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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 15 2013
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 15 2013

End of the Rainbow

The Oz campaign has to end. There are two realities driving the decision.

First, we’re facing a challenge with the Alice film rights. Since working to remove it from the Oz campaign we've been unable to launch it as a separate campaign here on Kickstarter – the submission has been rejected multiple times and our appeals have failed (multiple campaigns are not allowed). To launch a campaign for the Alice films rights means we must first shut down the Oz campaign.

Second, we wouldn't consider shutting down the Oz campaign if it were trending towards success. As it is, we've reached 15% of our goal with 20 days left in the campaign. Projections suggest we’ll hit 30% of our goal by campaign end. I've been telling myself to remain optimistic and see this thing through – but when the reality of our funding trend is combined with the pressure of the Alice film rights situation...

For Oz, we can always launch another campaign in the future. On the other hand, the Alice film rights are only within reach during a rapidly closing window of opportunity. We’ll sacrifice Oz today in order to have a real chance with Alice.

For the record, we did also consider (and put work towards) an Alice campaign on IndieGoGo, but decided against this for two main reasons. The first is that we’re concerned about the amount of awareness we can generate on IndieGoGo, since we've never run a campaign there. Here on Kickstarter we have followers (you’re reading this). The other issue is we don’t want to be accused of ‘creating confusion’ or deal with any other negative interpretation that might come out of running two campaigns at the same time.

Ultimately, the route we’re taking is cleaner, faster and would seem to have a higher chance of success.

I sincerely appreciate all of the support and feedback you've provided us via the Oz campaign. It’s been an interesting ride and one that has taught me a multitude of valuable lessons. While we’re ending it early, we’re certainly not walking away empty handed. When Oz makes a return you can expect it to be better and stronger.

Now we turn our attention to Alice. Securing these film rights would be nothing short of a major coup. We’d control a significant portion of Alice’s future. Being able to produce animations, feature films and related merchandise means keeping Alice’s world fresh, no matter what else might happen with the game portion of the property. I hope you’ll join us in making this a reality. If you want to learn more, please visit: 


From the End of the Rainbow,



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    1. Kadina Rich on

      I love the Alice games, so yes I will be there when you are ready to Kickstart again, best of luck

    2. Denis on

      What was in that box American?? Saving it for the next Oz campaign?

    3. Ethan Abramson on

      I have to say this is disappointing beyond the obvious reasons, because I'm not all that interested in any of the Alice stuff so there's not much consolation in the given rationale. And to be frank, this project may have been a lot closer to the goal by now if there hadn't been so much emphasis and discussion about Alice, especially in the video. No offense, but I wasn't backing Spicy Horse I was backing a steampunk Oz game based on amazing concept art and a track record for fantastic art direction. Hopefully if/when this project is re-Kickstarted, Alice will only be mentioned in regard to that. Also, it might make like minded backers feel better if there was some ongoing updates about Oz, such as the promised name change and gameplay video, time and personnel permitting (maybe once the Alice stuff is squared away.) Many successful Kickstarted games began with months of generating a fan base with that kind of thing before the actual campaign even began. Maybe an Oz comic by one of the incredibly talented art team? There's so much to be said for showing vs. telling. Anyway, looking forward to the return to Oz.

    4. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Everyone, We're reading all of these. And yes, there will be an Alice page - as soon as we get it approved by Kickstarter it's all ready to go!

    5. Stephen Montalvo on

      I think Oz is a very viable idea and hope to hear about it again. Will the Alice film have a new page?

    6. William Thomas on

      :) I will be back for the relaunch and will take a close look at the Alice project when its up.

      I agree KS will be your best bet and cause less confusion than swapping to or having indigogo at the same time.

      Post an update to us here and on FB when you do relaunch, as I'm sure many will come back for attempt 2 if they get notified.

    7. ET3D on

      Looks to me like a good decision. I'll be waiting for Alice to go up and after that for a relaunched Oz. By that time you might have more to show for Oz.

    8. Miss Ghostly, Exiled in Torment on

      Keep us posted here on the Oz relaunch. I'd recommend setting up a forum for feedback prior to the relaunch. This would allow a continuation of the learning process started here.

    9. Amy on

      I just hope that you will break your "promise" about killing OZ if the funding won't be successful. I admit, I wasn't entirely happy with the decision of making OZ instead of another Alice and I backed up the project although I wasn't really interested in OZ concept. But with each update, I was more and more interested. If you're going to make an OZ relaunch, count me in - and this time I'm sure that I WANT this game. As for Alice, money is already saved :) Oh, and by the way : what are you going to do with the Box? Open it now or open after we finish successfully the Alice campaign?

    10. Andreas Gabler on

      It's the accurate even though very sad decision; but there where to much inconvenience at the beginning of the campaign. However, please don't give up your version of Oz, I'm really looking forward to play it some days. Let it settle down a little bit and start over again. I wil back it.

    11. RocK_M on

      @magicpink: We've had one hit and one miss from Mr Mcgee on KS. Your making it sound like every KS AMG has put out has been abject failures =/ While this KS has had some issues the good news is we may see it come back again eventually. Second they can take lessons from this and come back w/ a better and much focused project.

      As for the topic..

      A damn shame =( I do hope the project comes back eventually. The concept for the game has been quite fantastic and here's to hoping to a better and much focused round 2! :D

    12. JagGentlemann on

      Thanks to the Alice fanboys (remember that fanboys are always a bad thing, fans are another thing) we can't have this Oz game. Thinking that Alice is going to be done sooner if this is cancelled we can have this game, thanks stupid fanboys.

      And I'm not even a Oz fan, but this game looked very promising.

    13. Ren Shredder on

      Though I very much would have loved to see the Oz game, I fully understand and support this decision. Also, as a long time Alice fan, and not being very familiar with Oz at all, I actually prefer "keeping Alice's world fresh" to many other things =)
      I'm really looking forward to the Alice campaign and hope there will be figurine rewards :D

    14. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on


      Disappointed about how Oz Zombie/Broken Road ended as there was potentially a very interesting game in the making.

      Like some of the other posters, ambivalent about crowd sourced funding to help SH obtain film rights but b/c of my love for the Alice games, will have a look at the upcoming campaign.


    15. Sean Doyle on

      It's unfortunate that the Oz game will be postponed, but I support the efforts of Spicy Horse fully and can't wait to pledge for the new Alice film rights campaign! All that matters is to never give up.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ivan Yerzin on

      We've lost this battle, not a war. Alice is definitely worth fighting for. Looking forward to support you in all your undertakings.

    17. Alicia Jones on

      Id much rather have a newAlice game rather than film rights. I know that is no fault of spicy horse. But i just love those games soooo much, and it would be kind of bittersweet to see alice going through her adventures without being an active part of it.

    18. Andrey aka Ryuu on

      FUUUU~, this was going to be my highest pledge on kickstarter and the most postponed one as well, i've plenged in the first day, spending much time for planning for rewards, willing to pay several delivery costs for that great perks and addons.
      I support American McGee's projects and look forward for Alice kickstarter and revival of Yellow Brick Road Warrior ^_^. I'll wait for this wonderful exclusive goggles.

    19. Missing avatar

      Lavres on

      Under the circunstances, i think this is the best way. as you say, the higher chance of success.

    20. Nicolas Petit on

      It's a shame this game has been postponed, I really liked Madness returns. OTOH I thought it was a terrible idea to add the Alice film rights to the campaign. Mostly because some people (me included) could really care less about them. It kinda felt like the kickstarter had actually become a "Support Spicy Horse" thing, when it's really meant to be about the game you're producing.

      Never really wondered if you could run two campaigns at the same time. Makes sense though, to avoid multiple smaller fundings for a single game.

    21. pimanracing on

      Sorry to see it end but will definitely be back to support guys you on the next run for both Alice and OZ.

    22. Antonio Garcia

      I'm sad to see this campaign end, but I'm sure we'll manage to fund the Kickstarter to secure the film rights for Alice. You have my support, and I'll be sure to promote the new project until the end.

    23. William Purdy on

      "When Oz makes a return you can expect it to be better and stronger."

      I'll be counting the days. OZombie (or whatever it'll be called in the future) is a great concept, but I understand the need to re-evaluate and focus on the thing that's time-restricted. I truly think this is the best decision American could have made. Good luck man!

    24. Chris on

      You have my 100% support for Alice. I will be anticipating Oz as well! Things will turn out for the best =) Good luck!

    25. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      It's a horrid shame this choice had to be made at all , and although it took a while for me to warm to OZ I will miss the idea of not playing it (just yet).....

      On the other hand all geared up for more Alice!.. lets do this :D

    26. Kristen Ford on

      i had a feeling it wouldnt end like we hoped it would. Definately glad you decided to stop this and do Alice first. Finish Alice first and then come back to Ozombie when everyone is hoping for another game similar to Alice. I'm glad you took this as a learning experience and hope you come up with strong tiers, game name, and advertisements, for the future of Oz game. I am glad you decided to stay strong and not give up on this Oz idea!

    27. Reivas Cabal on

      Man, that is a pity, but hopefully you open a KS for this project again in the future. Good Luck.

    28. Missing avatar


      This is incredibly silly. I couldn't care less about an Alice film. I seriously doubt I'll bother to support any more of your projects considering how they keep turning out.

    29. Justin

      Multiple campaigns not allowed? What a crock of crap! So they enforced that rule with you but not others? Lame! People have multiple projects on here all the time. Game Salute is one of them.

    30. Cameron (BLINK) on

      NOOOO!!!! I'll be counting the days till OZ comes back for another try :)
      Good luck with Alice!

    31. Miareeva on

      It will all work out :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Paul Morin on

      I have to admit I'm not much of a gamer - but of the 3 games I've actually done start to finish completion on, 2 are yours. I understand your choice to refocus due to time limitations with the rights to Alice.

      When I see this fire up on Kickstarter again, I'll still be here yelling "take my money."

    33. Jawnuhthun on

      While it's a very unfortunate, I understand completely. I'll still support you with your endeavors, and I'll continue to follow everything you and your team are doing... and hey, I will gladly be here when Oz comes back in the future at a better time when it stands a better chance and has a bigger setup ready for it.

    34. Pamela Elena Gardea on

      This is really sad, but you have my total support on this. I will wait patiently yo back up the Alice's kickstarter too (and then, in the future, to back the OZombie again!!). You are the one who know about this decisions and I believe in you. I can wait to see the results anyways, and well even if this makes me sad, it also makes me happy because I am a huge fan of Alice, and well priorities have to be set sometimes.

      Thank you for letting us be part of all this process!

    35. Vlada Kravtsova on

      What a shame... Good luck with everything you do in the future.

    36. Dill Werner on

      You still have my support! The timing wasn't right. No matter what you guys at Spicy Horse do, it will be amazing!

    37. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lundgren on

      Well i can understand that you pulled the kickstarter. I hope it all works out in the end.

      I recomend that if you do decide on running kickstarter for a larger project look at projects that are going well. Star Citizen have a huge backing still and is keeping fresh. With over 14 million raised it well on is way to become the first AAA title truely fully crowd founded endevour.

      Also I think is correct of you to focus on one thing at a time. Spliting resource can be a very tricky thing. If you do not have seperate teams already working on these task then I think is even harmful.

      So I wish you luck and hope you will be back in the future.

    38. Gary Alan Henson on

      Darn! Sorry to hear but understand completely. As a code monkey of 30 odd years I've seen projects that should have been shutdown linger when the when time and resources could have been used on viable concepts. Looking forward to hearing more about the other projects and being a contributor!

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      This is a shame, but I understand the decision. I look forward to being able to back both projects in future.

    40. Theresa Tinkerella Herr on

      I will always support you, American and I do not fault your decision at all...but I was so excited for this game. I am truly sad at this moment :( *sigh*

    41. Shawn Adams on

      I can get behind this decision 100%

    42. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      This is a bit sad for me, because I personally don't care much about Alice (although if you made a turn-based RPG out of it, my interest level would suddenly grow).

      For me, it was Oz I was interested in. I loved the scenario, and the description of the gameplay sounded great.

      I don't know why some campaigns work and others don't, but I really wanted this one to be wildly successful, and it's a shame it wasn't. I hope you guys will give it another try. I still want this game.

      (The Alice RPG would be nice, too, though.)

    43. RossKWolfe on

      I'm truly sorry to hear this. Pues, asi es la vida.

    44. djnforce9 on

      Sad to see this cancelled but at least there is still hope for it to re-surface in the future. Looking forward to another full-length American Mcgee style action adventure title like Alice.

    45. Brett B on

      100% Support.