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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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Off to Manufacture-land!

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Insane Children,

Good news this morning! We now have in hand the final digital assets for the book and DVD (BluRay) manufacturing process! These files are now being sent to the factories where discs and books will be produced in bulk. I've been told the manufacture process for both books and discs should be around 20 days. But that timer won't start until I get back (and approve) the samples we've just asked them to make. 

Since we've already made samples based on earlier (work in progress) files, I expect we'll be able to give the approval for mass production sometime next week. 


Looks like we're going to box and label everything for shipping here at the Spicy Horse office in Shanghai. From here we'll send packages in bulk to a shipping distribution center. Depending on where in the world you're located, shipping times can be anywhere from 5~15 days. 

So, adding up time to manufacture (20 days from next week), time to package everything (mid September?), and shipping time... Some of you could be seeing physical items around end of September to early October? Fingers crossed on that! :)

And once the physical items start going out, we can decide on when/how to distribute the digital items. 

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and patience while we bring the Otherlands campaign nearer to completion! 

From Shanghai, 

-American (Lulu is taking a nap)

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    1. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Konrad, I'm sorry that you're frustrated by the physical rewards situation. Trust me, I am too. As I've explained multiple times here on Kickstarter, on Facebook, and on my blog, the decision about selling these items is not mine to make.

      The restriction on physical item sales is related to the film option we paid for in order to make this campaign happen in the first place. Without that option: no campaign, no Otherlands, no physical rewards, and no chance to push Alice towards the big screen.

      One unfortunate aspect of that agreement, which I did try to get removed, is the limitation on sales of physical items outside of the actual KS fund-raising. If you look at this from the perspective of the option owners, the limitation makes sense. We paid for a film option, not a merchandise license. And the film option was paid for by exploiting (for a limited time) the merchandise available through the film license.

      It's boot-strapping the funding to option the license by having limited use of the merchandise rights contained within the license. Hope that makes sense, and hope you understand why I cannot give you any other answer than, "no" when it comes to the question of further item sales.

    2. Sergio Rodriguez-Apolinar on

      Has everybody signed this petition already? If not, please sign so that EA might be moved to sponsor a new Alice game!!…

    3. Donovan Bell on

      Quality takes time, especially with the hoops that had to be jumped in order to get the rights etc anyway.. I'm just looking forward to my signed copy of the dvd to go along side the lithograph which I really need to get framed and up in my office! Great work so far @American and can't wait for the finished product!

    4. Laci on

      My birthday is at the end of October, but I'll consider the release an early birthday present. Thanks for all you've done, and no complaints from my end - I'll wait as long as it takes for everything to be done right.

    5. Konrad Ziarek on

      I hate to ask, as this subject has been mentioned many times, but after the campaign is over and backers will get their prizes, is there a possibility to not actually further back the project (since there is no need for it, as it reached its estimated amount of funding), but to buy the prize itself? At the time of the crowdfunding campaign I had a serious financial crisis, but I still wanted to back the project with whatever amount I was able to spend. I really wish I could back the project high enough to aquire physical copy of Alice: Otherlands with your signature, but at the moment I can only hope for the opportunity of buying this prize at whatever price. I'm not sure if it goes with the Kickstarter rules, but I wanted to ask anyway. If there won't be such an opportunity, I can accept that, but as I love the character of Alice with all my heart (she is my artistic muse and one of the main inspirations for my music and novels) I would be really grateful to have a signature of the man responsible for her inception. And of the topic, both Kojima and Del Toro are still going to be working on a new game, despite Silent Hills cancellation. It's a great day to be a psychological horror fan.

    6. Aru on

      Nice, I'll need to get my posters framed and replay the games, hopefully I can have a Wonder-full Halloween! Don't worry guys, a lot of us are happy to wait for a quality product. :D

    7. Dana Messeguer on

      Almost there! Gosh, i'm so anxious about this >.<

    8. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Edward, sorry you feel that way, but we've been saying since the start that we're going to release the physical assets first, then the digital ones will follow at around the same time. I think the original thinking behind this was that the physical and digital assets should go out at the same time so that people waiting on the physical assets to be manufactured don't feel like they got the short end of the stick. There may be no solution to this problem that results in everyone being happy. That's the downside to doing things as a crowd... So, yeah, you probably should give up on Kickstarter if you don't like funding things in a crowd or receiving rewards as a part of a crowd.

    9. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Silvio, as you have done in the past (I am looking at the record here) simply send a message via Kickstarter. Regarding logistics... you backed at a level that includes only the digital format rewards. There's no physical delivery at your backer level. You simply need to wait until we released the digital assets, which we'll be doing as soon as we start sending out the physical rewards.

    10. Edward Blodgett on

      Ummm, wtf... The digitalis should go out first. I mean, everything is already digit right? Server, username password, put it up. I give to 15 minutes. I mean the ages this has been going on, some thought had to go into this part right. This is just another reason I don't do kickstarter anymore.

    11. Missing avatar

      Silvio Marco Costantini on

      I've had trouble getting through to your team. Who can I speak to about logistics concerning my order? Please and thanks.