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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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Mid-Production Update

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Insane Children, 

Another minor update from the middle of physical reward production. Since the last update we experienced a couple of delays related to getting the book cover perfect - and switching over to a proper Blu-Ray box (which ultimately required a change of artwork). 

As a result of these changes, we're still looking at a few more weeks before delivery of the finished DVDs, Blu-Rays, and books to our studio in Shanghai. Also worth noting that we're heading towards the Golden Week festival at the start of October. This will certainly introduce a bit of delay on the delivery and shipping side of things.

Probably safe to say that with these manufacturing delays and the big holiday on the horizon, we're looking at all these items starting to ship around 2nd week of October. 

Your continued patience is appreciated while we push to get through manufacturing and delivery of these physical items! 

PS: If you are reading these updates and are not a backer of the campaign, or did not back at a level that includes physical items, please refrain from writing to inquire about how you can get your hands on physical items. While I completely understand your interest in these items, my hands are tied when it comes to selling them directly or taking any form of additional funding to add them to an existing pledge. Thanks for your understanding!

PPS: For those of you who DID back at a level that includes the Art of Book, DVD or Blu-Ray, please take a moment to check your mailing address and contact phone number over at BackerKit:

From Shanghai, 

-American & Lulu 

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    1. Donovan Bell on

      Here we are then! Beginning of October, hopefully only two weeks to go before shipping commences! It would be amazing actually if I received my DVD by November as it's my 5th wedding anniversary this year. Having this ready for then would be awesome!! Fingers & toes crossed!

    2. Sin Anderson on

      Hopefully if all goes well I should have my digital goodies in time to occupy my long stopover flight to Japan <3 So excited!

    3. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Konrad, as is detailed in the campaign description and tier rewards, the credits include the names of all the backers. Those names are included in the "art of" book as well as on the DVD/Blu-Ray.

      @Larry, My feeling is that once we have all the discs/books in hand and have started packing/shipping, we can release the digital assets. I'd prefer to wait until I have physical proof that rewards are finished and being shipped. As you have witnessed, there have been several times when we've thought the physical rewards were "done," only to discover additional edits were required. Those edits go into the digital rewards - which, if we'd already released those assets, would mean having multiple (confusing!) versions of the assets floating around. Hope that makes sense.

    4. Larry Barriere on

      I would like an update regarding digital rewards. You mentioned that we'd get them around the same time that things were shipping. Are we going to be waiting till after everything is shipped, or will we be getting it before then?

    5. Konrad Ziarek on

      I'd like to ask you about something. I don't understand much the rules of Kickstarter, but does the backers are/will be mentioned in the ending credits as the ones that financially contributed to the project?