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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
3,389 backers pledged $222,377 to help bring this project to life.

The Eye of the Storm

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

I'd planned on posting a Backer FAQ today but it seems as if the initial deluge of questions have subsided. This is wonderful, or not. I can't decide. 

We've hit that inevitable part of every Kickstarter - the dreaded middle - where new backers and pledges start to slow a little. This is not to say we're not on goal, we are, but this is where you come in. It's time to start working Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, your friends, family, pets, sky-writing, ... paint yourself and run naked through the streets just get the attention of everyone so that we can do this!

Remember, the more money we raise, the more shorts we can produce.

Now, I have something rather unexpected. A new amazing piece of art. Both American and myself were in awe when this arrived in our inbox last night. It's just... well, look down.

The image is of Hilda Hewlett, an amazing pilot, instructor and entrepreneur.  From Wikipedia:

Hilda Beatrice Hewlett was the first British aviatrix to earn a pilot's licence. She was also a successful early aviation entrepreneur. She created and ran the first flying school in the United Kingdom. She also created and managed a successful aircraft manufacturing business which produced more than 800 aeroplanes and employed up to 700 people.

As is the case with our other canvas posters, this will be $65 + $10 intl shipping. You can see a full-sized image here.

Below that is a concept of the art book everyone is keen on. I know I want one.

And finally, a thumbnail I expect you all to adopt to show you're a backer! (Use it everywhere!)

Going crazy at the keys,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Omar Lima on

      I can't wait for this art book.

    2. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      Interesting but how many pages there are?.....anyway if you can get can get Hayao Miyazaki in, I will increase my pledge! If you can tie some his themes of anti greed or environment....
      Anyway it would be nice to have anime shorts in this, would love to have someone who can do that.....

    3. Sara on

      I've been sold on this project since day one, but wow. Seeing it come together and the amazing art you are bringing out so quickly just is incredible. I am hoping this gets funded. I am in love with the Alice games and just thinking of all the possibilities you and your team could do with short films and even a movie... it's endless! I think the only thing to make this even more awesome would be if you could somehow get Hayao Miyazaki on board. Then you'd have a huge following instantly and the films would likely be a giant success! Regardless, I will be supporting you guys 100% of the way!

    4. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      It all looks awesome keep it going we want this!!!

      Oh and MORE ART :D keep it coming.

    5. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Pineapple, adding it to the FAQ

    6. Luke Peterson on

      @American McGee - Oh managed by EA? Bummer. I found another dedicated to the first game which has about 25,000 likes and they haven't mentioned this yet either. Hopefully the page admins there become aware of this soon so they can help spread the word.

    7. Pineapple Steak on

      @Chris Thanks for doing the digging for the information I couldn't find, although I still maintain that information like that shouldn't have to be dug to be found.

    8. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Luke, there is, but we don't own it. It's managed by EA.

    9. Luke Peterson on

      There is an official Alice Madness Returns page on Facebook that has a mass of people on it. I know we can post on it, but do any of you at Spicyhorse have the power to post through that? It would help get the world out to others.

      Also good to see you're adding more art to purchase! Really hoping this kickstarter works. There are many Alice fans, but need to get through to them. Hopefully you can get the cd soundtrack organised too.

    10. Diana Grigore on

      That new piece of art is beyond amazing! I'm already drooling all over the prints/lithographs and the art book. I agree with @Edward, maybe it wouldn't hurt to send an email through Kickstarter to remind everybody to spread the word :)

    11. Edward Blodgett on

      Or maybe you did, but since I since I already shared I didn't get an email....

    12. Edward Blodgett on

      I just funded another project but didn't, tweet it, which is also linked to my Facebook. So when i got an email(through KS) asking me to do that... I was like what the heck and did it.

      So, maybe send an email through KS requesting some help and share. Just a thought.

    13. Antonio Santana on

      @American, my curiosity is: Where are all the fans? I have been posting all through my fb and my friends, funny thing lots of them are fans but only myself and 2 others have backed this Kickstarter. I helped a little more by increasing my amount. Well continue to share ALL the information here.

    14. Chris Rees

      I found it in an old comment, but I don't see it anywhere else
      "we need 100k to secure a 12 month license to and exploit the animation rights. If we raise 200k, then 100k goes towards the first step of securing the rights in full. We'll spend what's left over on creating animations. Depending on how much more we raise, we purchase/unlock additional elements in the rights (and more time) - and we'll make more animations. In order to purchase outright, for all time, the film rights - we need 500k. I don't expect all of that to come from Kickstarter though. Also, keep in mind that Spicy Horse doesn't take a profit from any of this. Money comes in, part goes out to pay for the rights, other part goes out to fund animation production (with an external team). In this since, we're being pure producers, but not taking a fee of any sort."

    15. Pineapple Steak on

      Actually, I don't 'remember' that about higher pledge total equals more shorts; I did 'assume' that though. I checked the main page and updates for that information and I didn't see it (although if it was already stated, I apologize).

      If that is one of your selling points for higher pledges, you may want to consider putting that on the main page. Heck, it might even be a good way to get past the Mid-KS Funk you were talking about. "$200K, we're successfully funded. $200K+X and you get Y shorts. $200K+2X and you get Y+1 shorts. $200K+3X and you get Y+2 more shorts." Et cetera, et cetera up until "$MassiveK and WE HAVE FULL RIGHTS AGAIN! YAY!"

      Yes, I know the dangers of promising too much and having backer-backlash or impatient pledgers. However, I'm confident you have a solid grasp on what you can and cannot do with whatever funding you need. Also, when it comes to KS, I generally stay in the Tabletop Gaming and not the Video Game or Film categories, so my experience here is lacking, but I've always found that reasonable SGs are great ways to keep the backers and pledgers coming in.

    16. Justin on

      The book looks wicked awesome!!!

    17. Chris Rees

      My only recommendation might be to put "Alice" on the backer icon so that it's more obvious what it is to other people. The art and book look awesome. I really wish I had the funds to snag all of the canvas prints