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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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One Year!

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Greetings Insane Children, 

Hard to believe it's been a full year since the "Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter" campaign was successfully funded. Yet here we are, 12 months into production on two animated short films and another year spent working to bring Alice to the big screen. A lot of progress has been made and a lot more work still remains, but I am thankful that we've made it this far and very excited for what the future has in store for our film versions of Alice. 

As for an update, progress with the animated shorts remains steady. Nothing significant to report since the last Kickstarter update. As soon as I receive more footage from the teams I'll post samples here. 

On the film front, I have several significant meetings and challenges to tackle in the next two weeks. The outcome of those events will determine the path going forward for feature film development and I will share not only the results, but part of the decision-making process with you... all before the end of August. 

A note to anyone still waiting on posters: Please send messages to me directly via Kickstarter. Not via email (unless you already have my personal email) and not via the comments section. As I am managing campaign logistics on my own now, it makes my life much easier if you communicate through Kickstarter messages. Also note that in most instances where prints are "missing" they are being held at local post offices. Please check with your local post office if you're still waiting on missing prints. 

If you are waiting on the DVDs, Art Book, or anything other than the printed posters, please understand that these items will not be ready for production until the animated shorts are finished. We'll then produce and send them. There's no need to write asking about these today. We expect animated short production to finish around end of 2014. 

If you have a change of address, please use BackerKit to submit that info.

Keep your fingers crossed for the upcoming meetings. Good stuff is in the works! 

From Shanghai a Year Older (and maybe wiser), 


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    1. Felicia Hudson on

      And now October has come and gone. Could we get an update on what is going on please? I would like to know when the animated film can be expected to be finished and If I will recive my DVD by december. Thank you.

    2. Russell Deitch on

      September is over now ... Is there anybody out there? :)

    3. Felicia Hudson on

      August is over now...

    4. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      Good luck with the upcoming meetings American. We are rooting for your success.

      Just to let you know, all my posters have arrived long since arrived, even the ex-missing ones, and they are gorgeous. If you should decide you want to sell that fantastic image above as a canvas poster, I would spring for it in a heartbeat!

    5. Daniel on

      love the progress and also the image!

    6. Missing avatar

      Amy Watson on

      Wow that art is amazing! Great job American.

    7. Ryan Siller on

      That's my new favorite image on here.

    8. Clare Turner on

      How do I use BackerKit to send you my new address or do I need to sign up for an account? I moved in December and thought I had changed my address everywhere but this proves I haven't!!

    9. Anne K on

      I am still totally excited about this project. I kind of wish the above picture had been a poster option! I think it's amazing looking! Although, given how hard it was to choose the posters I finally did decide on... maybe it's better that this one wasn't a choice. ;)

      I cannot wait until I finally have enough stuff unpacked at my new place to be able to put up art.

    10. Missing avatar

      Karen Lee on

      Good luck with this, American! I'm sure you don't remember me, but I am Jeremiah Lee's mom and met you a couple of times in Shanghai. Wishing the best for all your efforts! Karen Lee