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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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Missing Posters, Follow-up!

Posted by American McGee (Creator)


I've been diligently checking on the missing posters and though I haven't received tracking yet for all of them (this is why you've not heard from me) I do have one BIG issue to report:

Somehow, communication broke down and Alice with Sunflowers was never printed and shipped out! SORRY! It's at the printers now and will go out ASAP. That means another 3-10 weeks for its arrival. But, at least now we know!

To everyone else, I'll get back to you as soon as I have information. Promise!


Alice with Sunflowers
Alice with Sunflowers
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    1. AltBlu on

      I received the wrong poster, I dont mind waiting for Alice with Sunflowers but I got The Dénouement, its beautiful as art but I wouldn't hang it on my wall, like I was planning for sunflowers...

    2. Paul Walker on

      I too am having concern. Sent an email and didn't hear anything back like many others.

    3. Sixnalia on

      Hoping to see it arrive within the next two weeks. Hoping for an update on the situation if possible!

    4. Carina Berggren on

      I am still waiting for my Alice with Sunflowers, I sent an email earlier to Ophelia but I havent heard anything. I know that the poster will be well worth the wait, but it would be nice to know that it atleast have left the printers. Can we have an update on this , please.

    5. LockVII on

      It is now April and I have yet to hear anything more regarding the missing posters. I even sent a message to Ophelia, but there has been no reply... has anyone heard anything regardig the missing Alice with Sunflowers poster?

      I needed this for the end of March for a birthday present, but its too late for that now... especially since (if all had gone according to plan), the poster was suppose to have arrived back in January....

    6. Chris Angelico on

      Corlissa, yes; Edisonland arrived here just fine. Looks spectacular, framed and in my server room.

    7. Mark Bisignano on

      @Corlissa Roney That's the one I'm missing as well. Just sent Ophelea a followup email yesterday. The Royal Blue Knight I did receive is beautiful!! So I think we'll like this one once we get it.

    8. Corlissa Roney on

      did anyone order the alice in edisonland? and if so did you receive that poster yet?

    9. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Peña on

      Yes, come on. We all paid for these and have patiently waited. The least we could get is a response to our inquiries.

    10. shannon on

      It's been 26 days since an update. Really starting to get worried

    11. Birdie Be-Nites on

      I would appreciate hearing anything about the posters. I have emailed you and have yet to get a response. Please let me know what is going on.

    12. Matotron on

      I've not heard anything either about my missing poster.

    13. LockVII on

      So its been almost a month now since this update and I was curious as to if the posters got sent out yet? I have yet to hear or receive anything... thanks!

    14. Edward Laverick on

      I sent an email once your post about it went up and have commented here as well. My local post office has no record of having received the poster and nothing has come my way. I've not had any response to my e-mail, do you have any further update on this please?

    15. Carina Berggren on

      I ordered Alice with Sunflowers and emailed you about not recieving the poster. I would really appreciate if I can get a tracking number to keep track of where it is when it has been sent. I feel like i have been waiting a long time allready and I am a bit tired to see an mailbox without a poster each day. I understand ofcourse that you were wery busy when sending out all thoose posters, under thoose circumstances it's easy to make a misstake, but please send me a tracking number.