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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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Animations Complete!

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

First off, a big THANK YOU for your patience throughout the process of getting the animations and art book finished and delivered. The project has gone months beyond the originally projected delivery date and you've all maintained your cool and patience. Myself, Ed, Troy, Alex, Walter, Kian, and Lulu really appreciate your support and kindness. 

Now then... it's the...

Animation work is COMPLETE! Both Ed and Troy have delivered final versions of their animations. Kian is putting finishing touches on audio for the animations. And Ed is now working with Alex to create the credits roll for each video. Ed's journey through the mind of Jules Verne has turned out great!

Verne Renders
Verne Renders

For the Art Book... As can be seen with logos, labels, and sample pages in this post, Alex has been creating some really wonderful art to support the project. Here's a quick note from him on that topic and on progress with the Art Book: 

Hello there, we hope you're digging the work-in-progress snapshots for the Alice: Otherlands Art Book! American and I are tackling the book with the same approach to the games, in the idea that the more you look, the more you'll find. At time of writing, we're sitting at approximately 70% of the way through the initial layout. After this stage is finished, next up is typesetting each paragraph in the book. Finally, we'll go through and populate the gaps lefts over with brand-new original artwork and references to the Alice series. We're aiming to make the book as visually rich as it can be, and to create a truly worthy companion to the artbook of A:MR. The design is coming along wonderfully, and we're looking forward to sharing the final product with you as soon as it's ready to rock. Stay tuned! -Alex

In terms of timing and delivery dates... 

As soon as credits are delivered, I'll start work with Alex and Kian (our sound guy) to build DVD menus and DVD packaging, then send all those materials off to the DVD factory for manufacture. Estimated timeline for delivery to the factory: End of June.  

And once Alex delivers the final book, I'll start work on editing the text content, then we can send THAT off for manufacture. Estimated timeline for delivery to the factory: Middle to late July. 

If all goes well, we should be able to start shipping physical rewards by early to mid August. Keep in mind that delays with DVDs will impact on delivery of books and vice-versa, since we're going to need to ship items out in bundles to reduce shipping cost and time. We will be hand-shipping items from Shanghai, so please understand that the boxing/shipping process alone is going to be time consuming as well. Whew!

With all that out of the way, here's a bunch of awesome art!

Dress Teaser
Dress Teaser
Book Teaser 1
Book Teaser 1
Book Teaser 2
Book Teaser 2
Book Teaser 3
Book Teaser 3
Book Teaser 4
Book Teaser 4
Book Teaser 5
Book Teaser 5
Story Boards
Story Boards

That concludes the Otherlands update for this month. We'll be back next month to share progress on the book, credits, and manufacture process!

Tick Tock!
Tick Tock!

From Shanghai on Lulu's Birthday, 

-American & Lulu (who is now 3 years old!)

 A bit of promotion for a new project I'm working on with my girlfriend (fashion designer Vanessa Zhang) and Alex Crowley. If you aren't interested in knowing more, please just ignore this section. Thanks!

What's the new project? Well, I've decided to bring my approach to twisted fairy tales into a new domain; a place where my ideas aren't limited by technical constraints, distribution platforms, or publishing agreements. "Mysterious" is a shop where I'll offer hand made bags inspired by some of my favorite stories, such as Alice, Red Riding Hood, and Snow White. 

If you are interested in learning more, please sign up for the Mailing List

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    1. Kristen Ford on

      Looking lovely! I understand OZ failed last time, but no reason to give up on it! Everyone just wanted the 3rd Alice game out. Once you conclude Alice, people would probably be more likely to support OZ. Also, It was advertised but It could have been a bit better for Oz. I would do another poll on the support OZ after the 3rd Alice game is produced (if that happens). Good Luck!

    2. Jenny Bunyon on

      too bad is that cheap cell shading animation....quite ugly

    3. Laci on

      Everything is looking fantastic! I'm looking forward to August.

    4. Chris on

      You should be able to change your address via BackerKit:

      (just enter the e-mail address you used for this kickstarter-project and you should be able to log in).

    5. Missing avatar

      Szemira Madani on

      Hi! How can I contact you guys to change the address that I gave once upon a time? I just moved and when I saw your email about the animations being ready I realised that it was still the old adress there.
      I wouldn't want to miss my stuff on the post.

    6. S.D. on

      Blasted missing "edit" button!

      "Two OF the creators..." though they may also be odd... and later "GAVE us backers' keys..."

      I should note, in case it wasn't clear, that the keys we were sent work as you'd expect for digital fulfillment, i.e. we received an alphanumeric code encoded in a URL that, when visited, let us register our gift and have us our own URL for future viewing and downloads (very similar to Humble Bundle key pages, but with a video viewing interface).

    7. S.D. on

      American: Consider releasing backer cuts (such as full-res 1080p MKV versions) through VHX. A dozen or so of the campaigns my other half & I have supported did this, and the service is terrific, cross-platform, and permits you to continue sales via their interface. It's quite slick. Two odd the creators we've backed did something similar to what you've proposed, but with a slight difference: the YouTube version is cut episodically, and available in 720p maximum (because anything lower is a bit garbage, doesn't do the material justice), but is collated into a playlist so fans can still queue up a complete watching. Meanwhile, full-length cuts can be streamed by backers, for the life of the service, via VHX, along with DRM-free downloads of the full cut, available in several encoding formats and display resolutions. I think it's a good compromise for monetizing content (ads on YouTube, direct purchases via VHX). Backers have the best of both worlds, including both a place to point friends to for viewing, as well as a place to point them for purchases. Also, be aware that the video game service is selling movies DRM-free, films which may be of interest to the gaming community (primarily, but not exclusively, the film catalog from Devolver Digital). One of our creators has their content split into episodes on YouTube, have us backers' keys to streaming and high-res downloads on VHX, *AND* are selling the film on! I feel that this is the best model for Kickstarter film publishing.

      (the trifecta I describe above is "The Gamers: Hands of Fate", by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, BTW. Check it out! :-)

    8. Daniel on

      I like the idea of all digital content released in the wild. I'd also be happy with a release done in some controlled fashion that benefits you and "Alice" generally. e.g. Require non-backers join some mailing/marketing list to get a download link, or something... Or if just YouTube then with large links at the start/end of playback saying where you can join in a community or be made aware of future projects (perhaps this all goes without saying).

      something like: This stuff didn't come from nowhere, it was made with the support of many backers, and maybe y'all freeloaders can help us support any related projects in the future... Kinda thing.

      excited, anyhow :D

    9. Jester King on

      Its late.. for teaaa .
      Lovely. Great work ya'll B-)

    10. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Jag, there are two videos. They have two very different styles. One is anime style, the other is hand animated stop-motion.

    11. JagGentlemann on

      Is that the style of all the animations or just one part? Not a big fan of it for Alice, but it's still Alice.

    12. Donovan Bell on

      It's a tough decision when it comes to the digital stuff, since as soon as you allow digital rewards you open the door to piracy anyway such as torrenting etc...There would be no way to make it exclusive unless you held the digital content on your servers and could only be accessed by "logging in" but all of that would take time to setup and probably not worth all the effort..

      But at the same time I'm kind of biased since I'm getting a physically copy of the DVD but the digital version of the art, and to be completely honest it's the dvd I'm crazy excited for.

    13. Nicole C. on

      Looks great can't wait to watch it!!

    14. Justin on

      The new stuff is just bags? Did I read that right?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jaime Ramos on

      @American, I think it's a good idea, since it will leak through Torrents and other download sites anyway. IMHO , I'm fine with that.

    16. Hayley Craigg on

      American, I'm really impressed. It's excellent and from what we've backers seen so far, and I can't wait to see more. Thank you for the updates! <3 p.s. really excited about Mysterious too :)

    17. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Larry, to be honest, I need to spend a little more time researching how we're going to handle release of digital rewards. My preference would be to just push these things into the wild - via YouTube, Vimeo, and a download site (like Mega) - so that people can grab the animations and the art book (PDF format?) on the same day we start mailing out the physical rewards.

      My only concern right now is that some backers might get upset if the digital release isn't exclusive to them for some period of time? Managing a period of exclusivity is what I am trying to figure out. Everyone please feel free to comment on how you feel about a completely free release of digital assets when we start shipping physical rewards vs. some sort of digital exclusivity period. Thanks!

    18. Larry Barriere on

      I assume that the digital rewards will be released at the same time then?