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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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The Art of The Art Book

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Insane Children, 

American and Lulu here with an update on the Art Book. It's such a fantastic update, Lulu's afraid it might damage her eyes, so she's taken special precautions: 

Whatever. I don't carrot all.
Whatever. I don't carrot all.

Since the last update, wherein I pleaded for help with the art book, a magnificent new artist has been discovered and added to the project. Everyone, please say "Hello!" to Alex "AlexCee" Crowley... 

Alex is a long-time die-hard Alice fan, and recalls vividly his first encounter with the game series in high school, when coming across a magazine advert for the original Alice game. Since then, he's been hooked. Both the original Alice and A:MR have been massive artistic influences, and he's followed her adventures ever since. He currently works as a senior designer for an advertising agency/record label/touring agency, and freelances for cool things when he can.

In just a few weeks Alex has already outlined a spectacular vision for the Alice: Otherlands art book - one that fits together nicely with the Alice: Madness Returns art book... even being the same size and format, so that they two books will fit neatly together into a self-made collection. 

Here's a sample of Alex's ideas for various elements in the book. All work in progress... 

Sample Logo
Sample Logo
Sample Borders
Sample Borders
Sample Chapter Headings
Sample Chapter Headings
Sample Contents Page
Sample Contents Page

You can check out more of Alex's work and keep an eye out for sneak peaks at his progress on the Otherlands art book via his Facebook and Instagram pages:

I've got in-hand a sample version of the first chapter of the art book, and I have to say... it looks great!

Ok, Lulu, you can take off your glasses now. 

On the animation front, Ed and team report they made some solid progress over last weekend. Fingers crossed they'll wrap their production soon! 

From Shanghai with Edible Glasses, 

American & Lulu

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    1. Michael on

      Solid skills!

    2. Laszlo Ivanyi on

      Great update, American! :-)

      Is there a way to order the Artbook separately?

    3. Mark Bisignano on

      Thanks American, for the update.
      Thanks Alex, for joining the team.
      Can't wait to see the finished products!!

    4. Alex Crowley on

      Thanks for the kind words and support everyone. It's super cool to be a part of what American and his team do, and rest assured, everything is going to be awesome :D

    5. Ted Burston on

      Alex looks like a sound and solid choice, good work!

    6. Donovan Bell on

      Excellent news to hear production is going well. Alex, well..your work looks amazing! Definitely the right choice as far as bringing Alice to life on paper. So thank you Alex for getting involved but also to American for finding this hidden talent!

    7. David Koch on

      Oh Gods... I see a potential for a Playing card deck Kickstarter. Please.... no... I like my monies. I have need of my monies...

    8. Lucian Cruor on

      How fantastic! Not just the progress made, but that a fan of the series is getting to be a part of it! Hello, Alex, and congratulations!