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Help Ohio's number 3 superhero - Spinnerette - publish the third collection of her adventures! Heroes, villains and ice cream, OH MY!!
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2 weeks to go! Stretch goals, "Ship it now" and limited edition hardcovers!

Posted by Sara Parks (Creator)

Hi gang!

Here we are, entering the home stretch... just two weeks to go! 

We had a great day yesterday, with lots of new backers popping up... probably thanks to the sneak peek of Chapter 0 going on over at If you love Dr. Universe and Greta Gravity, Chapter 0 is going to be fantastic! 

We're getting close to the $40k stretch goal, which means all backers who have pledged at least $50 will receive a signed "We Can Do It" photo print!!!

We're very pleased with how the Kickstarter is going, but we're into the last half and we'd love to be able to produce the full run of Volumes 1 and 2... with a bit over $14,000 to go to hit our $50k stretch goal, it's starting to come down to the wire! Remember, if we DO hit the stretch goal, all books will be upgraded! We've done a test print run of Volumes 1 and 2 to see how people are liking them... and the response is phenomenal! These are larger, glossier, HEAVIER books... definitely a better quality than you typically see, even in the stores! I've included a quick snapshot at the bottom, you can see that the books are larger and thicker and that the covers look brighter! 

Ship it now: We are adding a new option to the "add-on" section of the Kickstarter. This is the "ship it now" feature and will run $5 for U.S. backers, $10 for Canadian backers and $20 for all other international backers. So... what IS "Ship it now"? Basically, different rewards will be done at different times (for example, Volume 3 probably won't be ready until late August/early September), but the best option for us is to wait until everything is completed and ship everything at once. However, we will have Volumes 1 and 2 plus the Webby's and possibly other merchandise ready in early July. So... if you simply cannot wait to get your Spinny fix... you can add-on the "ship it now" option and we'll ship your merchandise in multiple batches! 


If we reach the $50k stretch goal, we will be adding a couple of tiers featuring limited edition hardcover editions of all three volumes. These will only be sold as trios and will be limited to 100 copies of each book. All hardcover editions will be hand numbered by Songbird and signed by Krazy Krow. We will keep you posted on pricing for these as we get closer to the $50k goal. So... be sure to share this project with friends and we'll see you soon!


Song and Krow

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    1. Jonathan Barrett on

      Statue? Bah. Mecha Maid Figma for the Win.

    2. Jonathan Barrett on

      Hmmm, While it would be nice to partly catch up early, it would probably make me lose self control and read up online... Also, for me personally, it would be very expensive... Hhmmmm...

    3. Dheyrdre Machado on

      I think that Mecha Maid needs her own statue.
      She's the coolest :D

    4. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Dheyrdre, we really hope we can make them happen for you! Bryon, cool... you'll be getting a couple packages from us this summer!

    5. Bryon Yamada on

      I added $5 for the ship it now option.

    6. Dheyrdre Machado on

      I need hardcovers!