a mineral-rich planetoid, and turned into a Starsmithing center and a paradise for merchants and adventurers in transit. It is under Royal jurisdiction, but due to its distance from the center of Realm you can even find some Marauders dealing here.

You can buy the highest quality and quantity of equipment here and repair your ship, but you have to be careful with your dealings and you might face a few unpleasant surprises...

The Arboretum

This reservation holds the last remaining patch of the Lost Forest of the Fairies. Home to wondrous herbs and peculiar magical animals, entry to this place is strictly forbidden without the King’s permit. Only a few select scientist may enter who research and analyze this special ecosystem in hopes that they find clues on the whereabouts of the missing Forest.

On this quest location, the players may find magical herbs and grasses that will help in defeating the Realm’s Black Knight.

The Haunted Castle

This once glorious castle was built to fortify the borders of the Realm and to guard and oversee the nearby trading routes. It used to be a citadel for chivalry and heroic love with frequent visits from bards and entertainers. Now the castle is in shambles and it’s deserted after the Count and his family’s life met a tragic end when a clan of Marauders raided the place.

Someone or something is still living amongst the crumbling ruins though, as indicated by a glimmering light in a few of the windows. Rumor has it that it’s the ghost of the Count himself...

The Aquarium

This enormous reservoir was originally built by the Royal Manufacture to save an entire species when its homeworld was on the brink of destruction. After the creatures moved in it was found out that they can miraculously produce clean water by themselves, and thus it became the prime water supply for the whole region.

The players’ task here is to defend the station from the attacks of the Black League and preserve this Holy Grail of reservoirs for the future.


Domopolis: ingame text-based event (click for larger size)
Domopolis: ingame text-based event (click for larger size)

When you arrive at this event location, you see a system of domes that embrace whole planets. These domes are connected with bridges giving the impression that the system is alive and is ever growing onto new planets consuming them in a sense. Although architecturally beautiful, it is just as curious if not unnerving.

What’s under the domes? Why is it expanding? Is it of Royal origin? Or maybe the Black Knights are behind it?


​​An orbital settlement built around a planet with lush agriculture. The city-halo is a buzzing gigantic trade center ruled by rich merchant families and governed by political intrigue. Although competing in nature, these nobles are quick to rally together to protect the city’s cause. You can resupply here, but you must be wary of the ever-changing agenda of the inhabitants. They may treat you as savior, enemy or just as a simple tool, one just never knows.

This place hides the base of operations for the legendary assassin; Masquerade. When you’re around Veneopolis prepare to encounter him and prey that he hadn’t been paid a large sum beforehand to end your life...

Shout out to Moonlighter!

Moonlighter is a fantastically looking Action RPG/Roguelite/Shopkeeper game with glorious pixelart graphics! Action battles with a tactical depth, management elements, random generation, pixelart… many things common with Fabular. We can wholeheartedly recommend to check this project out:

Moonlighter by Digital Sun Games
Moonlighter by Digital Sun Games

We hope you've enjoyed the sightseeing tour through Fabular's wondrous locations and see you in the next update! Until then, please share the Kickstarter page and tell your local gaming website or newspaper about us. We need all the exposure we can get!

-- Spiritus out

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