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Help Ohio's number 3 superhero - Spinnerette - publish the third collection of her adventures! Heroes, villains and ice cream, OH MY!!
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Second stretch goal reached! What's next???

Posted by Sara Parks (Creator)

Phew! After a crazy busy weekend in Boston, it was an awesome surprise to kick back on our couch last night and log onto Kickstarter to see that our second stretch goal had funded! Whoohoo! Thanks guys and gals, you continue to be the coolest fans around! 

So, as a reminder, reaching $40k means that ANY backer who has pledged at least $50 will receive an 8"x10" high quality, autographed, photo print of our "We Can Do It" homage featuring Heather Brown!! This is perfect for hanging on your wall!! 

Sooooo... what's next? Well, our next stretch goal is the big one... $50k! At $50k we will be able to reprint full runs of Volumes 1 and 2 at the new size and quality level to match Volume 3. Those of you who have seen us at ACen or AnimeBoston have gotten the chance to see what these new books will look like, and I think you'll agree that they are awesome! 

If we reach the $50k goal, all backers who will be receiving Volumes 1 and 2 will automatically be receiving the new editions! 

We'll also be producing an extremely limited, hand-numbered run of 100 hardbound copies of all three books. More to come on that later this week!!

At $60k, all books will receive an even better paper upgrade... from 80# to 100# paper! 

I'm incredibly excited by the momentum and positive chatter we've been seeing about this campaign! I can't wait to see what happens next... so keep spreading the word and we'll all continue on this crazy ride!

In closing, I leave you with something I know many of you have been waiting for: the painted Greta statuette! Don't forget that if you pledged for one statuette, you can choose between Greta or Spinny. (Of course, if you pledged for both, no choice is needed!)

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    1. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Hi LJerd, we will probably have the print available in our online store at some point in the near future (we need to do some tweaking to the store first), and we will have it available at conventions this year :)

    2. Missing avatar

      LJ3rd on

      Will you consider doing the print as an add on reward for those of us below the $50 tier?

    3. Dheyrdre Machado on

      So looking forward for the hardcover *_*

    4. Gustav "Gurrzilla" Strömbom on

      Your'e very welcome. My wallet says hello by doing some sort shaking of the fist movement...strange, I wonder if he's trying to tell me something...nah, I'll just ignore him!

    5. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Thanks Gustav!

    6. Gustav "Gurrzilla" Strömbom on

      And there we have it, the pictures I was kidding myself I needed to see before upping my pledge to get both statuettes AND all three books. Nice work.
      Now it's onwards to the next goal and perhaps some sweet hardcovers‽