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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
3,389 backers pledged $222,377 to help bring this project to life.

Awe-inspiring Armored Alice

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

With all the cos-play love Alice has seen over the years - and the visible success of her collection of dresses in Madness Returns, I'm a bit surprised none of you bothered to ask what Alice might be wearing in Otherlands. Perhaps you were too dazzled by the fantastic minds she'll be visiting to concern yourself with... clothes. 

Fortunate for Alice, Shu Yan has been working on a spectacular set of armor for Alice's next adventures. This is the ultimate "dress upgrade" for a victorious knight in royal blue. 

PS: Don't get all distracted with Alice's fancy new outfit. Get out there and FIGHT! :) 

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    1. Jessica Fry on

      I actually do not particularly care for her armor. It's very Asian influenced and I just don't understand where that influence would have suddenly come from since she herself is very English..

    2. Aviel Solar on

      This didn't work for my tablet, but it looks great on my GS3...

    3. Israel Figueiredo on

      O que acontece se não atingirmos a meta?

    4. Daniel on

      Make the stretch goal more obvious somehow :)

    5. Jason LaGarde on

      Perhaps this would have been better Indiegogo'd. Then if the funds fell short, it might have been possible to still collect what was pledged and cobble together the rest to get the film rights.

    6. Icevalkyrie on

      As much as I do love my cosplay I didn't expect the armor look for alice but rather her classic dresses. Kinda looks like Saber from Fate star night with the armor. It's so badass!

    7. Missing avatar

      Coleman Krawczyk on

      @American What country is the artwork shipping from (aka what country does not need to include international shipping)?

    8. Lucian Cruor on

      This is so good! I can't wait for the game to come out now!

    9. Jay Shah on

      Seeing this or any other detailed armor/costumes for Alice makes being a part of this KS for Alice Otherlands all the more exciting! WOW - To see Alice in the minds of the chosen individuals exploring the vast mindscapes and fighting all the possible horrors/enemies she may encounter would be BAD ASS! Wow do I want to see ALICE rocking it out in armor/clothing like this! Awesome just AWESOME. This KS must succeed! OH YEAH! GO ALICE!!!!!

    10. Victoria Chapman on

      Ever since I saw Tim Burton's Alice in armor, I've wanted to see your Alice in something similar.

      This is five times as badass as I'd hoped. :D :D :D

    11. Missing avatar

      enthralled on

      This piece really hits the spot!

    12. Chris Angelico on

      Make (the final version of) this available as a poster or print add-on and I'll be increasing my pledge to get a copy.

    13. Israel Figueiredo on

      Eu achei muito louca essa roupa, e eu nunca perguntei, mas semprei nas roupas do conceito Otherlands, pois eu amei os estilo das roupas de A:MR com o fator delas sempre mudar de roupa eu gostei disso, espero que tenha mais de uma roupa em Othelands também como em A:MR :)

    14. Nathan Camp on

      @kelly I suspect it has to do with the deadline for the acquisition of the rights to Alice, otherwise the kickstarter may well have had a longer lifespan.

    15. Aviel Solar on

      The time for the offer on the rights is short to the point where 20 days was all that was viable.

    16. LockVII on

      the reason for the short life span was because the company selling the film rights gave spicyhorse a limited amount of time to purchase the rights. The 20 day kickstarter is just right within their deadline, and if the kickstarter was made longer, spicyhorse wouldn't get first pick on the film rights. The rights would go to the public market, and anyone could purchase them up.

    17. K. Krezdorn on

      Really amazing work! I so hope this KickStarter is funded...But I feel part of the problem my be that you created a Kickstarter with such a short life span, just 20 days. Why Mr. McGee did you choose such a short period? I can't help but think that you would have had no problem reaching 200k and on if you had at least gone with 30 days or more. Whatever the outcome your work is amazing and I will always keep an eye out for it. Best of luck!

    18. LockVII on

      Haha, i actually just assumed Alice would be in her classic blue dress from AMR, didn't even consider the fact that she could be wearing anything else.
      I'm actually not too sure where I stand on the change in Alice clothes front, whether i prefer a new set of clothes for each mind or just the classic blue...
      But anyways, it is a very pretty armor piece :)

    19. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      Alice's Otherlands armor is fantastic! Perfect for traipsing through mad minds. This would frame up really nice as a signed lithograph. *hint hint*

    20. Zodiaco on

      so whats the medium that these images will be printed on? ill gladly drop another 75 for them, and what images exactly are for sale. sorry jus confused by the situation :P

    21. Aviel Solar on

      On the background front, it seems that the pic is too low res...perhaps they will be made available in optimized form if and when this campaign makes it?

    22. acceleraptor on

      Also, this is the first kickstarter I've ever got over my inertia to pledge to, so whatever happens... totally worth it. :D

    23. acceleraptor on

      I don't know that you're even reading this, American.

      But I'll say that even if this just barely misses the goal (painful as that would be to see), you've got my, admittedly measly, pledge. Whether for this Alice project or whatever the next one might be.

      The rich, vivid color and composition of the artwork is ever impressive but even that's secondary to the allegorical tale the art seems to tell. The lush scenery, the landscapes, all the different little.. things in them, and the scale of it all, both grand and small, always suggest the greatest struggles one needs to overcome lie within us. Both exploration and mastery start and end within our own minds (and, perhaps, in those of others if this actually hits goal?). And this story comes across directly, even without words or dialogue.

      Also, I paid for both your first Alice game (PC) and the second one (PS3). (Looking over my life, I actually can't genuinely say that for many games, let alone franchises.. >_>) Fingers crossed, I'll be paying for this as well.

      P.S. With both Alice games, I was reminded that no matter how grim the situation was, even on the most obnoxious difficulty setting, perseverance ultimately won out. :) (And the thematic costuming/armor never hurt, either!)

    24. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      I have a soft spot for badass women in armor.

    25. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      This is the first piece of artwork that might tempt me to go in for a piece of Otherlands artwork...if it's available as an add-on, that is. ;)

    26. Chris on

      Lookin mighty BADASS! I second that Nexus 7 background idea =D

    27. Aviel Solar on

      This may or may not be my background on my new Nexus 7.... ;)

    28. Missing avatar

      Ritchie Tiongson on

      All the great art over the last week has convinced me to up my pledge to include the artbook. ^__^

    29. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Oh nice, proper plate that doesn’t arbitrarily show off some cleavage like the standard over sexualized bikini chainmail that a lot of other (immature) artists tend to go for.
      I like.

    30. Missing avatar

      Omar Lima on

      Anyone here can pledge another $51K? That is an awesome armor, hopefully the short with this armor will be done in CGI.

    31. Missing avatar

      Holden Hodgdon on

      Very Akaneiro!

      .... is there any plans for / has there already been (that I missed) an crossover work between Alice & Akaneiro?

    32. Kind Of Strange on

      Absolutely love this concept piece! She looks like a warrior that could actually fight in battle, and the soft butterfly effect on the banner is a great contrast. Love it!

    33. Josh Jacobs on

      I pray to God I can see this in action.

    34. D. Tyrone Barnes, II on

      MIND BLOWING. Man I hope this gets released...