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$141,513 pledged of $950,000 goal
$141,513 pledged of $950,000 goal

Alice: Otherlands is Here!

I'm going to make this short and sweet:

The Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter is live!

Get thee to backing!

- Ophelea


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    1. Zodiaco on July 16, 2013

      aw so no figurines?...will this kickstarter be re-launched sometime in the "near" future?...or just future to be determined?

    2. Justin
      on July 15, 2013

      @American - then give them away for "free". If the tier was $10 then they would get the wallpapers and all other tiers too right? Just create a $10 or $5 tier or whatever and later on create a backer only update that happens to have wallpaper links.

      $5 - Show your support and we'll love you forever!

      Oh look...wallpapers...but you need to be a backer to see it.

    3. American McGee 3-time creator on July 15, 2013

      @ragnarok, We cannot produce merchandise for this Kickstarter. It's expressly forbidden in the license for the film rights. This really limits what we can do. But we're trying to determine now if we can at least do wallpapers.

    4. ragnarok now on July 15, 2013

      It doesn't seem like you want to take advantage of the classic Kickstarter pledge schemes:
      Limited early bird tier(s)
      $1 and low teirs (allows people to show their friends projects they support and spread the word even if they don't have cash).
      Limited upper level tiers for extra special stuff (opening night tickets, parties, etc.)

      Seems kind of vanilla at the moment.

    5. Antonio Garcia
      on July 15, 2013

      Great! Already started to promote the new campaign :)

    6. Chris on July 15, 2013

      Excited =) Backed! Best of luck!