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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
3,389 backers pledged $222,377 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Jeff, we're still waiting. Since I am waiting on someone else to provide this update, all I can do is ask that everyone please be patient. As soon as there's news, I will post it. Thanks.

    2. Jeff George

      Any word on fixing the full versions or new links?

    3. Jeff George

      Is anyone else having issues reading the full uncompressed versions, I get error: Central Directory Not Found?

    4. Denver Cockell on

      Thanks for the reply @American McGee looking forward to finally downloading these.

    5. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @all who are having trouble with the links provided and with Mega - we are aware. New links will be posted soon.

    6. Denver Cockell on

      I agree, could you please upload to another site as i have had nothing but problems with Mega whilst trying to download these, even installed their MEGASync software and still no luck!

    7. Michael Hartmann

      Please put the files on Dropbox or pretty much anything that isn't Mega. Mega is a mega pain in the ass. It doesn't work with Safari, doesn't work with Firefox without installing extra software and then it doesn't download reliably. I'd really like to get my rewards and it's obviously not going to happen with Mega.

    8. Brett James on

      Not sure what to think so far.... the Leviathon has stilted animation, with movement restricted to the barest critical to get the point of the action on the screen across. It feels like it takes the depth of the shorts away.

      In that respect, I liked the other one more, but it seemed superficial in content. "Go get your necklace back, so i can still it noes!"

    9. Cree Zadra on

      I can't believe how much artwork you're providing access to - that is so flipping cool - thank you!

    10. ANIMAfelis on

      @American McGee
      Thank you for sharing these with us, American! I noticed that some people had problems unzipping their dowloaded files, which got fixed, but it seems that the Cover Art zip file still has problems and I can't unzip it properly. Any chance of re-uploading anew zip-file on your side?

      Thanks again and keep up the awesome work!

    11. JagGentlemann on

      #Chris And... what are we supposed to do with that?

    12. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Neil, As is mentioned in previous comments to this post, we're aware of the issues and working on a solution. My hands are a bit tied, being in China, and behind the Great Firewall. Please take a look at Chris Angelico's comment - as he's offered a tool which may help you overcome the issues with the current files.

      As soon as new files/links are available, I will post an update.

    13. Neil on

      I am also having issues with the 16bit movies. Are they going to be reposted?

    14. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Derek, Mega was chosen not to annoy you, but because the Mega client is one of the few web storage tools I can use with any reliability here in China. All other services fail in various ways, whether used through various VPN connections, at home, the office, etc. I'm sorry to see some people have had issues with Mega. If you'd like, you are completely free to create mirrors across other services you think would work better. In the meantime, I hope you'll join me in shaking a collective fist at The Great Firewall of China.

    15. George Sedov on

      Just finished watching the shorts. Didn't look at artwork yet, but I'm sure it's fine. The shorts on the other hand...

      The Leviathan was good. It was deep, and had an interesting conflict. Like Ray Bradbury once said: "I don't try to describe the future, I try to prevent it". I don't know was it intentional or not, but this phrase could easily be this short's tagline. And what's more important, I saw the connection with Alice's story: after defeating her daemons, she help others to do the same. I have only one little complain about it: why does Jules Verne speak with french accent? It's a cheap move. We know he's french, don't rub it in our face. Or just make him speak normal french. I mean, it's inside his head, they can speak different languages and still understand each other.

      The other short, "night at the opera"... Well... Let's just say I liked it less then the first. Maybe I missed something, but I just don't get it. From the very start: whose head we're in in the first place? We start in the real world, based on Alice's narration, so I guess it's hers. Then, there's suddenly Wagner, who seems to be more in control of the situation than Alice is, and we see a loose reenactment of the nibelung saga. Alice plays the role of Siegfried, who knows no fear, which could be an interesting insight - that Alice indeed conquered her fears - if not for one little thing: we saw her fear, like, 20 seconds ago, when the valkyries took her to valhalla. She is not comfortable in this realm, she does not adapt (that little thing with her clothes in the leviathan was brilliant BTW), and most importantly, what has Wagner as a character to do with all this? Well, at least he didn't speak english with a german accent, I'll give him that :)

    16. Derek Guder

      First of all, congrats on getting it out and thanks for the project. Don't want my grumpiness below to cloud this milestone for you.

      But this is another complaint about Mega. Looks like there is a cap on file size that can be downloaded through the browser? I got an error about hitting the HTML5 local storage limit - there isn't any other distribution method available that would just download a proper file directly? Installing the local Mega client isn't a real solution for distribution for a single project like this.

      I eventually realized that the "Youtube/streaming" links weren't actually streaming, but were for the perfectly fine compressed video and grabbed those instead.

      For future products, I strongly suggest a smoother distribution method and better labeling on the links.

    17. Chris Angelico on

      The files are actually not corrupted. I wrote a script to extract the files more manually, and it worked.

      So the files aren't actually corrupted as such, and something like 7-Zip may well be able to cope with them.

    18. Missing avatar

      Gregory Paraubek on

      Just finished watching both shorts and (digitally) flipping through the art book, and I am quite happy with the final product. Both "Leviathan" and "A Night at the Opera" were charming and distinct and my only complaint (such as it is) is that I wish there was *more*. Hopefully, we will get the chance to see more shorts in more minds in an ever greater variety of styles...and even if not, my thanks to everyone who worked so hard to deliver what we've received so far. Thank you all so much!

    19. F.Manuel on

      Any updates about the movie files? I downloaded 24Gb and the zip file cannot be unzipped -.-

    20. ET3D on

      Thanks for releasing all this for free, American.

    21. Missing avatar

      Holden Hodgdon on

      Thank you. This marks the (counts on fingers) third Kickstarter I have backed that actually delivered its product. (but the second one was for MassivelyOP's reboot after AOL dumped them, so that doesn't really count).

    22. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @All who are encountering issues with corrupt files: We'll re-upload new files within the next 24~48 hours. Apologies for the inconvenience.

      @Yannick, I will ask Walter and Troy for uncompressed audio files and post soon.

      @Conrad, I believe there's a great movie waiting to be made from the Alice property, so I continue working towards trying to make it happen. Unfortunately, I cannot comment further without risk of making the process even slower and more difficult. It is my hope that the full story can one day be told. The sooner, the better.

    23. Masato Ishimaru on

      I thought it was kinda weird that all the digital stuff is just being given away, but it kinda makes sense when it's so easy to put all this stuff in a torrent and have it passed around anyway. A sad state of affairs, really. I'd imagine the digital backers are a bit peeved by the news.

    24. Missing avatar

      Sojourn on

      Corrupted here, too.

    25. Roy Romasanta

      Some of the .jpg files need passwords.

    26. Konrad Ziarek on

      My files are also corrupted so I guess I need to wait for a fix.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chun Fai Pang on

      @Cley Faye , OK, i pre-empted which was bad of me as my windows didn't let me in the zip and 7zip did, only just tried to extract it and obviously failed on both 16bit zip files. I tried using a zip repair tool, fails on Leviathian even though it tries to repair it and on the other one it prompts for a password but I assume after that it would have failed as well :(

    28. Missing avatar

      Cley Faye on

      @Stanley Pang

      As much as I'd like it to happen, 7zip is not gonna magically fix a broken file :(

      It fail in 7zip, winrar, and cli unzip tool (which I can't screenshot):

    29. RossKWolfe on

      Same here. I just tried unzipping them and it just isn't working.

    30. Missing avatar

      Cley Faye on

      Can confirm this, both archive and are corrupted; tried both the direct download and using the mega software.

    31. Ada Ballard on

      I mean uncompressed shorts.

    32. Ada Ballard on

      I can't extract full-res files from archives too! Downloaded them twice, tried to open with different software - no results.

      Can you upload them without archiving?

    33. Yannick D. on

      Hi American,

      Thanks for the release, today is a great day for Alice's fans.

      I just want to ask you if it's possible to release music files in uncompressed or FLAC version like video files ?
      The music is gorgeous and it deserves.

    34. legoman on

      2 full-res zip files cannot be extracted on mp PC(Windows 8.1)~!
      Fix needed~!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Coleman Krawczyk on

      When I try to extract the full-res zip files I get a message saying they are "invalid."

    36. JagGentlemann on

      I downloaded the files with no problems, but the zip tell me that the files are damageg so I can't extract them.

    37. Konrad Ziarek on

      Hi American, you've said in this post that some of our financial contributions went to option the film license. I'm positively surprised that you are still thinking of making Alice: The Movie even after all those years. If you are allowed to share with this information, could you tell if Scott Faye is still on the team of future Alice movie project? Also does anything from earlier speculations about the movie is still considered?

    38. Fabian on

      Hi American,

      As a long time Alice fan I have to say i am very pleased with how both short animations have turned out. Fantastic work and bravo to you and your team!
      I see this as another step towards getting a feature film made and another game! (fingers crossed)

    39. Missing avatar

      Chun Fai Pang on

      Thank you very much, had a little issue downloading but i downloaded the mega windows installer and it worked fine. Perfect day to watch this later on

    40. Donovan Bell on

      Using Mega seems to be working just fine for me through the browser etc. I'm downloading two files one in each tab and it's going smoothly. Just thought I'd mention it.

      Can't wait for my physical DVD to arrive now :)

    41. Chris Angelico on

      Like several others, I'm displeased with Mega. Tip: Do NOT download two files at once, and don't bother trying for anything >10GB in your browser. It seems to work fine for the smaller files though.

    42. Jay Shah on

      Thank you for releasing the digital assets for Alice: Otherlands. It may take me all day to download it all & enjoy it, but I still will be excited to see the physical rewards when they are shipped. Thanks for this & all the updates leading to this day. Fantastic! Go Alice!

    43. Adam Mohammed

      Thanks for this, will there be physical copies printed outside of the kicstarter? I don't mind picking up a bluray copy.

    44. Daniel Sato on

      American, if you do something like this again, you might want to check about the Dropbox-Vimeo link. It might be a lot easier.

    45. Jason Archer on

      impressive, thank you!

    46. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Daniel, glad you were able to get it working. Trust me, I sympathize. It's taken hours for me to get the videos uploaded to Vimeo, with multiple failures along the way. Grrr. Anyway, they are up there now! :)

    47. Daniel Orsary on

      I am sure this is just a product of my terrible week and frustration.

      So I finally got the Mega Sync client to work. had to reinstall complete the sign in process and then restart the mac a few times. Who knows what I did to make it unhappy but I am sure it was stupid user error. I think I still hate this program but that I am sure is also born of my lack of patience right now. So I am glad i could just complain here :)

      So I have the Art asset package. Thanks for the patience Amercian!