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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
3,389 backers pledged $222,377 to help bring this project to life.

Wooo! We did it!


We made it! Alice is off to Otherlands! 

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made it possible. Plenty of people said we couldn't do it... and we just showed them what passion for Alice is all about. Awesome! 

This project is going to be great. I promise I'll work my butt off to make it go above and beyond everyone's expectations. 

Lulu wants to say: 


(That's dog for "Yay! Thank you, humans!")

From Shanghai with Joy, 

-American & Lulu 

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    1. Bradley Klinger on

      I hope the original voice actors for Alice and the cheshire cat return! also can's wait!

    2. Israel Figueiredo on

      Heyyy hyeeee, conseguimos, não tem como eu estar mais feliz com isso :)

    3. Julien Deathr Romanet on

      Hell Yeah! Because we're all mad here!

    4. Jessica Donelan on

      Where do I go to buy some art add on's? Im so excited that we were all able to meet the goal and would like to purchase some art to go along with my pledge! Also how do I know what art comes with the pledge?

    5. Fovulonkiin on

      Congratulations! All backers are awesome for making this possible. ;]
      So excited for the final work! (And maybe a third 'Alice' game someday ;D)

    6. Jonas Bjørke Reinhardtsen on

      So close to the voice actors too, it kinda hurts!
      I agree with Mathhew Bowman here, you should start a new campaign to bring in 30-40 more grand so Brann and Jackson might join :D

      Either way, there's still three hours left of this one - keep at it folks!

    7. Matthew Bowman on

      Excellent, out of curiosity will you be making another kickstarter campaign to get the voice actors involved?
      P.S. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

    8. Anne K on

      What absolutely WONDERFUL news to wake up to! Great job to everyone and huge congratulations to American and Spicy Horse!

    9. Renee M. on


    10. Sarah Goffin on

      Yaaaay I am very happy and relieved. Other lands will be amazing!!

    11. Rajesh Nakrani on

      I hope this is the beginning of many more adventures with Alice. Get those rights American and run with it. I cannot wait to see what you and your creative team at Spicy Horse as well as its partners conjure up.

    12. Sergio Rodriguez-Apolinar on

      I have to admit that at some point I was scared by the possibility of not having more Alice by looking at the amount of money pledged ant time remaining. Now, I am very excited. I can't wait to see the outcome of this effort. Congratulations to the creator and to all the backers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Justin Fruhling on

      Congratulations, everyone!

      I can only hope now that at some point your Oz project will return!

    14. Chris on

      yay happy DOG! =D So glad we made it. Can't wait to see Alice in her next adventure!

    15. Adrien Siregar on

      Alright! congratulations and good luck with everything! I'm so excited, I can't wait to see Alice's adventures

    16. Missing avatar

      Karen Lee on

      Congratulations, American! I hope to get a chance to see you in Shanghai when I visit Jeremiah in September!

    17. Rebekah Silver on

      I love that picture. Lulu looks so happy!

    18. Andreas Gabler on

      Congratulation to American and his team, but also to ourserlves, the backers. However, this is not only an affirmation, it's also an assignment. I am looking forward to the anminated adventures =)

    19. Walter Sullivan on

      So glad I was able to pledge even my meager amount! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    20. Missing avatar

      Coleman Krawczyk on

      :D Now I have to figure out what artwork add on I want, it is so hard to pick from so many good ones.

    21. Chikachiyo Kunoh on

      Lulu smiling :) :) :) How cute!
      Congratulations! CLAP CLAP

    22. Missing avatar

      Karim Luccin on

      Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh :D !!!

    23. Carina Berggren on

      I am so happy we made it! :D

    24. Luke Roberts on

      @Russel (and becky),

      That's rather nice isn't it. This is in short, epic.

      just wish I had more money to add in an extra print.

    25. Jonas Bjørke Reinhardtsen on

      Wonderful! ^^
      Feels great to be a contributor to - and a small part of - this ambitious project :D

      Best of luck in the coming years!

    26. Missing avatar

      Meredith Baum on

      I am really glad we did it! :D

    27. Ben Wong on

      Thats so nice to hear!! Awesome!

    28. Otto Cate on

      Freakin awesome!

    29. Missing avatar

      Anna Luiza on

      we are awesome!! We did it! yeaaaaah

    30. Missing avatar

      Kelly Vanhoof on

      Yes I knew we would make it. Yeah !!! :)

    31. Russell Deitch on

      @Luke, here is the relevant bullet point from the TOS -

      "•Backers may increase, decrease, or cancel their pledge at any time during the fundraising campaign, except that they may not cancel or reduce their pledge if the campaign is in its final 24 hours and the cancellation or reduction would drop the campaign below its goal."

    32. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Congrats to AMG, Spicy Horse but most importantly:

      To the Alice community (us!) who showed that there is a lot of interest in continuing Alice's story.

      Am very much looking forward to the next part of her story.

    33. Nicholas Albanese on

      Well done!! So excited!!

    34. mark leeks on

      Well done everyone.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ritchie Tiongson on

      YES! I cannot wait to see what worlds she'll go to. *__*

    36. Missing avatar

      Oleg Zhavoronkov on

      Congrats for everyone \0/

    37. Jay Shah on

      This is awesome! GO ALICE OTHERLANDS! Lulu's pic sayz it ALL. OH YEAH! ;-}

    38. Chris Angelico on

      @Antonio: I don't think OZombie will be returning to KS *soon*. But all that concept art, all that storyline planning, that's not going to have been discarded. I'm sure it'll all come out again some time - maybe in a couple of years.

    39. Douglas Newton on

      I love happy endings. Although there are plenty of really great sad endings but this wasn't the time for one.

    40. Simon Friedsam on

      This was a most peculiar trip...

    41. Antonio Santana on

      All I have to I say is, congratulations to all and while we celebrate this must joyous occasion (xmas in August lol) I have one question for American: Will 'ozombie' make a return to Kickstarter soon?

    42. Luke Roberts on


      Can you link me to that clause in the kickstarter guidelines?

    43. A-Miko on

      I love those dog pictures ^^ Congratulations btw!

    44. Lucian Cruor on

      @Olivera Under the hours left count on the right hand side of the screen is a button that says "manage your pledge". Click it and scroll down on the following page and select your tier. :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Olivera Teodorovic on

      and I updated my pledge. Yay autographed DVD!