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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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Arrival of Physical Rewards

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Insane Children, 

Another month, another sign of progress! Again, Thank You, for your patience while we march slowly towards the delivery of physical rewards and launch of the digital assets. Holidays, production delays, manufacturing missteps, and other gremlins have thwarted us at almost every turn, but today I give you... Boxes of books, DVDs and Blu-Rays. Yay!

The Goods!
The Goods!

Starting this afternoon, I'll begin the process is signing all of this stuff... a chore my wrist and fingers are dreading! Based on past experience, this task will need to be divided into several sessions over the coming days. But that's OK, since the factory's decided to deliver the books and discs in batches. We've been told to expect final delivery by early of next week. 

Since we're going to start shipping physical goods (can you believe it!?) in a matter of days, please take a moment to confirm your correct mailing address is on file with BackerKit:

Around 48 hours from this update I will Finalize Addresses - which means your shipping address will be LOCKED and can no longer be updated. Everyone should receive a 48 hour email notification from BackerKit at or around the same time as this update is posted on Kickstarter. 

With addresses finalized and batches of books/discs signed, we'll start shipping. Woo!

And, once we start shipping, I'll push the digital content to various locations online. We'll release PDF content of the "Art of" book, DVD/BluRay boxes, ISOs of the discs, and various digital formats of the animations. 

Thank you, for your support and patience. It's been an interesting ride for everyone involved. And it'll be great to see Otherlands finally unleashed upon the world! 

From Shanghai, 


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    1. Cygnata on

      It's been a year... my digital stuff never did arrive...

    2. Andrew Steel on

      Can't wait to have this!!

    3. Donovan Bell on

      The day we've all been waiting for has arrived!! XD Exciting times ahead!

    4. Jawnuhthun on

      Can't wait to finally add this to my collection!

    5. Anne K on

      So excited!!! I'm totally in love with the art that I got, I'm saving up to get it all framed. I'm SO looking forward to the book and the DVD!!

    6. Ins0mnia on

      At long last!!!

    7. Kaze Trinidad on

      I cannot wait! Thank you for the constant updates on progress and showing us what all you are up to! It is wonderful to watch the process! Congratulations American!

    8. Lucian Cruor on

      I can't believe the time of releases is finally coming! I'm not quite as excited as I expect to be yet, but I imagine that by the time the next update rolls around I'll be over the moon. I'm also super hopeful that some regular, unsigned DVDs (and BluRays, I suppose) find their way into being available for purchase, perhaps in the Mysterious store? I know that I couldn't afford a hard copy during the campaign, but that I'd really love to have one eventually, as would, I'm sure, many fans.

    9. Adrian Tai on

      disclaimer: i have not been reading ALl the updates.

      anyway, i recall that at one time, we were asked whether contents would be made public and where they will be shared, if made public. i'm one of those who don't mind the contents (like the video) made public on places like YouTube, etc...

      anyway, can't wait for my book! any chance there's be some extra surprised/ goodies tucked between those pages or in the box? <-- asking is after all, FREE... :)