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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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Backer FAQ #2

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Today is Saturday in Shanghai and with that American is going to take a day off from writing. Expect him back in a day or two with more information about story, sound, and art. The interesting stuff. 

I've got a few FAQs for you. Many come from your e-mails or were asked repeatedly on last night's AMA. It's an interesting read, you should check it out. I'll do a little housekeeping at the end and then, a new poster up for sale!

Today's poster is the cover image for the video/box set/art book. It's entitled, The Others. This was the first piece of concept art I received when started discussing Otherlands, and it really set the tone for everything that came after it. Again, it will be printed on canvas, measure in some number of feet, and run $65 with $10 intl. shipping.

Since Otherlands is the last chapter of the Alice trilogy, does this mean no future Alice games?

The animations will not "finish" the trilogy. They would simply provide a peek into the minds that Alice would visit in the game. Keep in mind that the animations won't have an over arching story or interactive element to them. They will be vacations of the mind - beautiful, sometimes dark journeys through the subconscious – but without a larger resolution.

If Alice is traveling to another person's mind in Otherlands, does that mean we won't get to see the characters in her Wonderland anymore?

Good question, but don't worry... We'll still have a chance to travel in Alice's Wonderland and to see all her "friends" - both in Wonderland and in Otherlands. My hope is that characters like the Cheshire Cat will join Alice in these new adventures. Some of them may join the adventure to help or support Alice - while some may present themselves as demons that continue to obstruct Alice's goals and haunt her.

Can we get the art book autographed, please?

We've discussed this and regardless of where the art books are printed they will be autographed by American McGee. Now, go purchase an art book!

What kind of paper will you be using for the storyboards?

The storyboards will be printed on archival paper. They will last for 100s of years if taken care of properly.

What formats will digital the film shorts be available in?

We will output to the major file types - and custom ones if enough people ask for them. Yes, you will be able to play those files on your iPod or iPad. For that the files only need to be output in .mov format. Very easy to do for us.

Do I need to pay multiple shipping fees? Even for the same kind of item?

Unfortunately, yes. Different items will be made at different times, in different locations so we have no chance to bundle.

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    1. Justin on

      Awesome news about signing the book. My pledge will stay right where it is now.

      I thank you in advance American! The pain you're going to go through is greatly appreciated! ;p

    2. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Chris, I don't live in Shanghai. I'm the US division of Spicy Horse. There are two of us :) - Ophelea

      @Daniel, Awesome.

      @Vicki, You're welcome!

    3. Chris J Capel on

      Some very nice news there, excited for these!

      "Today is Saturday in Shanghai..."

      Eh? I suppose that's true, but it's also very early in the morning, aren't you in bed?

    4. Daniel on

      Godammit, now I have to up my pledge for another poster :S

    5. LockVII on

      I'm happy to hear that the artbook will be signed as well :) Thanks American McGee!

    6. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Aria, 1080p is I believe, the highest quality we decided upon.

    7. Missing avatar

      Aria on

      Hello, so since you will be doing various file types for the digital film downloads, what will the highest resolution be? DVD or HD quality?