Spinnerette Volume 3: Printing Pandemonium!

by Sara Parks

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    1. Stephen Walker Jr. on

      Of course bottom-lefty doesn't feel like arranging into a fist for the cameras.

    2. Bryon Yamada on

      How about the mecha girl?

    3. Traing Samnang on

      +1 for mecha-maid !

    4. Gustav "Gurrzilla" Strömbom on

      I was prepared to spend 85 dollars to get all three volumes and I was very interested in the spinnerette statue. I got even more interested when the new reward tiers were added, but 150 is a lot of money...and then I saw this update.
      So, congratulations on an excellent update, you now have one more spinnerette statue to ship to the cold and beautiful homeland of Green Gables "girlfriend".

    5. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Thanks Gurrzilla! We hope you'll enjoy!!

    6. Bryan Khoo

      My vote is for Mecha-Maid.

    7. Missing avatar

      D from Birmingham on

      My vote is for Super-milf. Or Ms. Venus.

    8. Missing avatar

      Duport Guillaume on

      I would love to have Marilyn ( Mecha maid ) in civilian. In the wheelchair and all. But i could settle for Minerva or Katt

    9. Mewkow on

      Another +1 for Mecha Maid. I don't think I'd be able to resist upping my pledge to get a statue if she was an option.

    10. Johnathon Cisneros on

      As someone who pledged for both statues, I love the look of the paint job that Spinnerette received and can't wait to see how Greta turns out. If your going to make a third statue, Mecha Maid is my top choice with Dr. Universe as close second.

    11. Greypaw on

      I vote for either Minerva or Werewolf of London, Ontario (he really needs to shorten that name...)

    12. Kevin W. on

      I vote for Mecha Maid, too.
      ... and if this is going to happen, I'll have to raise my pledge... dammit... my poor wallet XD

    13. Gustav "Gurrzilla" Strömbom on

      My vote definitely goes to Mecha Maid. I want both her and Spinnerette, which would mean I would have to raise my pledge...again.
      And just to be clear, if a Mecha Maid statue becomes avaliable...I WILL raise my pledge to get it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Charles Dunn on

      Mecha Maid makes the most sense. And............... gasp. Yes, I'll even vote for her.

      BUT. I add an additional vote that I get a Katt statuette. ...and no one else does. ; D

    15. Missing avatar

      Paul James Merrick on

      I would love to see a Mecha Maid statue!

    16. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Hmmm, I think we can see which way the wind is blowing here... though I am SHOCKED, just SHOCKED I tell you that Naked Ben Franklin isn't in the lead...

    17. Xelloss33 on

      As to show French support for our distant cousins from Quebec, I vote for Kat !
      Allez les Québécois !

    18. Kevin W. on

      Well, as much tempting as a naked Ben Frankling sounds... I guess, I'll pass on that one ^^""

    19. Billy Zika on

      I would love to see a Super Milf statue added to the possible rewards. She would do nicely as an addition to my sexy redheads shrine :D