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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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Pulling the Trigger

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Insane Children, 

In the previous update we sent final artwork and book content to the factory for a pre-production test print. Yesterday, those test prints came back, and they look awesome! 

Ready for Production
Ready for Production

 With production-ready samples in hand I fired off an email to the factory: Gooooo! 

We've now got a ~20 day production period in front of us. When done, books and discs will be delivered to the Spicy Horse office. Then begins the massive task of packaging and mailing everything to thousands of backers around the globe. (Anyone want to fly over to Shanghai and lend a hand!? :P)

Expect further updates on this process as boxes arrive and packing begins. 

While we wait, please take a moment to check out this fan-made petition for a new Alice game:

As I write, the petition has just hit 16,000 signatories. Wow. 

From Shanghai in the Rain, 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Karen Lee on

      Would love to see Shanghai again, but with Jeremiah and family in the US now ... :) ... not gonna happen. :(

    2. Sarah Larrabee on

      Planning on hosting a themed viewing party with friends as soon as I get my copy. So excited & I'm really hoping the petition pushes EA to approving another game.

    3. Icevalkyrie on

      I am really looking forward to the art work. I was able to use the art from Madness Returns so well for every detail in creating my Royal Suit Dress. Here's hoping I'll be able to bring another one from Otherlands to life!

    4. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Larry, we're planning to release digital assets at the same time as we start sending out the physical assets. It's worth noting that as I write this reply the digital assets aren't yet ready to send out anyway :)

    5. Gwenael Talhouet (Belmont1)

      Can't wait to see the movie :)
      As for the petition I signed it. I love the Alice games, well as much as I love them I'd have prefered to see what could have been done with Oz, but a third Alice game would be awesome anyway^^

    6. Larry Barriere on

      When will digital assets be sent out to the digital backers?

    7. Aru on

      I'll help too, just gotta crash on someone's couch or something, I could use a week off. Good luck with all that though, and I'm headed to support the next game now.

    8. Kristen Ford on

      Can't wait! I also hope the petition for the third Alice game goes through. I wish people backed you for Ozombie because you would have more creative freedom and production process. But people wanted a third and possible final Alice game to be wrapped up before they wanted a new game like Alice out. :(

    9. Kyle Midland on

      The final product looks great! Thank you American and everyone else for all of the hard work! I'm also very confident the Alice game petition will succeed. I backed this kickstarter directly after playing Alice: Madness Returns. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who enjoyed the original/MR. The masses have clearly spoken: we all want to play part 3 EA!

    10. Crystal Foss on

      Would gladly help, if you want to supply the round trip ticket.