Alice: Otherlands

by American McGee

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    1. Alex Valero "Danda" on

      What? I would only get half the storyboards?

    2. Wilson Bilkovich on

      How do the Series 2 storyboards differ? As in, how would getting a 1 and a 2 differ from pledging for two KS profiles worth of series 1? Does everyone pledging get an identical storyboard?

    3. Antonio Garcia

      @Wilson: The Series 2 Storyboard is a different storyboard from the series 1. So it's two different images. On Kickstarter you can get Series 1.

      Want Series 2? Use Paypal. Want both? $500 pledge on KS, $500 pledge on Paypal.

    4. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Aren't you worried that by opening up PayPal to backers now it will hurt the Kickstarter campaign?

    5. Justin on

      You opened Paypal at only 37% funded? That wasn't a wise move. You should shut it down immediately and not open it up again until you are either very close to funding with plenty of time left or completely funded.

      You'll be kicking yourself in the ass if you just barely miss the mark yet, have a bunch of paypal submissions.

    6. Milton Leite on

      I think that is not a good idea now :T

    7. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Everyone, from past experience we've learned that PayPal doesn't affect the KS as much as you'd think. It's more important that we give people who want to pay now a place to pay than wait until they no longer have the money (or interest) to pay at all.

    8. Justin on

      Worse case scenario I guess you could always take that money as cash, create a fake KS account then pledge that amount yourself.

      btw, I contacted KS about the crap they gave you regarding starting more than project and gave them links to people who (at this very point in time) have more than one project on kickstarter. Their reply was that they were never contacted by you to create more than one project.....I smell a bunch of BS in KS' general direction.

    9. Antonio Garcia

      @everyone: Don't worry about it. What Paypal will do for THIS campaign is allow backers without a Credit Card to support the project. You'd be surprised at the number of international backers that can use Kickstarter and WANT this to be funded.

      We're on track to get to $200,000 here, and every extra funds from Paypal will greatly help the final product.

    10. Russell Deitch on

      @Serena, we share several projects where Paypal and KS ran in parallel. Why are you concerned about this one in particular?

    11. D# on

      Is there any way to guarantee/reserve one of the art prints as an extra, or will there be enough produced (when successful) that you won't have to worry about getting your hands on one?

    12. Antonio Garcia

      @D#: Manage your pledge and add the amount for the print so that the new total is your current tier+ cost of the print, and you'll get a survey after the campaign is over asking you which print you wanted. They will probably be made to order once backers have replied to the survey, so you better add the cost now!

    13. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @D#, We won't print them until we have a count after the Kickstarter. You'll have one.

      @Everyone, PayPal will not STOP us from succeeding it will ENSURE we succeed.

    14. D# on

      @American, Thanks, great to hear, my wife basically said she'd go Alice on people if she couldn't get her hands on a print of the the Van Gogh when I showed her the video 2 days ago... she's a huge fan of the games, so it works out well.
      @Antonio - The issue wasn't how to pledge, I had already taken care of that, it was trying to make sure I'd get my hands on a specific one so my wife would be happy(/wouldn't go crazy) ;)