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Help Ohio's number 3 superhero - Spinnerette - publish the third collection of her adventures! Heroes, villains and ice cream, OH MY!!
938 backers pledged $80,681 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Just shipped a few missing packages today, if you are missing anything, please message me, it's the surest way of making sure I see the inquiry!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Luke on

      Just received the hardcovers, so shiny :D no figurines yet, but good things come to those who wait right ? :D

    3. TychoQuad on

      I just got my hardcover books, they look great, I was especially pleased to find some extra sketches on the inside of volume 1!

      I also still haven't seen the figurines though, did they get lost? I thought they were supposed to arrive first :P

    4. Missing avatar

      Tom Kauffman on

      Got the books last week - and as said by others, they are GREAT!
      Still waiting on the figurines.

    5. Jason Paul Moon on

      Got my hardcovers just yesterday and they look OUTSTANDING! Folks, if you can order a comic in hardcover, DO IT.

      IT. IS. WORTH. IT. :)

    6. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Hey gang, just saw the last few tracking requests. I don't always get notified when comments are made on updates, so try messaging if I don't reply right away. I'll get tracking numbers out to those who requested them shortly. Rallye, I reshipped your rewards, they should be on their way to you!

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Luke on

      Would also like a tracking number please :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Patrick O'Leary on

      Books arrived today. They look amazing. Love the poster, too. All were in prefect condition and well worth the wait. Thanks and keep up the great work.

    9. Greypaw on

      Received the books today. Thank you. Don't worry about the micro-webbie, I'm a happy camper now. Books arrived in excellent condition.

    10. Rallye on

      A tracking number would be good, please. How did you go with working out what happened with my non-book pledge items I haven't got yet or are they all coming with the hardcover set?

    11. Octavio Arango on

      I would love a tracking number for my order as well, when it comes out!

    12. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Hi Dheydre, yes, check your inbox in a few minutes.

    13. Christopher Miller on

      I like the forklift idea better. :) Not so good for the health of your floor or walls though.

    14. Dheyrdre Machado on

      Hey Sara, is there a tracking number for international backers?

    15. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Um, Chris, let's just say our mailman gets a heck of a workout! I set up a pick up online and he'll come with an empty truck and load them up. Last night I scheduled a pick up for 600 lbs of packages!!! Space gets a bit tight in our entry room for a day or two though!

    16. Kurt Krause

      Awesome. Great to see it's almost finished.

    17. Christopher Miller on

      Woah. Look at all them boxes. How did you even transport them around? Do you drive a forklift or something?

    18. Gustav "Gurrzilla" Strömbom on

      Yay!! Superexcited. I knew waiting would be worth it and waiting a little longer for the package to arrive is no problem at all. I'll happily wait 4 (or more) weeks. Thank you and I will let you know when it arrives if you want me to.