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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
3,389 backers pledged $222,377 to help bring this project to life.

Post Campaign Glow

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

After 20 days and much nail-biting, the Alice: Otherlands campaign has reached a successful conclusion. Coming in at over 222kUSD, the funding will allow us to create a series of animated short films, pursue larger animated series possibilities, begin development work on a feature film and access larger funding options for a possible feature film production in the future. All thanks to the kind support of our backers on Kickstarter. You rock!

For those of you who missed out on the action of the race – there’s still a post-campaign funding option via PayPal. Just follow THIS LINK and you’ll be taken to the PayPal campaign page.

Backers, your survey links will go out soon. Not sure exactly how soon, since that’s Ophelea’s domain, but I know she’s on it.

Regarding Susie and Roger’s involvement in recording VO… I think we’ll be able to make something work. We didn’t hit our stretch goal, but we got pretty close. And, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been talking to potential sources of additional funding. If that works out, it should help us not only secure involvement from Susie and Roger, but also work towards making more animations in total.

Going forward, I’ll be sure to send out updates when there’s interesting news. This coming week I’ll be talking with Troy, Ed (animators), Chris (composer) and potential funding/platform partners. Heading to Beijing next week to continue feature film funding discussions and more.

Very exciting! We’re off and running!

From Shanghai in a Warm Glow,


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    1. Luke Peterson on

      @ren shredder - if you go to the page for paying for PayPal and scroll down to see all the things you can get you will see them there.

    2. Wild@x on

      Congrats ;-)

    3. Russell Deitch on

      @Andrey, I think "follow" is on twitter.

    4. Ren Shredder on

      Congratulations everyone. We did it =)
      @ Luke: what are 'Reflections of Seurat' and 'Alice Primordial'? I don't see them anywhere..

    5. Andrey aka Ryuu on

      I have a question, in the picture it is seen "…and 3 more people you follow are backers."
      How to follow people(creators) on kickstarter?
      I need this so i won't pass need projects by American McGee, for example, in the case they forget to promote it in other project updates or when i don't follow projects.

    6. André 'Azzitay' Deffland on

      Man , i would love to see a real series of McGee Alice ... contact BBC after the short films are done ! Maybe they want to compete to Once upon a Time and OUATWonderland a bit ! =)

    7. Luke Peterson on

      I may actually make use of the PayPal campaign. Think I might like some of the new canvases. Will any others be added or is that it? Also 'Reflections of Seurat' and 'Alice Primordial' dont show up when you go to the Canvas page (… ). If there is anyway you can show larger images of them too it would be great.

    8. Kristen Ford on

      There is talk of Alice:Otherlands and the mind jumping of Alice in the game. There is talk with EA on rights and other things. If this animation didn't go through, it could've been the end of Alice and even Ozombie, in the future. But since we showed we have backers and people interested in the shorts, it makes the game development come sooner!

    9. Kyle Schroeder on

      As far as I know, another game is NOT the way. As far as I know, Alice: Otherlands is just an animation. At least, that's how it stands now. But I am hoping that the concept is revisited in game form some time in the future. Especially after the short is made, and maybe even after a feature film, there would be enough Alice buzz to make another. That's what I hope anyway. For now, it's probably just wishfull thinking to be honest.

    10. Thai on

      So glad to know that another game is on the way, look forward to seeing this game throughout it's development. I hope this project is blessed with no troubles and is nothing bliss to work on for your studio.

    11. Jay Shah on

      Great JOB everybody! This is fantastic. Make us all proud to be a part of this and show us ALICE in the OTHERLANDS! We all look forward to the things to come. Good luck! GO ALICE!!!!!

    12. Lucian Cruor on

      Oh, I'm all warm and fuzzy and even a little teary now. xD We really really really did it! And we got almost half of the stretch goal! And we can keep throwing money at this through the backer store, which I'm really excited about!

    13. Joshua Johnson

      I imagine with continued paypal support we should be able to hit the stretch goal soon, anyway, glad it was funded, looking forward to these. very rare to see mature animated series made by western companies these days

    14. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Bob, Not yet. I'll be importing them in tomorrow (I need help to do it) and I'll make sure there's an update at that time. - Ophelea

    15. Missing avatar

      Bob on

      Have you counted up the Paypal payments yet?