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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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Blood Suckers

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Goooood Evening Insane Children! 

A one, a two, a three, a FOOOUR days remaining... and we're at 70% of our goal. We'll need to make 15kUSD a day to finish successfully, but with the 48 hour notice and "Surge of the Last Days" I think we can do it! The thing is, we really need to turn up the noise on our social, online, friends, family and blood-bank workers marketing. So spread your wings, take to the night and put your bite on anything that moves.

Speaking of things that go bite in the night... Tonight's Otherland image comes from Spicy Horse artist Shu Yan. He's given us a glimpse into the mind of Dracula creator Bram Stoker. We see this image from Mr. Stoker's perspective with Alice fighting in the background. In this way we're witnessing another's nightmare as they witness it - not just exploring the subconscious of an unaware host. I can imagine we'll see several "modes" of exploration like this - secretly exploring some minds (hoping we're not detected), witnessing as another soul confronts its darkest horror, and, as with this image, actively participating in a demon hunt with the host.

A couple bits of housekeeping: PayPal - Several of you have asked about the impact PayPal might have on overall funding. Please, rest your concerns. I can assure you the PayPal funding is NOT significant enough to impact the outcome of the campaign. It's still less than $1kUSD. If, at the end of the campaign, we're short by that amount, then I'll ask a friend or family member to donate that amount to get us over the line.

The Dénouement - This is the title Shu Yan gave the Stoker image. It will be added to the campaign as an add-on at $65 + $10 for international shipping. Yet another awesome image you can stake to the inside of your mausoleum. 

From Shanghai Where it's Bloody Hot,


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    1. Wendy Jean Barker on

      Hi. I only just heard about this today and have done my did to plug as much as I can. I sent the link to this page to every gamer I know. I hope I have helped in some small way.

    2. Israel Figueiredo on

      @Milton Leite, foi ae os erros, meu teclado esta trocando as letras hahahaha
      e verdade, não vejo a hora de ver sobre o conceito Otherlands, tanto os curtas de
      animação quanto o jogo

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Dustin Wyatt on

      We need more publicity!! I only found out about this through a friend who was watching me retro-play Alice: Madness Returns (because I missed it and there's no other game like it...yet) who told me that you and others were "thinking about making one". Then I did research and saw that there was an idea for a 3rd Alice and talk of "maybe starting a kickstarter". AND THEN, I FOUND THIS KICKSTARTER JUST NOW AND WITH ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT!! I would really hate to see this note come to fruition since this is what I (and I'm sure many many many others [certainly many more than who actually know about this at the moment]) have been waiting for a very long time. We need more publicity and dissemination! I know we can make 200,000, thats honestly got to be chump change in regards to how many fans, fan sites, blogs, FB pages, comments Ive seen on other games, forums, etc, etc, etc, there really are out there. We could easily raise waaay more than that. Problem is, I don't think the majority of us fans of American McGee and the Alice series know that this is even going on. Everyone, quick! GET THE WORD OUT!! WE NEED ALICE: OTHERLANDS! THE WORLD NEEDS ALICE: OTHERLANDS!!!!!!

    4. Anne K on

      Do you have any idea how long the artwork will be available for purchase after closing? I really really want about 4 pieces, but I can only add 1 onto my pledge (which I will be doing here in a moment, yay for payday) But I really do want to be able to get a few others after, if possible. It might just take a little while.

    5. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Everyone, It's on the front page and I'm adding it to the PayPal page where it will remain available after the KS ends. - Ophelea

    6. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Luke, it's not added to the front page yet because the task of posting updates and front page content is split between me (American) and Ophelea. Since she's in San Francisco for Casual Connect, it might be a few hours before she gets a chance to add it to the front page. It will get there soon though ;)

      @Sarah, I do believe Ophelea has said in the past that these will still be available (via the PayPal page?) after the KS campaign ends.

    7. Carson Taylor on

      I'm working the night shift to pay for my tier but IT'S WORTH IT! GO ALICE!

    8. Luke Peterson on

      That's an interesting piece! It doesn't seem to be added on the front page under the add-ons listing though yet.

    9. Milton Leite on

      concordo israel! a arte está incrível *0* espero mesmo que consigamos atingir a meta, isso não me deixa dormir

    10. Sarah Larrabee on

      This piece is amazing. Will artwork be available even after the Kickstarter finish? I've already put extra down on top of my pledge for some pieces, but other pieces I want would have to wait if possible to buy later. I've already maxed what I can afford at closing.

    11. Israel Figueiredo on

      Com as arts que eu vi do conceito Othelands, parece que Alice: Otherland vai ser incrível. tanto os filmes quanto o jogo, mas se tiver o jogo, e espero que tenha hehehe

    12. Jay Shah on

      That IS AWESOME! Wow. These just keep getting better. Seeing scenes like this in Otherlands would be spectacular and so cool. Very nice! ;-D

    13. Josh Jacobs on I don't know which painting I want more, this or Alchemy

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.