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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
3,389 backers pledged $222,377 to help bring this project to life.

Backer FAQ

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Good morning, everyone!

I'm receiving a lot of similar questions. And well, I'm "technically" on vacation so I wanted to leave you for the next few hours with the answers to your most common queries. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the confusion with the campaign (I'll make sure to update the Q&A before I run off).

Blu-ray – Ok, you’ve convinced us you want Blu-ray. But rather than muddy the process with three more tiers we’re just going to leave things as they are and at the end of the Kickstarter the survey will ask whether you want a standard DVD or a Blu-ray. Does that work for you?

Where's the Merchandise? – Due to the short nature of this campaign and legal issues, we’re limited in what physical merchandise we can produce. That being said, we’re discussing it internally and believe we’ll have a poster or two for add-on later this week. But there will be no figurines, no t-shirts, none of the cool stuff we’d like to provide. Give us a few days.

The Art Book – Other than the fact that it is hard cover and most likely to be produced by Dark Horse there is not much we can tell you. We don’t have the art produced yet to tell you how many pages or show you a preview.

MOAR Autographed Merchandise – If we produce the posters, then I’ll make sure American autographs them. There’s nothing like working for a man with a cramped hand. It makes for a wonderful work environment!

PayPal? - A PayPal store will be available for those who need it within a few days. It will include all of the items for sale on the Kickstarter, including add-ons.

Region Lock – No, there will be no region lock on the download, DVD or Blu-ray. And there was dancing in the streets!

Subtitles – Yes, subtitle files will be included if needed.

What’s up with a 3rd Game? – Look for an update on that tonight.

Below you'll see concept art on the DVD/Blu-ray box. It's looking mighty purdy!

- Ophelea

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    1. Kristen Ford on

      NO I don't think that 3k backers or so would eat up memory for credits. Someone else brought this point up before me, somewhere. But it could eat up story time or money. However, personally I wouldn't want to sit through the entire credits just to see my name. Also, I don't want 10-20 minutes of credits either or fast rolling credits where I can't see my name. Would be nice just to know at what point in the credit I was at. Are they doing the credits alphabetically or who backed first?

    2. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      Really hope you add English subtitles! since I'm deaf :)

    3. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Matt, Cameron and others on the Blu Ray topic. Guys, it's going to be OK. Our research into getting Blu Rays made here in China seems to suggest the cost isn't going to be much higher than standard DVDs. We're doing some test runs to make sure the quality is where we want it, but I think we're going to be OK on this one. Fear not!

    4. Matt Combes on

      @Cameron - The suggestion to add-on Blu-Ray at an additional cost is in the best interest of the project, as opposed to our own selfish motives. Unless American has some kind of "in" with a disc manufacturer that can provide Blu-Rays at DVD prices, that means more money away from the film rights purchase and more towards reward production.

    5. Cameron (BLINK) on

      ET@ET3D, they're giving us the option to upgrade to a Blu-ray for FREE!!! Why ask for it to be an add-on for $8? Do you not like free things? :P

      Jokes aside though, I've had many Kickstarters where I had to pay up to $20 to go from DVD to BDD, when I saw American say he was doing it for free, I was ecstatic. Nothing worse than paying $20 for a movie and then having to pay another $20 to have it on what I believe should be the standard now anyway. DVD had a good run, but it's time to move forward ;)

    6. ET3D on

      I pledged for another project which offered blu-ray as an $8 add-on, and I think that's a good way to do it. Add-ons are pretty normal, there's no need to create special tiers for this.

    7. Missing avatar

      Randy Kowalewski on

      Will the digital copy be upscaled to the same quality of the bluray?

    8. Luke Peterson on

      Just came on board with this announcement at the 115 tier, and interested in the blu-ray option. Looking forward to hearing what other possible add-ons or anything you are able to add with regards to Alice soon.

    9. Antonio Garcia

      The $115 tier with signed Bluray will be great.

    10. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Kristen - It depends upon where they are printed. If they are printed in the US, then having them autographed in China becomes difficult. Therefore committing to autographing them now is difficult.

      @Stefan - Those who purchase a physical copy will also get a digital copy.

      @Russell/Matt - We're not going to add the additional tiers. It's all good.

    11. Martin Debes on

      @Brian - Actually, on clock faces it is not uncommon to see IIII to avoid confusion between IV and VI at a glance.

    12. Justin

      @Brian - Good eye! I totally missed that.

    13. Brian Hager on

      Awesome box art. But isn't the roman numeral for 4 IV not IIII? Small detail anyways..

    14. Russell Deitch on

      Ophelea said "the survey will ask whether you want a standard DVD or a Blu-ray. Does that work for you?"

      No. I'm with Matt on this one. Blu-ray is more expensive to produce than DVD. Three extra tiers wouldn't hurt in this instance as there is a clearly defined reason for them.

    15. Milton Leite on

      I have a question! if I get the autographed DVD, I will have DVD quality or high definition as a file? or do I have to also buy the digital version? :T

    16. Graham McCann on

      I would definitely want the Blu Ray version; hands down.

    17. Antonio Garcia

      @Matt: While the descriptions of the tier can't be changed, they can always update the main page with the information at the top.

      Also, we as backers can and WILL inform other backers of the information available in the FAQs.

    18. Stefan Ernst on

      Will the DVD/BluRayers get the digital copy automatically or do they have to pay $25 extra?

    19. Matt Combes on

      That being said, I think you'll more than likely meet your goal, so do as you please. I just want to ensure you get the most you can out of all this. :)

    20. Matt Combes on

      Here's the problem with not adding Blu-Ray pledge tiers (just my humble opinion) ... you're going to have people who may want one that may not have the time or knowledge to go wading through updates/comments/etc to find out that you're going to give the option to DVD pledgers. In some cases, it might even prevent someone from backing if that info's not up front and easy to see and determine.

      Secondly, from what I understand, it costs more to produce Blu-Ray than DVD, so giving the hard copy tiers the option rather than setting aside a Blu-Ray pledge tier at a slightly higher cost means you'll you'll be eating more of that pledged money in producing them. And of course you want as much of that money as possible to go towards the film rights. You could require DVD pledgers to add on money for Blu-Ray, but that just another hassle to mess with once the project closes and doesn't deal with the first issue I raised.

      I think pledge tiers for Blu-Ray at $5 more than the DVD tiers would make the most sense. The vast majority of pledgers are going to be at $25 (digital) anyways; those that want hard copies, and especially Blu-Ray, aren't going to get so confused in looking at the pledge tiers that they decide not to back.

    21. Antonio Garcia

      @Kristen: You really think that adding the name of 2,000-3,000 backers is going to eat memory on a DVD/Bluray?

    22. Kristen Ford on

      @American again (sorry wont let me edit)
      There is already almost 800 backers. How are you going to get so many names in the credits? Isn't it just going to make the animation have a lot more credit time and take up DVD space and potential for more animation/memory space?

    23. Kristen Ford on

      Did not answer the question "if we can get autographed art books or if this is possible?" This seems to be in higher demand than an autographed DVD!

    24. Sarah Larrabee on

      The box cover/DVD design looks beautiful. I have no doubt the art book for Otherworld will be as fantastic or possibly better than Madness Returns' art book. :D

    25. Matthew Zozom on

      Awesome. Very, very happy with the blu-ray solution.

    26. Otto Cate on

      Freakin beautiful - you guys rock, as always!

    27. Justin

      That cover looks wicked!!!

      Good call on BD!

    28. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Roland, We use BackerKit so you can add-on as much as you want at the end of the KS. Add 10 tiers for your 10 closest friends!

    29. Ryan Adams on

      The Blu-ray DVD option you've provided sounds like a perfect solution.

      Also, Dark Horse did a great job with the last art book you guys put out. And man, that cover art/dvd label has sold me (if I weren't allready).

    30. Pamela Elena Gardea on

      I love the concept art American, can't wait to see the final results!

    31. Roland Powell on

      Hi hoping it will be possible to upgrade/add-on for a while after the kickstarter campaign (via PayPal) and you could produce a blu-ray/dvd combo pack instead if the cost of dual format was not significantly more... either way... fingers crossed you use the same DVD format case for the blu-ray... standard blu-ray boxes are just too small :-)

    32. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Amy, It means we are still in the same negotiations today that we were last month and that American will speak to it in detail later tonight.

    33. Kasy Powell on

      Thanks for the update and safe journeys!

    34. Amy on

      Does that mean there WILL BE A THIRD GAME?!