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Spinferno is the craziest, Dante-inspired, hellishly exciting voodoo pinball game on the planet! Create your victim & get revenge!

Spinferno is the craziest, Dante-inspired, hellishly exciting voodoo pinball game on the planet! Create your victim & get revenge! Read More
pledged of $125,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on July 13, 2012.

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About this project

Spinferno is the craziest, nastiest, Dante-inspired voodoo pinball extravaganza on the planet! We all have someone whose made us so angry we wanted to strangle them! So we created Spinferno to fill that primal, grudge-driven need to exact revenge, all from the comfort of your mobile phone!

Choose from a selection of pre-designed cartoon characters, such as the Hipster, the Boss, the Ex, the Hip-Hopper or more, then punish them through 9 levels of non-stop pinball style hellish torture.

With the exclusive Create-A-Victim feature, you can take a photograph from your device, crop-out the subject of your ire’s head, then choose which body suits them best. So whether it’s that annoying blowhard politician you’re tired of gabbing on the nightly news or that neighborhood dog that won’t stop crapping on your lawn, Spinferno lets you exorcize hours of negative feeling and seething hatred. Imagine how much you’ll save on therapy sessions alone!

Excuse the pun, but “HELL YEAH!” it’s going to be fun! When we sat down to craft the perfect revenge game, we realized we couldn’t just give people a voodoo effigy to torture. That’s a novelty at best! Instead, we realized that if we take our victims, couple them with rag-doll physics and work it all into a Dante’s Inferno inspired pinball smorgasbord, we would have a game that was not only cathartic, but so much fun it was addictive!

Spinferno features two major modes: Journey Through Hell and Massacre. In Journey Through Hell, our “story mode,” you choose your victim, name them, and send them to into the pit! Every circle of hell is inspired by Dante’s classic Inferno and illustrated beautifully by SCABFARM artist extraordinaire Gumz.

Your victim will always start at the top of a level, strapped to the spinning Wheel of Doom, until they are flung into dozens of devious devices of destruction! Your goal is to use your flippers to continually bounce your character into as many painfully macarbe delights as you can, inflicting as much damage as possible before they fall into the gaping maw below. The more points you rack up in each level, the better you do! Rack up enough points before falling through the level and watch your victim explode into thousands of tiny bits before moving further into the gooey bowels of the underworld.

Massacre mode is the quick-fire challenge of Spinferno. Each time you progress and unlock a level in Journey Through Hell, it will appear in the Massacre mode. Here your goal is only to inflict as much damage as possible, with no end in sight, so you can log your highest killer scores, gaining demonic bragging rights on Satan’s leader boards!

Along the way, your progress will unlock new characters, new levels, new implements of disaster and more!

Game creator Chris Crane wanted to get revenge. Someone had done him wrong, and he thought, “Man, I just want a game where I can torture the living Hell out of ‘em!” So he came to the masters of app creation at Austin, Texas, based Rocksauce Studios to help him hone his desire for vengeance into something wonderful. Rocksauce Studios tapped into the deviously demented Bernard Gumz from SCABFARM to help them craft a game that would give everyone the ability to exact judgement upon the unworthy.

The goal was to create something funny, different, fast-paced that offered a deeper story-line for those who wanted it, but could also be used in a pick-up-and-play arcade style experience. Rocksauce Studios has years of experience in the app creation space, and will brings the technical savoir-faire and mechanical expertise to make sure Spinferno exceeds everyone’s expectations!

Rocksauce Studios and SCABFARM have already created the full AppMap, Bleuprint, gameplay mechanics specification, character analysis, initial design phase, branding and connecting for Spinferno. The next phase is development, and that's where you come in!

This is where you and Kickstarter come in! We need your help to bring Spinferno out of the fiery pits of Hell and onto your favorite devices! While Spinferno has been fleshed out by the undead staff of app experts at Rocksauce Studios, the costs of developing a game this monumentally spectacular at the level of execution (pun definitely intended) we demand will require your help!

By funding Spinferno, you’ll get the type of game you’ve always wanted to see in the iTunes Store - a game driven by artistic desire, playability - not a licensed cash-grab or rip-off just to help some massive conglomerate steal the soul and mental equity of better creators.

We are starting with iOS development for the iPhone and iPad, and will expand to additional platforms based upon how successful our Kickstarter campaign is. The more money we raise, the more platforms we will bring the Eternal Funishment to! Hell, just imagine Spinferno on your favorite Android device, or even better - on your big-screen TV, downloaded through XBOXLive!

Your donation will go directly toward making Spinferno happen. Anything over our goal will be used to create more weapons, new hidden characters, additional levels and more. The more we raise, the more likely our ability to expand to different platforms become. We want Spinferno to be a worldwide phenomenon, so yeah, basically, we’re asking you to help us dominate the Earth!

Plus, when it’s in the iTunes store, you can totally show your friends and say, “Dude, I helped make this! And now I’m going to get my rocks off torturing you for hours! (insert maniacal cackling here)”

We will donate 5% of our proceeds towards helping other Kickstarter nightmares (dreams?) come to life through Kick-It Forward.

So look over at the right side of the page and choose your level of involvement. We have so many amazing rewards we’re giving away for those that help Spinferno’s nightmarish birth into the world, everything from digital books, magnet sets to make your own amazing Spinferno level on your household refrigerator to even having your own self (or someone you despise) featured in the Spinferno game!

Let the torture begin!

With the 2012 election right around the corner, we wanted to give our funders a chance to get in on the action. Political argument is as American as apple pie - it was the cornerstone of what caused this nation to break from England in the first place. We’re giving you a chance to show your political colors and support Spinferno at the same time!

Rocksauce Studios artists John Gholson and Q Manning have created 2 t-shirt designs to choose from.

For all of our Conservative buddies out there, we’ve created the “Vote Obama...Straight to Hell!” t-shirt. Now you can show everyone what you really think of the current President of the United States!

For the Liberal Spinferno fans, we present the “Vote Romney...Straight to Hell!” t-shirt, so you can showcase your distaste for Mr. Bain Capital himself!

The best part? We’re not picking which candidate will show up in Spinferno - you are! Pick which candidate you hate the most and fund that level. Whoever has the most backers at the end of our Kickstarter will end up as a selectable character in the game.

Backers of our "Circle 3: The Gluttonous" level can choose to receive one of these candidate shirts or a third-design not yet unleashed on the world, custom only to their level!

And we'll make sure you get your shirts in plenty of time before the election! So open your wallets, tap into your Political anger and show the world which candidate is driving you nuts and is most worthy of receiving Eternal Funishment!

Thanks to everyone who has already helped back Spinferno! You're the best!


  • We are initially starting with iOS - iPhone & iPad - but if we significantly exceed our goal, Android will be the next platform. It's all about how much we raise! Every extra dollar over our goal will be see on the screen, in the game - initially as more levels, more weapons, more gore to potentially onto the Android platforms and maybe even XBOXLive!

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  • Labor costs, actually. After much internal discussion here at Rocksauce, we realized we're looking at a 9 to 12 month cycle to create Spinferno the right way. So, when you just break it down, one good iOS developer of the calibre needed to pull off a game like this has a salary requirement. Most of the money goes for that directly - basically, 80% of our funds or more will go directly to paying for the iOS developer.

    Part of the remaining 20% is dedicated to paying the artist's salary, so that he can focus on Spinferno full-time instead of trying to squeeze in late-nights between other gigs. Then there's project management costs, marketing costs, equipment, etc.

    Rocksauce Studios itself will be putting in a substantial amount of our own money to augment the creation costs and pick up any overages that may occur. When we sat down to do a Kickstarter, we realized it's better to ask for what you genuinely need so you can get the game done, rather than a smaller number and finish your funding round with a large deficit still needing to be filled.

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  • The List of the Condemned is a special spot in the Credits of the Spinferno game where all applicable backers will be listed. It's our way of saying "Thank You" to those who have helped us get the game made.

    Further levels allow for additional credits, in higher-profile spots, as well as the ability to actually have your own avatar worked into the game itself!

    Last updated:
  • We're still debating that, and would love any feedback our funders may have about pricing. Our own data, from having researched the various mobile marketplaces hundreds of times for various clients, has shown us a price point of $1.99 to $3.99 is typical for an iPhone/Phone game, and $3.99 to $4.99 is average for iPad/Tablet.

    Last updated:
  • Our plan is to make it a universal app for both platforms. The validity of carrying that over to an OSX app remains to be seen, and whether or not we gain enough funding to make that additional platform possible.

    Last updated:
  • Ha, no, we don't worship Satan. Or stuff. Well, maybe some stuff, but the team working on Spinferno comes from all religious and political bents - Christians, Agnostics, Liberals, Conservatives, you name it.

    We set the game in Hell for 2 reasons. First, because Hell gives us a lot of room to play and create some really fantastic art. There's no limit to the amount of cool levels, instruments of destruction, creatures and scenarios we can come up with. Second, because we all felt far more comfortable with gamers inflicting damage on an effigy who was already "dead," instead of someone who is living.

    Sure, it's a fine-line, but it's one that made everyone on the team far more comfortable. In the same way that many people feel more comfortable with FPS games featuring Zombies rather than those featuring real people, Spinferno helps you keep a clear conscience because you're not killing anyone. In this universe, they've unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) already met their demise and you're just taking on the role of the eternal torturer.

    It's all in good, clean, mean-spirited fun!

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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00 USD

    Eternal Condemnation:
    You have a special place in Hell and you deserve some recognition! Your name will appear in Spinferno on the "List of the Condemned!"

    Estimated delivery
    10 backers
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $6 or more About $6 USD

    NEW REWARD!! LIMITED AMOUNT Purgatory: You're not quite in heaven, but you're not in hell either. Your glorious gift is just the download of Spinferno when the project is complete.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 5 backers
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    The Vestibule:
    You've committed to entering the vast, nefarious Circles of Hell! In addition to the recognition on the "List of the Condemned", you've also earned a download of Spinferno when it's complete.

    Estimated delivery
    6 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $30 or more About $30 USD

    Circle I-Limbo:
    You've escaped the Vestibule and have made it to the great unknown. You'll receive the special gifts reserved for those in lower circles of hell, plus 3 custom WALLPAPERS for your desktop and your phone featuring art by Spinferno artist, Bernard Gumz!

    Estimated delivery
    8 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    "Vote Obama...Straight to Hell!": Backers of this level will receive a custom "Vote Obama...Straight To Hell!" t-shirt with art illustrating POTUS poised about the fires of Eternal Funishment!

    Estimated delivery
    0 backers
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    "Vote Romney...Straight to Hell!": Backers of this level will receive a custom "Vote Romney...Straight To Hell!" t-shirt with art illustrating the 2012 Republican candidate for President strapped to the Wheel of Doom!

    Estimated delivery
    1 backer
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $60 or more About $60 USD

    Circle II-The Lustful:
    We can tell you really want this! Along with the rewards from all the previous levels, your donation reserves a special, limited edition Spinferno POSTER with art by Bernard Gumz!

    Estimated delivery
    3 backers
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    Circle III-The Gluttonous:
    You enjoy life's indulgences, so don't be ashamed! To make your stay in this eternal circle with Cerebus less infernal, we're going to give you a T-SHIRT with custom art inspired by Spinferno!

    Estimated delivery
    4 backers
  9. Select this reward

    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    Circle IV-The Greedy:
    You gotta have everything, huh? In addition to all the previous gifts, you'll get the special Spinferno Refrigerator MAGNET PLAYSET! Make Spinferno levels everywhere!

    Estimated delivery
    2 backers
  10. Select this reward

    Pledge $400 or more About $400 USD

    Circle V-River Styx (Anger):
    Your anger is so powerful, you've been damned to the river! Spinferno backers will receive all previous mentioned rewards and will receive the custom created Spinferno COMIC BOOK!

    Estimated delivery
    0 backers
  11. Select this reward

    Pledge $666 or more About $666 USD

    Circle VI-City of Dis (Heresy):
    Only ONE soul that can endure this countryside of pain and anguish. In this circle you will get the official CONTRACT FOR YOUR SOUL! And we'll throw in the Spinferno DEMON BABY seen in our infamous commercial! Lucky bastard!

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  12. Select this reward

    Pledge $750 or more About $750 USD

    Circle VII-The Violent:
    For those souls that suffer from fits of rage or brutality! You'll get: your name on the "List of the Condemned", three WALLPAPERS for your phone and computer, one Spinferno POSTER, one Spinferno T-SHIRT, one Spinferno MAGNET PLAYSET, one Spinferno themed COMIC BOOK, the official CONTRACT FOR YOUR SOUL and a "Special Damnation!" credit in the Spinferno Game. Damn, that's a lot!

    Estimated delivery
    0 backers
  13. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Circle VIII-Malebolge (Fraud):
    Ew! This region is reserved for panderers and seducers. You get everything The Violent level does, plus a custom Spinferno-inspired AVATAR beside your name in the "Special Damnation!" credit, and now be on the official list of Game Producers! Fancy you!

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  14. Select this reward

    Pledge $4,000 or more About $4,000 USD

    Circle IX-Cocytus (Traitors):
    As a traitor entering this final circle of Hell, we know you need something enticing. Get all of the goodies of The Fraudulent level, plus the chance to have your custom avatar featured somewhere in the game, and you'll get to Beta Test Spinferno!

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  15. Select this reward

    Pledge $6,666 or more About $6,666 USD

    Exit From Hell:
    Only few can accomplish the feat of climbing down Lucifer's shaggy body, struggling through the tombs, and making their way out of purgatory to once more see the stars! For your efforts and generous pledge, you'll receive everything the dirty Traitors level, plus your avatar as a SELECTABLE character in the game (though it may be hidden at first), and the fantastic HELL IN A HANDBASKET kit, featuring a smorgasbord of Hell Related goodies! You're gonna love it! Or hate it.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers

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