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a short film about the individual and cultural process of remembering. as part of Make 100, this will be made up of 100 still photos.
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our experiences shape us, our minds and our communities. this project is a short film examining that shaping and the nature of memory itself. it will be made up entirely of still photos, to be shot on black & white film, processed and scanned for editing. backers of this project will get an exclusive first look at the completed short, which should take about a month to complete. i'll have a mailing list ready to subscribe to for anyone who'd like updates on the eventual wider publication.

Risks and challenges

i've learned from past projects to always keep tabs on spare equipment, since you never know what's going to happen, and i do have some contingency plans should my old workhorse quit on me – a benefit to shooting film is, no matter what camera exposes it, it's the same film, in the same format, so barring some interesting breakage nobody would ever notice if i had to swap out my pentax me super for one of those fixed lens plastic beauties they used to sell at the boardwalk for $5. the show must go on!

since i am shooting on film, there is a risk that a shot comes back unusable, and i'll have no way of knowing until i get it back from the lab. i've shot film for years, and spoken with a number of folks who've shot longer than i've been alive – it never stops happening. to mitigate that, i'm shooting a good deal of coverage.

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