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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
3,389 backers pledged $222,377 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goooooal!

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We've done it! We made the "Roger and Susie voice over" stretch goal of $250,000! Thank you to everyone who purchased just a few more items through PayPal and particularly those who have been adding more items through BackerKit. Everything you add from this point forward goes towards additional minutes of animation!

We have news about one of the animations...

Director Troy Morgan known for his amazing cinematics on Alice: Madness Returns has begun outlining our first short. Into the mind of Richard Wagner Alice will delve. Wagner is best known for his Ride of the Valkyries, from the second act of The Ring of the Niebelung (The Ring Cycle). The image below is part of his inspiration.

Now, for a bit of housekeeping:

PayPal Store -  The PayPal store will remain open through the end of this month (another 10 days) for new pledges and add-ons. However, if you have an account through BackerKit already, you can choose additional items by adding them to your cart.

Kickstarter Surveys - More than 400 of you have not yet filled out your Kickstarter surveys and because of this have not received an invite to BackerKit to give us needed information, More importantly, this means you have not been able to choose your add-on art. You need to do this ASAP.

Add-on Art - The lithographs and screenprints remain easily in-stock but the poster image, Alchemy, is down to the final 15 copies. If you wanted a copy and have not yet added it to your account on BackerKit, DO SO NOW. This poster won't be printed again.

Other than that, all goes well on our end. American continues to look for further investors and I answer questions as quickly as they come in. 

Thank you again for helping us to meet our stretch goal. 

- Ophelea

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    1. Lilian L. Rivas on

      I have a question, I recently changed my pledge from a digital tier to a physical (The DVD of Alice: Otherlands). I want to know how do I specify if i want to get the Blu ray? Because in my Kickstarter survey they don't ask me about it? Thanks.

    2. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Tami, @Kira, invites resent!

      @Kristen, The lithographs, Alchemy poster and screenprints are all limited edition and won't be printed again if we run out. (We're buying them from somewhere else so if there is more you can get them there). As far as the canvas posters go, those are rewards for this Kickstarter and won't be made available to the public.

    3. Kira Karbowski on

      would you mind sending me an invite? I haven't seemed to get it yet, thank you

    4. Kristen Ford on

      Also, I understand some posters are not going to be printed any longer. But will there be other chances to get these posters like some of otherlands and madness returns posters? Maybe when you do another kickstarter for the game or Ozombie? I just dont have the funds nor the place to put some of the amazing posters right now and was wondering if there may perhaps be more chances to get these posters later in the years?

    5. Kristen Ford on

      i am really confused on where and how to get the backerkit of avatars at. and what is it even?

    6. Tami Von Doll on

      would you mind sending me another invite as well? i don't see it in my email inbox.

    7. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Illyan, I've sent you another invite from BackerKit.

      @Toby, I've also sent you another invite from BackerKit.

      @Melanie, You can always log in to your BackerKit account to check, but I don't see anything missing from your account.

    8. Melanie Myrothia Campion on

      I'm not too sure if I've done everything I can as I can't remember receiving the backerkit invite. :( Can anyone tell me if there is a way to check that I've done everything properly please?

    9. Illyan on

      For myself, no email in the junk/spam folder regarding Otherlands


    10. Russell Deitch on

      @Toby, have you checked your Junk / Spam folder? The BackerKit invite went to your KS email address.

    11. saiqlo on

      Wow, really? Alright, after KS buyers!

    12. Toby Heagerty on


      I've not actually recieved any email from BackerKit even though my survery was completed on the 5th. Can you please resend?


    13. r00k on

      This calls for a celebration!
      Tea time.

    14. Illyan on


      Same question as Sean: I answered the survey but don't remember of the backerkit. Have I received it ? How to check ?


    15. Antonio Garcia

      See? Paypal does help campaigns get more funds after the Kickstarter is over!

    16. Luke Peterson on

      For those who haven't done their surveys or not sure if they have, there is a link to it underneath the pledge amount/tier you chose to the right.

    17. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Nathan, BackerKit will close shortly after PayPal - within a few hours to a day. If you do your add-ons through BackerKit, we get an immediate inventory update and the processing costs are less so we ask that you do them there.

      @Sean, I've sent you a second invite from BackerKit. However, I show that you've answered all the necessary questions for your tier.

    18. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Everyone, I mis-attributed the cinematics to Troy. He does work in stop motion. Sorry about that!

    19. Sean Bryant on


      I haven't received my survey? Who was it sent from? etc??


    20. Nathan Camp on

      Just to clarify, am I to understand that I can continue to add items via Backerkit after the paypal store has closed? Is there a close date on the Backerkit add ons?

      Fantastic to hear that this stretch goal was reached. It was quite an important one in my opinion.