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Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the "Otherlands" of London's most beautiful and terrifying minds.
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American McGee

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The Art of The Art Book


Dear Insane Children, 

American and Lulu here with an update on the Art Book. It's such a fantastic update, Lulu's afraid it might damage her eyes, so she's taken special precautions: 

Whatever. I don't carrot all.
Whatever. I don't carrot all.

Since the last update, wherein I pleaded for help with the art book, a magnificent new artist has been discovered and added to the project. Everyone, please say "Hello!" to Alex "AlexCee" Crowley... 

Alex is a long-time die-hard Alice fan, and recalls vividly his first encounter with the game series in high school, when coming across a magazine advert for the original Alice game. Since then, he's been hooked. Both the original Alice and A:MR have been massive artistic influences, and he's followed her adventures ever since. He currently works as a senior designer for an advertising agency/record label/touring agency, and freelances for cool things when he can.

In just a few weeks Alex has already outlined a spectacular vision for the Alice: Otherlands art book - one that fits together nicely with the Alice: Madness Returns art book... even being the same size and format, so that they two books will fit neatly together into a self-made collection. 

Here's a sample of Alex's ideas for various elements in the book. All work in progress... 

Sample Logo
Sample Logo
Sample Borders
Sample Borders
Sample Chapter Headings
Sample Chapter Headings
Sample Contents Page
Sample Contents Page

You can check out more of Alex's work and keep an eye out for sneak peaks at his progress on the Otherlands art book via his Facebook and Instagram pages:

I've got in-hand a sample version of the first chapter of the art book, and I have to say... it looks great!

Ok, Lulu, you can take off your glasses now. 

On the animation front, Ed and team report they made some solid progress over last weekend. Fingers crossed they'll wrap their production soon! 

From Shanghai with Edible Glasses, 

American & Lulu

The "No Update" Update


Dear Backers, 

Absolutely nothing exciting to report, but I'd like to avoid knicker twisting so here's an update without any meaningful update. Yay! 

Troy's stop-motion animation is finished. Kian is also finished with sound/music on this animation. That's good progress. 

Animating Alice
Animating Alice

Ed's 3D-computer animation was near finished at last update. Kian's still waiting on final picture so he can wrap up sound/music. Ed's and his team have been super busy on other projects (required for survival), so progress on this front is slow. I will continue to kick and prod Ed as I am able. 

Progress on the book is moving along steadily, but has been limited by my own busy-ness on launching a new game here at Spicy Horse (also required for survival). And I will continue to kick and prod myself as I am able. In order to get the book done faster I am thinking of outsourcing the work - so if any of you know any Adobe Illustrator experts that might be interested... drop me a line. 

Once we have all the production assets (video and book) finished, manufacture at a factory shouldn't take long (a few weeks), at which point we can mail everything out (another few weeks for delivery). 

Now that I'm mostly out of the woods on launch of the new game, I can devote more time to book production. And I'm hoping Ed can wrap up his part soon as well. 

Apologies for the delays, and thanks in advance for your understanding. 

From Shanghai,

-American (and Lulu says 'Hi') 

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Sheep


Ni Hao Feng Le Hai Ze! 

The Year of the Sheep is upon us! Here in China, things are getting quieter by the day. By end of week the streets will be half-deserted, 300,000,000 people will begin their annual new year migration, and I'll be winging my way to a distant tropical anchorage. Baaaa! 

Happy Baa Year
Happy Baa Year

Progress on the Alice: Otherlands animations is moving forward, albeit slowly. Ed and Troy continue their work with Kian and Walter on sound/music. Ed is also working on the 'backer credits' to be included with both animations. The animations should be in final condition by start of March (fingers crossed). The art book is also growing slowly towards design completion. 

Really nothing new to share in terms of music, video, or 2D art, so I'll leave you with a "Happy New Year!" and return with another update after the holiday :) 

From Shanghai with Baa, 


Happy New Year 2015!


Dear Backers, 

Happy New Year to all from myself, Lulu, and everyone here at Spicy Horse in Shanghai.

Two bits to update you on today: Art Book production and Scoring for the animations. 

First up, here's Lulu with images of the Alice: Otherlands Art Book (test print): 

Alice vs. Akaneiro
Alice vs. Akaneiro
Cover Page
Cover Page
The Others
The Others

The book featured in these images is a TEST PRINT which I'm using to understand the quality and capabilities of one of the book makers we may work with. It's also a guide for my reference, as I am personally creating the Illustrator files that will be used for printing the book - and this is my first foray into book making! 

Probably not the final cover. Definitely not the final color (red) for the interior pages. Not the final credits list. In fact, none of the text you see is final. Again, it's a test print!

As you can see in the first image (with Lulu for scale) the Otherlands book is slightly larger than the Art of Akaneiro book. Close inspection reveals similar quality, though there are some issues with the cover printing method on the Otherlands book. In the end, I hope to match the quality of the Akaneiro (and Alice: Madness Returns) books produced by Dark Horse. The test print is certainly not to that level of quality, but it's not far off. 

Actual design work on the book is about 1/5th complete. I've been waiting on the test print to go any further - and it took quite a while to find a factory we could work with on a limited edition print (and at a good price point + high level of quality). Even if design work were finished tomorrow, printing wouldn't start/finish until after Chinese New Year (mid-February). With that in mind, I think we can expect to have finished books by mid/late March. This should align with delivery of finished animations and production of DVDs. 

Up next... MUSIC!

Walter, Ed, and Troy are working together on the scoring process. Today, I'm able to share with you the *work in progress* musical tracks from Walter that will accompany the animations. 


When listening, keep in mind that these tracks are matched to the animations being produced by Troy and Ed. I've seen music + the rough cuts of the animations and everything fits together nicely. Final result should be great. 

To hear more from Walter Sickert and The Army of Toys, follow this LINK.

Further updates...

Ed writes to update us on progress with his team: "My team is getting pretty close to the version I find acceptable (meaning that I can take their assets and pull a caffeine-fueled weekend, giving it my AMR atmospheric touch). I think they will have it on the next round. I will find out by the end of the day when that next/hopefully last delivery will be."

Troy says: "I'm waiting to hear the score that Edward comes up with so I can make some final edits. Once that's in place, I have quite a few shots to clean up and do final compositing. I'm also waiting to hear back from some compositors that can work within a very small budget. I'll have a better idea of a timeline when the score's done."

Lulu says: "TOY? DID YOU SAY TOY? WHERE IS TOY?!?!" No, Lulu, we said "Troy." Calm your paws. 

Negotiations on the feature film front have gone silent. There's no 'next move' until our writer is once again free to engage, which won't happen until May. At that point I am hopeful we'll be able to get the feature film talks restarted and actual writing can begin. Fingers crossed. 

As always, if you have questions or are in dire need of a personal update, please message me directly here on Kickstarter. If you need to update your shipping address or contact details, please use BackerKit.

With Licks from Lulu in Shanghai, 


Happy Holidays!


Dear Insane Children, 

I hope wherever you are and whatever you're celebrating, you're having a wonderful time. 

Here in China we don't really celebrate Christmas, so it's a normal work week for us - though I will be donning a Santa outfit and making BBQ for everyone at the studio tomorrow. Ho ho ho. :) 

Progress on the Otherlands animations continues - with Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys working with Troy and Ed on scoring. Next up, our in-house sound designer Kian will work with the guys on sound effects and audio mixing. Once audio is finished we'll be close to final renders and post processing. Hopefully that will all get done after the holidays (since Walter, Troy, and Ed do celebrate the holidays like the rest of the world). 

Work has also started on layout and design for the Art Book and DVD covers. Once those designs are finished, actual factory production time can be anywhere from 30~60 days, depending on what sort of obstacles we encounter during manufacturing. We'll then be able to start mailing physical items!

Before that happens we'll have to discuss digital distribution of the animations. I'll put together a survey to collect feedback on how that might be done. Privately share? Publicly share? Release full res videos to the wild?  These things will eventually be out in the wild anyway, so the question is simply one of timing and initial platforms. Feel free to share ideas in the comments below.

A few other minor updates: 

Progress on the feature film side of things has slowed to a crawl. Some pretty unbelievable things have happened on that front, but it's still not an appropriate time to share, though I am dying to get the story out there. Soon... 

Majority of questions about the campaign still fall into two categories:

1) How can I change my address? Answer: Please use 

2) Will I be able to buy stuff if I missed the original campaign or can I add stuff to my order? Answer: Not at this time, largely depends on how feature film project negotiations develop as larger rights are attached to those negotiations. 

Any other questions or comments you need to get in front of me, please send a message directly via Kickstarter. I personally read and respond to all messages sent to me that way.

 From Shanghai with Cheer,