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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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Progress and Possibilities

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Greetings Insane Children, 

After a recent project development trip to Beijing and with news from our intrepid animators, American here to provide you with an update. 

First off, work on the animated shorts continues to produce visible results. Troy and his team of stop-motion animators in Los Angeles send photos of the rigs and props they've been building. Troy says they're close to completion on pre-production tasks and will start actual shooting as early as next week. I'm really excited to see how Alice's stop-motion journey into the mind of Wagner turns out. Scroll down for photos from Troy. 

Ed in Shanghai also reports progress on his team's work towards a 3D animated short set inside the mind of Jules Verne. Pre-production on that short is also near complete and Ed says he expects to send actual animated samples within the next few weeks. Yay for progress!

Meanwhile I've been pushing forward on the idea of a live-action Alice feature film. I'm happy to report that we have secured commitment from a British film writer to knock out the script. And over the weekend I met with Tsui Hark and his team in Beijing to discuss story, development, finance, and timing. He and his team re-confirmed their commitment to getting the feature made - and Tsui himself pitched me an EXCELLENT film narrative to contain critical story elements from "Alice," "Madness Returns," and "Otherlands" under one feature film "roof." During his 20+ minute verbal pitch I was seeing all the action in my mind and getting goose bumps all over. If we can make this thing happen, it'll be awesome. 

Writing on the script will commence soon. Proper development on the film could start as early as April of this year. Again, yay for progress! 

While it's easy to get excited by the possibility of an Alice feature film, I would like to remind everyone that the idea for this movie has been bouncing around since before the first game was even released. Film development - and actually getting a film made - is HARD. Feels to me like we're getting a lot closer to making Alice on the big screen a reality, but I'd like to list some of the challenges we still face... Will the script come together as hoped? Can writer, director, and producers all agree on a creative direction? Who will fund the production? Can everyone agree on how to share the financial pie? Since we're planning to shoot this thing in China, can we get government approval to do so? And there are many questions beyond these. 

Anyway, let's all keep a positive outlook - and I'll keep doing everything I can to make this thing a reality. I'm happy that we've come this far - and want to thank everyone who supported the "Otherlands" campaign for putting us in a position to do so. 

In the meantime, Tsui has asked that we all think about actors. Who would YOU like to see play Alice? Bumby? What if Bumby had a "boss" - who would pay that ultimate bad guy? Any thoughts on Alice's father, mother, and sister? How about a voice for the Cheshire Cat? The Duchess or the Queen? Here's your chance to get involved with ideas that can impact the film! Have fun! 

From Shanghai with a Lulu in my lap, 


Alice's Wings
Alice's Wings
Wing Detail
Wing Detail
Alice Frame
Alice Frame
Alice Skeleton
Alice Skeleton
Skeleton Raw
Skeleton Raw
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    1. Matthew Bowman on

      Tatiana Maslany would be perfect for Alice she can fake an english accent and knows how to play an unstable character

    2. Gonzalo M.B. on

      hi! in addition to the ideas for the roll... First i want to leave my very best wishes and support its very nice read about the great progress and my poster its in my power now.

      For Alice i like the suggestion below of INDIA EISLEY i think her personallty may fix, or TATIANA MASLANY (or for Lizzy better),
      for the Queen i plus a vote to TILDA SWINTON
      and ALAN RICKMAN for Bumby

      all the luck and keep going
      Greetings to the community

    3. Missing avatar

      Caroline on

      HI AGAIN. So, being from America I never really stepped outside the box haha. A british cast, or actors with the ability of speaking with the accent, would be perfect I think. Still, Emily is my top choice for Alice. Don't care if she's typecast, she owns it!

      I have some other suggestions for Alice (or Lizzy), but these are only based on looks: Kaya Socdelario, Gemma Ward (she's been doing some acting, right? She is crazy doll-like), India Eisley. Oooh, there's also Isabelle Fuhrman. I can say she is a great actress. She's brutal in Orphan. Um Juno Temple for Lizzy. Not for Alice though. IDK.

      For Alice's parents, I honestly don't know. I'm stuck in between thinking she had young, beautiful looking parents, or crusty old parents.

      Bumby… Peter Saarsgard with a beard, I dunno. He always plays some kind of a sleaze bag, so that totally works for me.

      I wish I had suggestions for some Chinese actors just in case but I don't :(

      Thanks for letting us play a part in all this. It means a lot.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tim Lohrenz on

      It's great to see things are progressing! I am tingly with anticipation!

      There's a number of young actresses that I think could play Alice: Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning, Jena Malone, Maisie Williams, Saoirse Ronan, and Evanna Lynch are all wonderful actresses with impressive acting chops. The Fanning sisters could even double as Liddell sisters.
      For the Cheshire Cat, of course it'd be awesome for Roger L Jackson to return. But I would like to mention Mark Bonnar, who played Blackbeard in the latest Assassin's Creed, which is one of the most captivating performances I've seen recently.
      For Bumby, I think Steve Coogan, and Mark Strong could deliver interesting performances.
      I loved the Jabberwocky's voice from the original Alice, so of course Roger L Jackson again. But a different take on him could be George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher or Brendon Small (watch the Dethklok: The Doomstar Requiem for why I think they would be fun). And if you've seen Korgoth of Barbaria, Diedrich Bader would also be an interesting pick. Mike Patton has incredible voice skills - check out his performance in The Darkness.
      For the Caterpillar I would go Werner Herzog, Lee Pace, or Max von Sydow.
      I wasn't too sure about The Mad Hatter. I always saw him as an OCD sadist, which means the actor would have to bring the crazy and unexpected. So I went with Geoffrey Rush, Tom Hiddleston, Simon Pegg, Tom Hardy (go see Bronson if you want to see why I picked him), Keith Richards (you saw him as Captain Teague in Pirates of the Caribbean), Richard Roxburgh (because he brings the crazy) and of course Andy Serkis.

      Some people mentioned Christina Ricci for the role of Alice, but she's not quite as young as she was when Alice first came out =/. But I do think she could be a good fit for the Queen. She's done creepy well since Addam's Family and Sleepy Hollow.

      Keep up the good work, American! It's awesome being part of the behind the scenes. I look forward to hearing more.

    5. James Garza on

      I would love to have an all British cast be in the live-action adaption, or at least can do a good British accent.

      For Alice, I always imagined Evan Rachel Wood (I don't know too many young British actresses, so this is my choice.)
      Roger L. Jackson for Cheshire Cat, hand's down.
      Bumby, perhaps Alan Rickman?
      Alice's family, hm...that's tough.
      The Queen of Hearts, Emma Thompson. She brought the crazy so well in Beautiful Creatures.
      The Duchess, Helena Bonham Carter.

    6. Matthew Bowman on

      I agree with you American, Christina Ricci would make an excellent Alice

    7. Carson Taylor on

      Or Jennifer Coolidge should play Alice's nanny.

    8. Carson Taylor on

      Jennifer Coolidge should play the Duchess!

    9. Ted Burston on

      I'd love to see Ellen Page as Alice, provided she could do a nice British accent. As for Cheshire cat and whatnot, the voice actors from the games would be amazing as always.

    10. Simon Berna on

      Emily Browning, Chloë Moretz, Zooey Deschanel, Emma Watson, Allison Scagliotti, Lea Thompson, Ellen Page, Tara Lynne Barr, Clara Oswald. Actresses that I'd Iove for Alice, but their not necesseraly made for it.

    11. Carson Taylor on

      Not Emily Browning. She was in Suckerpunch which was WAY too close to The Alice storyline.

    12. Carson Taylor on

      Tatiana Maslany as Alice. She looks so much like her and if you watch her in her show, Orphan Black, she can easily play a distraught yet badass character. She also has a brilliant English accent, she mostly does Cockney but can also do a more posh accent. She would be brilliant as Alice!

    13. Jessica Lopez on

      You better keep Roger as the Cheshire Cat. :)
      Since you have the idea for a Live action film, it can be pretty difficult to find good actors. But I prefer to have the voice actors to reprise their role. I really don't know which awesome actors could portray as the wonderful Alice and the wonderland characters .

    14. Missing avatar

      Cantii on

      For the voice of the Cheshire Cat, why mess with perfection, really? So much of who the Cat is is Roger L. Jackson's fantastic voice work, it would be criminal to change it.

      As far as Alice, I hope you can find an actress who doesn't just look the part, but can pull off Alice's sassiness and flippancy. I'll second Kaya Scodelario as an interesting choice; Gemma Arterton might be a bit old for the role but could also work well I think.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tina Binns on

      Kaya Scoldelario for Alice. She's an amazing actress who can handle extremely emotional (or, at times, insane) characters! Just look at her work as Effy in Skins — it's very Alice-y.

    16. Max Curtis on

      Emily Browning for Alice hands down

    17. Cassie Trogani on

      Roger L. Jackson for Cheshire HANDS DOWN. PERIOD.

      Kara Hayward, the star in Moonrise Kingdom, would be a fantastic Alice has a fantastic, dramatic presence to acting on screen, and knows how to play an angry, if violent girl in a world she knows she can't control. Evana Lynch would also be a good choice, having a very haunting personality about herself.

      Colin Farrell, recently having starred in Saving Mr. Banks, would stand to be a great father figure to Alice, as he has a strong but familiar presence to himself on screen, very fatherly.

      Laura Fraser, having starred in Breaking Bad as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, I believe would be a good mother to Alice. She is a talented actress, knowing how to panic realistically as well as act as a relaxed mother in her daily life.

      Jessica Brown Findlay could play Elizabeth Liddell, having had experience as Lady Sybil on Downton Abbey, as well as an incredibly realistic death scene on screen.

      Tilda Swinton as the Queen of Hearts (Older version), as she played the Ice Queen in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and was a fantastic Villain! Jessica Lange is also a good choice, having starred as a cruel, blackmailing nun in the American Horror Stories series.

      Mark Strong, who starred in the Sherlock Holmes movie as Lord Blackwood, would make a great Bumby in my opinion. Having seen his work as a villain in Victorian times, playing Dr. Bumby would not be too great a leap for him.

      Simon Russell Beale should also be considered for Dr. Wilson, based on his role as Falstaff in Henry the V.

      Tom Hiddleston should be considered to voice over for the Jabberwocky, as his voice quality is stunning. It has a fine grate to it, an ever to slight crackle that I think would bode well for what the Jabberwocky's voice should sound like.

      Thank you for taking the time to hear our opinions!

    18. Missing avatar

      Lorraine Black on

      I actually think Alan Rickman (Severus Snape in the Harry Potter franchise) seems like an ideal Chesire Cat voice. I love his voice, it's amazing and with that amazing accent.
      As for Alice, Emily Browning is a good option, but I think Alice looks thinner than Emily. I'd vote for some auditions, see if you can find a good talent.
      Or maybe one of the many people who cosplayed as Alice? Some of them looked beyond amazing! :D

    19. Filip Spånberg on

      Roger L. Jackson for Cheshire cat, again!

      "And I myself don't need a weatherwane to tell which way the wind blows..."

    20. Emma Bjørnstrup on

      Emily Browning would be the perfect Alice! She's my favorite actress and after I watched Sucker Punch I knew she would be the perfect Alice. Also because she has appeared in a lot of horror movies. I would say without a doubt that Roger L. Jackson should voice the Cheshire Cat again as he always has.
      Or you could try something new as trying to cast the fans for the roles? I'm sure that could be really amazing because that the fans are so into it. I'm about to die from excitement and I'm really looking forward for all this! :D

    21. Sarah Goffin on

      Amanda Seyfried has the perfect Alice look, although I like the idea of undiscovered talent. Perhaps harry potteresque auditions?

    22. Jason Reynolds on

      Please please please, let me read for any of the animation bits. I will read record and send whatever you need for anything. Even any kind of pre production timing. I'll read for any part. I can send you samples of my voice, let me know and I can send a link. Send me a line, a paragraph, and let me send you back a clip. Good luck with everything so far!

    23. Adrian Tai on

      good update, this one...

      for alice, my first thought is actually Gal Gadot but she might not be easy to get since she'll be Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman/ Superman movie.

      if preference is for someone from this region, Angelica Lee ( would be a good candidate for alice.

      dunno why but the impression i have of Alice is that she's stick thin with kinda long hair, but full of energy and inner strength.

      as for the rest... still thinking.

      btw, for the art book... i have a suggestion... for maybe 1-2 pages, possible to actually have the artwork that consist of several 'layers'... each layer showing a different progress of the artwork... like pencil sketch to outline... and to the final product. so different parts of the artwork will show a different progress/ stage.

    24. Lucian Cruor on

      All of the exciting things are happening! And Roger has to voice Cheshire Cat! It's imperative! *has had him saying "Purrrrfect" as my text tone for months* As far as Alice Actresses... I'm really not sure yet...

    25. Missing avatar

      Caroline on

      Emily Browning as Alice! She's in the right age range & has a knack for playing insane women. Just check her out in The Uninvited, where she's all bloodied up holding a knife. She was also the lead in Sucker Punch - the concept was super similar to Alice, I think. As for the cat, I hope Roger L. Jackson is an option? He's perfect! I love him as Ghostface in Scream to.

    26. Missing avatar

      Darcy Gala on

      Mcgee you just killed me with the Bumby. I need it, I need him in it. I need that boss do, please, oh my god. please. I am dead with excitement at this news.

    27. Missing avatar

      Holden Hodgdon on

      Lin Mei Xiu ( Would be a really cool choice as a dual role Dutches / Queen (Taiwanese instead of mainland Chinese, but you could probably swing it) ... I have never seen her as a villain so it would be something new -n- cool.

    28. Missing avatar

      Holden Hodgdon on

      Please go with Chinese actors for the live action; I don't think western actors could actually handle working with Tsui Hark ...

      It could just be my fandom of Chinese Paladin speaking but it would be awesome to see Ady An as Alice.

      ... I will try to think of other Chinese stars to suggest, part of me wants to say Hu Ge as the hatter but I think there are other actors that could do it better (he might be good as the voice of the cat).

    29. FifthDream on

      Fairuza Balk has to be Alice. HAS to be.

    30. Missing avatar

      Katerina Schurek on

      I would honestly prefer having Roger L Jackson stay as our dear friend the Cheshire cat, as we know that he does the character justice (and I've now come to associate his voice with it). Alice would need to be chosen carefully. As for Bumby, I think James Cromwell would be a good choice.

    31. Garry Soo on

      How and where do we submit our suggestion?

    32. Chris Angelico on

      A live-action film could be awesome, but with the "wrong person" in any key role, it'd be disappointing. How are you going to find someone for each of the critical roles who looks, sounds and acts right? It's not too bad with minor roles (IMO the voice actor for Mrs Liddell in A:MR was a bit weak, but she's minor compared to some of the others - as evidenced by the fact that she, unlike everyone else in her family, lacks a first name!), but Alice absolutely has to be perfect. It's a risky thing to try, but oh, it could be so so so awesome!

    33. Missing avatar

      Ashley Ahn on

      Well, I am not very familiar with the actors, so I'm not sure of the 'human' characters...
      However, I think that there will be only one person who can do the voice of the Cheshire Cat.
      ...You know what I mean, don't you?

    34. Kate on

      What about Evanna Lynch (with dark hair of course) - she's got a haunting quality about her

    35. Brett B on

      Keep it coming!