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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
3,389 backers pledged $222,377 to help bring this project to life.

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Technical Update - Known Problems

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Insane Children, 

Here's a breakdown of some of the issues (and fixes) we're seeing since posting digital content and sending out physical rewards: 

1) $115 tier backers didn't receive Art Books, resulting from bad setup of the BackerKit info for this tier. We will be mailing replacement Art Books to this group in separate packages at end of November. (We've already mailed 50% of these, and are waiting on new books to mail the 2nd half). 

2) BluRay discs don't work in all BluRay players - notably the Xbox One (and some PCs). If I had to guess, I would say this has something to do with DRM systems in place on these devices. Said devices probably see "strange Chinese BluRay" and decides to ignore it. Unfortunately, we weren't able to test these discs on all devices before sending them - and it's not feasible that we manufacture and mail replacements. Please accept my apologies for these discs being limited in functionality. 

3) Names in credits weren't handled correctly. Owing to an issue with how I pulled data from BackerKit, if you requested a special name in the credits, there's a greater than 50% chance it didn't make it into the credits on disc. Again, apologies for messing up on this. 

4) Other miscellaneous problems - if your physical reward was physically damaged on arrival, please CONTACT ME via the Kickstarter message system and let me know.

5) New links to uncompressed files via Mega: 

6) Torrent links (thanks to Cley):
Download the torrent file (
Use the magnet link:

(Please, do not write me asking how to use the torrent links or looking for support if they aren't working. I literally have no idea! You might try commenting to see if Cley or another knowledgeable backer can provide assistance).

Those are all the problems (and some solutions) I'm currently aware of. Again, if you have any other question or problem, please CONTACT ME via the Kickstarter message system and I'll work to get you sorted out. 

PS: Please note that if you've not yet received your physical rewards, there's no cause for concern. Most items left China on the 11th of November. Some didn't leave until the 20th. Typical delivery times are 2~6 weeks, depending on where in the world you're located. As such, backers should expect to receive rewards at any time between last week and the end of December (later if you were late in completing your BackerKit update). 

From Shanghai 


Problems with Links and $115 Tier

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

A quick update regarding two known issues: 

1) Links to the video files. Ed is re-re-uploading these to Mega. The new files will be uncompressed, as it seems the majority of the reported issues were with decompressing the files after downloading them. We can't use DropBox, since they enforce daily limits which we'll exceed if more than 8 people download the files. We also aren't able to set up any torrents, as neither Ed or I have the ability to do so - if someone out there can do this on our behalf, please send me the links and I'll post them here. 

New links for Mega will be posted soon. Our apologies for all the nonsense surrounding this issue. 

2) Backers at the $115 tier are receiving incorrect physical rewards. This is a known issue and I've discovered the cause - this tier's reward structure was not set up correctly within BackerKit. If you are in this group, we'll be sending your missing items ASAP. I apologize for the mix-up. 


Repaired Links to ISOs and 16bit Movies

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Insane Children, 

Ed sends along new links for the ISOs and 16bit movies. These are posted on DropBox, Thanks, Ed!

A Night at The Opera - 16bit .mov file

Leviathan - 16bit .mov file

Bluray - ISO file

DVD - ISO file

We're All Mad Here
We're All Mad Here

As you're all aware, due to being behind the Great Firewall of China, I'm unable to test these links. If you find issues with them (or any of the other links provided thus far) please let me know in the comments below. 

From Beyond the Great Firewall,


And All That Remains

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Insane Children, 

Whew! It's been an intense couple weeks here at Spicy Horse, filled with picking, packing, and labeling. The dust has settled and we're left with a handful of books and DVDs being fiercely guarded by ever-watchful Lulu.

All Gone!
All Gone!

 If you were among the majority who completed their BackerKit surveys promptly and submitted final shipping addresses in recent weeks, then there's a good chance your backer rewards are now mid-air on their way to your front-door. On that note, a backer in Australia posted her DVD on Instagram today! 

If you were late in replying to the recent BackerKit notices, then your reward ended up in the 2nd or 3rd wave of packages we sent out. And a small group of those late respondents (around 100) who selected BluRay as their disc format will suffer an additional +20 day delay while we manufacture more discs. Turns out a lot of you switched your disc type selection from DVD to BluRay in the final survey, which created a shortage of BluRay discs. Oops! 

Please note that those in the "late" group may also receive books and discs in separate packages. If you get one, but not the other, wait a few weeks and see if "the other" catches up. If not, send me a note here on Kickstarter and we'll get you sorted. 

No worries though, all those books and discs will eventually find their way to backers around the world. And I'm looking forward to hearing the response once you all have books and discs in hand! 

What Remains?

Many of you have written to ask: What next? 

For future animations and a feature film, everything hinges on the film option agreement. I've been purposely quiet about ongoing discussions - mainly because any info I post here can and will end up being fodder for negotiations. And I have to say, negotiating against the rights owners has been a difficult and delicate task. 

Ultimately, there really aren't other buyers for this property and this creates a double-edge sword during negotiations. On the one hand, no one else wants these rights - Hollywood sees them as "done" and overpriced - on the other hand since, I appear to be the only interested buyer, and have obvious reasons for wanting them, so I must be willing to pay a pretty penny for the rights. 

There's really only one thing for it... time. We've paid an initial 100k and have put together a writer, director, and means for funding a feature film production here in China. I've made (and will make again) reasonable offers to pay a one-time purchase price to control the rights 100%. Previous responses to my offers were not positive, but then since no one is making competing offers, my offer must look better with each passing day. 

That's my logic anyway. There's a bit more detail (and thinking) going on behind the scenes, but again, I hesitate to share too much and potentially weaken our position. 

On the game front, everything depends on EA. Once all the rewards are delivered and feedback is in, I'll float another balloon to gauge interest from EA. Their response, as always, will depend on how they view the potential marketability of a new product. The positive response generated by this campaign and community will go a long way towards convincing them there's a "there there." 

If you want to add your voice to the calls for MORE ALICE, please consider signing this fan created petition: Let American McGee Make a New Alice Game

Lastly, for those of you waiting on updated links to some of the video files: Ed reports progress on this front. He's pushing the files to DropBox and says it'll be another 35 hours before the upload is complete. Once I have new links I will post a small update to share them.

From Shanghai in the Unhealthy Smog,


2nd Wave of Backer Rewards are AWAY!

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Insane Children, 

That's it! 100% of physical rewards for backers who responded to the Reward Survey have been sorted, packed, labeled, and sent off for shipping. It was a lot of work, but Lulu kept everyone focused and efficient. 

King of Reward Mountain
King of Reward Mountain

If you missed your chance to get physical backer rewards, please check out the November Promotion we're running over on my blog

Next update I hope to provide some details about the future of Otherlands and the Alice feature film, along with repaired links to digital assets that were released earlier. Expect that next week! 

From Box Mountain,

-American & Lulu