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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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They're Back...

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Attention Insane Children!

Alice (Susie Brann) and the Cheshire Cat (Roger Jackson) have a few words for you.

First up, Alice (Susie):

“I love the idea of continuing the Alice story with Otherlands; . . . It’s so exciting that you're planning a 3D movie version - that's having vision!. . .All the best with this and future expeditions. I love your idea of "finding more nightmarish creatures and kicking their butts back to hell!!" Go Spicy Horse!”

(I hope you read that in Alice's voice, I know I did).

Next up, The Cheshire Cat (Roger): “. . .love to do another project with Spicy Horse. Alice: Otherlands is a great idea. . .”

(You could have read that in the voice of The Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, Dormouse, March Hare, White Rabbit, and a half-dozen other Alice characters, as Roger voiced them all!)

I'm really excited to have both Roger and Susie on board. They brought so much passion and creativity to the previous Alice projects. Having them contribute to the Otherlands animations would be fantastic.

These two excellent voice talents won't come cheap. To add them to the animations means we also need to add a stretch goal to the campaign. That's going in at $250k. I'll admit it, hitting this target with just 6 days remaining seems like a daunting task, but we can make it work. I'm doing TONS of interviews every day, we're all tweeting, blogging, Facebook'ing and more. Let's keep it up! The effort is paying off.

Also, an update on movement with the larger film project. I'll be traveling to Beijing (again) to meet with film production and finance people. Interest in the larger film project is growing in China, Hong Kong and the US. Writers, directors, producers and finance people are all jumping on board to make this happen. Of course we can't make a film if we don't secure the rights. Let's get this thing done so Alice can make her way to the big screen!

Today's art update comes once again from Nako. This time he's used a collection of textile patterns from the legendary William Morris to create an exploration of that designer, artist, writer's mind. This new image will also be offered for sale at $65 + $10 for international shipping. I think we'll call this one "A Liberally Textured Mind" ;)

From Shanghai Where the Streets are Melting,


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    1. Kristen Ford on

      @ exo
      Any publicity is good publicity. Hating only makes us share more. And they said COD was innovated and new every year. All they did was have the same game design and put new maps and weapons and called it 10 ( yes i watch my bf play it and I even played as well). Alice:MR got a 6, i was skeptical but tried it for myself. Did you even play the game for yourself? Or did you listen to game reviews? Because you should think for yourself, if not, we'd all be thinking that the sun rotated around the earth and the earth was flat! And this is scientists and philosophers and scholars of that era who were well respected and considered geniuses! I did not think A:MR was repetitive at all. And we should break the mold on old boss battles! The fact that Spicy horse did the shrinking sense and the Alice stomping on cards scene and the running from the monster scene shows that he broke the mold to not make it repetitive or old with many boss battles!The Boss should be the Boss, not have soo many little bosses in between. The Boss is The Boss, no one else! Might as call then captain battles and between them are the soldiers to get to them and then after all captains are defeated, then is it only THE BOSS BATTLE!

    2. Ruslan Randzhabar on

      @eXoScoriae, Are you still here?

    3. Daniel on

      I dislike a lot of well rated mainstream games. Even something like Psychonauts I got bored about half way through. Yet both Alice games I played obsessively. The story, characterisation, dialogue, atmosphere, art direction, sound design... Those are each every bit as difficult to do as game mechanics, and Spicey Horse nailed them all. I enjoyed the gameplay, too. It didn't get in the way of the story, too much :)

      Everyone likes different things. Alice appeals to me. It probably doesn't appeal to the mass market of 13 year old boys who like to shoot things in the face.

      I sincerely hope this reaches its goal and look forward to some more glimpses into Alice's mad world.

    4. Antonio Santana on

      I have been on board since the Ozombie project and this is a greater news than what anyone would expect. I boosted my pledge, lets make this happen people

    5. r00k on

      That settles it.
      If the original VAs are on board, then I am too.
      I pledge for 115 + postage.
      I have never paid so much for non practical art.
      but if I don't like it, It'll be a near mint collector's item.

    6. Matotron on

      @Justin I think exo seems more Annoyed gamer.

      Also next to the post button I'm about to press it says "Be respectful and considerate" @exo is obviously typing so fast he keeps missing seeing it.

    7. Carson Taylor on

      Can we all just ignore eXo? Like he is just complaining because he has nothing better to do. And it's just wasting all of our time that we could be using to promote Alice to argue with an idiot.

    8. Jacey King on

      My god exo, nobody even wants you here anymore. Just screw over and go continue your messed-up life insulting other people. Or better yet, go make a game of your own and achieve something before you open up your big ego. How old are you for gods sake?

    9. ET3D on

      @eXoScoriae, if you think that American has great character design skills and okay storytelling skills, but he's bad at game design, well, I have the perfect project for you. It's called Alice: Otherlands, and it's about creating animated shorts. No gameplay here, just playing to American's strengths. Now go share this project with all your friends and we can make it happen.

    10. William Purdy on

      eXo "Disney never ripped off other people's art, called it inspiration". I'm sure the Grimm Brothers would disagree if they were alive - especially since most people now associate the names of the folk tales they wrote down (to preserve btw since before them the tales were oral in nature) with the "family-friendly" (read: bastardized) versions Disney made, sold, and protected. Alice's gameplay sucked but it had a great design: I'll agree it was simplified, but this isn't a game KS. Therefore, American's ability to make good gameplay isn't an issue; his ability to create a beautifully dark world (design) is -and you just pointed out he's good at that. And btw, American doesn't like putting his name on his products - he even said as much during the OZombie KS, if you'll remember. Now, please, shut up and go away.

    11. Daniel Sato on

      Just to note, since I have done research on things I already kind of knew. Walt Disney did a LOT of the things Exoscoriae accuses American McGee of. Walt Disney was an inveterate producer. Many of the most famous works of his company were things he licensed from other creators and slapped his name onto. If you look up a lot of classics from the Walt Disney era, they prominently proclaim his ownership, but they're actually creations that were licensed or in the public domain. Dumbo, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, even things like Fantasia, Snow White, or the Sword in the Stone... All of these things existed before Walt Disney made a huge production of them in order to sell them to the American public. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is our history, and it deserves to be told accurately and with respect.

    12. Justin

      Sounds like BS to me. Unless you say the same thing about 90%+ of all games on the market. In a world of cookie cutter garbage, story and a hook is EXACTLY what makes a game good. Not every game can have a new mechanic however Alice (both of them) did a pretty good job at cracking the tomb raider mold.

    13. Nathan Camp on

      eXoScoriae I am not even going to enter into most of the things you are filling these pages with, although I would rather not see the comments section of a project flooded with a lot of ire.

      What I would like to say though is in relation to this:

      "Not to mention Disney never ripped off other people's art, called it inspiration, and then lied about never intending to sell it."

      Disney have done a lot of things that were very damaging. It is more or less a company made successful by taking from the public domain, putting their (very successful and well done) spins on those public domain works, and then rallying as hard as possible to lock them all up and prevent anyone else from using them. There aren't very many original works that they produced that I can think of.

      They were instrumental in things like the Copyright Term Extension Act

      This is a nice short article which outlines how Disney would not have been able to build the empire it had today without unfettered access to public domain works and has since, done it's very best to prevent anyone else from doing so.

    14. Jason Woods on

      I'm not sure what started exo's hate march but in all fairness I would like to say part of what he says is true. Lately Americans games have only been pretty to look at. Just look at all his recent game reviews, they praise the visuals while stating the gameplay is utterly lacking. Now I'm a huge fan of Alice but in all honestly it's because of the story, the gameplay is lacking substance, there's nothing to it but simple repeated commands. Alice Madness Returns had no gameplay substance, the art and story was beautiful, but to have a great video game, you have to have an actual game. It was just flip this switch and jump. Again though I don't agree with bashing McGee, he has a great knack for story and a amazing art team, but I think a better game would be made if they teamed up with a company with a great gameplay development team. For example I think if Spicy Horse teamed with Insomniac Games, we'd have the greatest platformer ever created.

    15. Daniel Sato on

      @exoscoriae So much hate. To be honest, the strongest point of some of American's most recent projects has been in the art and design. I'm pretty sure I want to see this project of shorts pan out, especially because he's going to be more of a producer. Trust me, I come from the gaming industry. The best producers for a project like this have to be from the design or programming fields. In this case, to make a quality project, he needs to do EXACTLY what you're lambasting him for.
      I'm not saying you're wrong necessarily, but rather that everything you're saying is like some kind of crazy reverse-psychology endorsement that American can do this KS project right.
      Also, don't compare Brian Fargo to anyone. That man is almost godly, everyone looks bad by comparison.

    16. eXoScoriae on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    17. eXoScoriae on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    18. Justin

      Oh I get it!!!! Exo is Phil fish. Now it all makes sense!

      Yeah, Alice was crap. No one liked it. No one has ever heard of it. It never created a cult following. People who have never even heard of the game have never dressed as dark Alice for Halloween. Hell, the game to this day still does not go for well over MSRP on amazon.

      You are the smartest man alive Exo!

    19. eXoScoriae on


      "Eh. The problem is that American McGee’s games are incredibly average and that he’s looking for just about any scapegoat to handle that burden for him. If a game is good, it’s going to sell well regardless of marketing. Though good marketing can admittedly make bad games sell far, far too well."

    20. eXoScoriae on


      "EA realized his game was dull and tried to save it. thats the real story. theres a reason EA booted his ass out the door. he cant deliver the goods and they tried their best to make their money back and they did just that. He is more in love with his name brand than he is making deep games."

    21. eXoScoriae on

      I present to you comments from others who were on American's AMA:

      "MCgee should check himself for making a dull boring game with zero bosses that were cut out for time restraints. what you got was a boring platformer that was unfinished and had zero depth. McGee sucks as a developer, he is more interested in selling his name than he is actually making GOOD games. his games are always underwhelming but he makes sure you know your playing AMERICAN MCGEE. like hes a god or something. he sucks hes lucky EA even gave him a chance. hes not that good people"

    22. eXoScoriae on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    23. LockVII on

      That is great news! I hope we can reach the stretch goal! Definetely adding in the new print :) I'm already on the $115 tier, and would up it if possible, but unfortunately the $500 doesn't appeal to me at all and it's also a hefty jump to make >.<
      Sincerely hope we'll be able to make the stretch goal thou! :)

    24. Kristen Ford on

      Hope we make it! Also, as a personal thing, I don't think American should advertise Grimm and Akenero so much on his fb page. I know there are works of yours too but if you are trying to get Alice started but posting other hits and links of old game etc, it takes away from people looking only at Alice and making this successful. You really should have your priorities straighten until this succeds, then I would advertise other works. No offense. Just concerned that this is making us not reach the goal, advertisement wise. It's the same with Ozombie, advertising either Alice or Ozombie and everyone wanted Alice, that they wouldn't pledge for Ozombie when I am sure they would if Alice trilogy game was already made and over. They would help Ozombie I'm sure if they didn't have any more Alice to go back to when they are craving for more Alice games. Therefore, Ozombie would have made it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Henning Kristjansson Nilsen on

      Looks like Alice isn't the only one who is mad. As much as I would love it, there's no way that stretch goal is reached.
      We're lucky if we even reach the initial goal.

    26. Kyle Schroeder on

      With this incentive, it wasn't a hard decision to increase my pledge considerably. You ought to as well, if you haven't already.

    27. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      The madness never ends... must have. Pledging up yet again. From the West Coast of the U.S., where my wallet is melting.

    28. Jessica Fry on

      Wow. I love this piece of art.

    29. Chris Angelico on

      Yes! The same Alice voice actor, please please! She defines the sound of Alice, for me.