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The perfect companion for anyone who wants an easy draw-from-the-hip, no strap solution to take your camera anywhere.
The perfect companion for anyone who wants an easy draw-from-the-hip, no strap solution to take your camera anywhere.
The perfect companion for anyone who wants an easy draw-from-the-hip, no strap solution to take your camera anywhere.
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    1. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Hi Donna, Thank you - Apologies for the confusion. The SpiderLight Holster is attached to the Spider belt via two screws. That had to be done to prevent the Holster from detaching, and was not meant to be taken off easily. The SpiderLight Backpacker KIT allows the Holster itself to be taken off the adapter quickly in case you want to carry the Holster on your own belt. Please connect with us at so we can find a solution. Thank you! S

    2. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Hi, Would it be possible to contact us through We would like to see pictures of your strap and our adapter if at all possible. Thank you! Best, Shai

    3. Missing avatar

      maillard on

      until now i was using the black widow on my belt and when hiking a capture clip on my backpacks strap. I was planning to use the spider holster on a strap too for my next hike, as my capture clip is starting to be harder to use due to wear.
      But it seems my 2007 osprey stratos strap are too thick, even without the velcro i cannot click the holster in place. And when i travel with my GR0 the strap is too wide for the spider holster.
      So the product looks nice but i cannot use it as planned.

    4. Donna Miller

      I'm having the same problem as Ooi Eric and Dusty Doris. I have sent a message through Spiderholster contact form. I hope you can help me in time for me to use the backpack pad for my upcoming trip in a week and a half. After slipping in the mud and falling and damaging the metal knobs on my new camera, I don't feel the belt is a safe way to carry my camera while hiking. I would have instead been carrying the camera on my backpack strap, except that I can't get the holster off the Spiderlight belt. It's not as easy as you say and show in the videos.

    5. Missing avatar


      Really great piece of kit. I have to admit that I had my doubts as to the utility of this idea, but I decided to try it out, just to see. It really works well. Very impressed

    6. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Hi Todd - we can not be sure of a date yet, but this project is moving forward and should meet that timeline.. Please reach out to us directly through next month?
      Thank you! S

    7. Todd Mizomi on

      Any update on when in 1st quarter 2017 the Thinktank Pro Speedbelt adapters will be ready for the Spiderlight holsters? I really like the smaller and lighter weight of these :-)

    8. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Thank you JC! Much appreciated.. Please do make sure you register with us at for much more to come new from Spider Holster this year!
      All the very best,

    9. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Thank you JC - please make sure you register with su at for more to come this year from Spider!..
      All the very best,

    10. Missing avatar


      Received the fulfillment in time to try it on an extended trip, and it works fantastically. Keeps camera weight off my neck, the entire system very convenient and easy to manage.

    11. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Hi Eric,
      Thank you. Please connect with us about this directly through We will sort out a solution. Thank you! Best, S

    12. Missing avatar

      Ooi Eric on

      Received my holster and love the small size of this compared to my spider pro. However, the screws that hold the holster to the pads of the belt have round holes in them. I suspect these were holes meant for hex keys but have been screwed on too tightly during assembly until the hex shape have instead become round. Either that, or the material used for the screws are too soft and go out of shape easily. I have no way of removing the holsters from the pads now since there is no way to unscrew a round hole so they are permanently fixed to the pads. Please help!

    13. Simon Ho

      Well received in hong Kong,
      Great products, and high quality.


    14. Scott Levey

      This is great. Just what I needed. And it fits my duty belt for work as well.

      Perfect when on crash scenes and taking photographs. Can holster the camera talk or assess whatever is going on. Then remove and continue taking pictures.

      Also helps when having to take photos and spray paint onto the road. Don't have to worry about the camera dragging or hitting the roadway from the neck strap.

      Yes it may look odd on a police belt. But it does the trick.


    15. Missing avatar

      Dusty Doris on

      How do you remove the holster from the belt, so you can attach it to your own belt as shown on the videos?


    16. Dirk K. Janssen on

      @creator: Kudos to you! This was one of the very rare Kickstarter projects, that not only managed to deliver in time but also deliver to non US countries without any further costs for the receiver. I did not have to pay any additional fees, customs or taxes as usual, all was billed to and taken by Spider Holster. Simply great and something I would expect from all Kickstarter projects.

      And the best: The FedEx parcel was sent 19th December in Lakewood, NJ, US and announced in tracking to be delivered in Germany on 28th December. What a surprise when yesterday FedEx rang my bell, already before XMas...

      About the holster and its quality there is no doubt, it is looking and feeling very good. So this time I am really impressed!

      Thank you, merry christmas and a happy new year!

    17. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Hi Matthias - great to hear that packages are starting to arrive to Europe!.. We can only hope that all of you would get their pledges in such perfect timing. Thank you for your support - please register with us at so you can see what's coming in 2017!

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthias Peter Geßner on

      Nice greetings from berlin, germany. I got my package today and am thrilled with the quality and functionality. Fits perfectly to my Nikon D5500 with 18-140 lens.

    19. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Okay.. Lock is covered nicely in the instructions..

    20. Isky Iskandar on

      nevermind, figured it out!

    21. Isky Iskandar on

      just received!!!!! How do i lock the holster in quick draw position? thanks!

    22. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Thank you Todd - ALL Spider Holster products are backward and forward compatible. Apologies for not returning to you before - please do try us again (through, contact tab) with some images describing this - this is certainly a first!?.. We will sort this out for sure either way.. Thank you, S

    23. Todd Mizomi on

      I'm just curious - the pins for the SpiderPro, Black Widow, and Spiderlight are they all the same size?

      I recently replaced my old SpiderPro plates to the updated version with the spring loaded wrenches and the pin does not fit in my older SpiderPro holster - it has to be forced in. I had to replace the pin with the old one which still works fine. Tried contacting your Customer Support regarding this, but did not get an answer.

    24. Todd Mizomi on

      @ Spider Holster, no apologies needed, appreciate the clarification! Looking forward to using the Spiderlight when I return home after Christmas then. Happy Holidays!

    25. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Thank you Todd - We still have backers who have not responded, so we are keeping BackerKit open for now.. If all goes well, we are looking at the 15th for shipping out. Apologies if that timeline does not work for you - we would have loved for you to take that amazing new Holster with ya!.. Let me know.. Best, S

    26. Todd Mizomi on

      Once the surveys are locked down on Dec 1st, what it the timeframe of shipping these out? Was hoping to try out the Spiderlight when we go to Tokyo in about 15 days. Should I just plan on taking my Spider Pro system instead and expect to receive the Spiderlight after our trip?

    27. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Hi Jason. We will be working on adding the BW pin as per your request - apologies..

    28. Missing avatar


      Hi Spider Holster, i requested an BW pin addon, however it's not available for in the survey, can you include it for me?

    29. Rucket on

      Where did the Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder add-on go?

    30. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Thank you, Jason! We are working on creating the survey email for your add-ons as I write. Once you receive the email, please take a good look at our Pro Medium Lens Pouch. We also offer our Large Lens pouch (designed for 70-200/2.8 size lenses) so would be suitable if you are using that type lens. For extra room for batteries/phone and memory cards, please take a look at our Memory Card Organizer!.. Thank you so very much again for your support! All the very best, S

    31. Jason Andersson on

      I am a backer (the spider light duo camera belt) and wonder what waist bag you would recommend with your belt. I want to be able to hold two or three lenses and other things while photographing. Thanks! Looking forward to getting your product!


    32. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Thank you Louis - email will be sent shortly. Thanks

    33. Missing avatar

      Louis Lem on

      Hi I have not receive the email from Backerlit

    34. Missing avatar

      Jude Birch on

      I am an recent convert to DLSR and use a Canon 700D with Tamron Lenses. By all I read it will fit my camera and a back pack. I have no participated in Kickstarter before. I am a little concerned at the shipping timeframe in December as we will be away and our work premises closed also. Is it possible to ship after Christmas? Thank you.

    35. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Matthew, you should first receive our survey email from BackerKit.. This email should contain all the add-ons with pricing and will add the exact sum of the item(s) you choose to your original pledge amount. Can you please go back and undo your CLAMP sum?.. Again, you should see this item on the BackerKit survey after the KS is over - then you can add it to your pledge.
      Let me know, S

    36. Matthew Cooper on

      Upped my pledge :)

    37. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Hi Matthew - do not know exact numbers, but well below regular pricing for our new (and continuing!) KS supporters. Thank you! S

    38. Matthew Cooper on

      Superb :)
      Any idea on how much the add on will be?

    39. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Hi Mathew, We will be sure to add the SpiderPro CLAMP as an add-on. You will be able to simply click/add that (or any other item) to your pledge when your survey email comes out.
      Best, S

    40. Matthew Cooper on

      Is possible to add the SpiderPRO Clamp onto my pledge?
      as there is only a few hours left please let me know
      if so I will increase my pledge to pay for it and also upgrade to the Sipder Light back pack kit

    41. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Hi Olaf.. Absolutely yes. In case you are carrying heavier zoom lenses, the SpiderLight belt is recommended as your own belt may not be comfortable with these heavier loads. Otherwise, you are good with just the Holster and Plate. Thank you, S

    42. Olaf

      Would this be appropriate for a Canon EOS Rebel?

    43. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Hi there.. I understand. We do offer a nice tether that will prevent all/any mishaps and will give you the peace of mind.. Thank you either way, S

    44. i hate buying gas

      Thanks. So nothing in writing it seems. I don't even trust the neck straps, it's always in my hand or on a solid surface. Unless it is explicitly written in the warranty once confirmed that your components failed, I cannot use it. Looks like a nice product, just not for me at this time.

    45. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Thank you for the question.. Spider Holster products come with a standard one year warranty, but we have a very good track record of helping all of our customers well beyond that period. To your point - each case/issue is looked at carefully and in cases where it is failure on our part we have offered repairs to damaged cameras as well as replacing the system's bad parts. We strive for a long-term relationships with our customer base and do our very best to keep this relationship positive. Thank you again, S

    46. i hate buying gas

      Do you provide a warranty for attached cameras? I.e. in one of your photos a lady looks to be jogging. If your system fails and the camera drops and gets damaged do you provide warranty coverage for that item or just warranty replacement of your components.

    47. Spider Holster 2-time creator on

      Thank you 1Kind - IHBG - rest assured - the SpiderLight Single Cam System will work fine with your current gear. The SpiderLight belt is durable and the SpiderLight Holster and plate are very well built and so will handle even bigger loads with ease. Again, thank you both! S

    48. i hate buying gas

      Thanks 1kind. I'd like to hear back from the creators. Although it would be great to buy new body and glass, I don't want go do that right now. And I also don't want 100 bucks sitting around until I do. So if this will hold my gear I'm in. If not I'm out.

    49. 1KIND on

      @Matthew Cooper, from what I can tell, the Pro will not be able to clip on to the backpack kit. The spring clip is different between the two and the width is different sizes. But I'll let SpiderHolster confirm that.

      @i hate buying gas, based on your gear you listed, the SpiderLight will hold your gear. I think 5lbs+ and that's when the SpiderPro should be used.

    50. i hate buying gas

      What is the Max suggested weight? I have a canon 40D with the 28-135 lens weighing about 3.16 lbs. The campaign just says 'light weight'. Will this hold my camera?

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