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A unique ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.
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American McGee

2,681 backers pledged $204,680 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Penguins Unite

Linux Backers!

The time has come(ing) for us to begin our Linux beta test. The team tells me we will have a build ready mid-to-late next week. And so, I stand before you, completely ignorant of the need of Linux users (American is the Linux guy) to ask you to contact me if you're interested in working with us as a beta tester. This is the information I do  have:

"The repositories are not yet ready but these are the platforms that will be supported at launch:
xUbuntu_12.10 (i586, x86_64)
xUbuntu_12.04 (i586, x86_64)
openSUSE_12.3 (i586, x86_64)
openSUSE_12.2 (i586, x86_64)
openSUSE_12.1 (i586, x86_64)
Fedora_18 (i586, x86_64)
Fedora_17 (i586, x86_64)"

What I need from each of you interested in beta testing is to contact me at ophelea at spicyhorse dot com and put "Linux tester" in the subject line. I'll gather all of your names into a mailing list and contact you once we're ready to go.

Feel free to ask questions below. Just expect answers to take a little longer. I'm just not conversant in the language of Linux but I get the feeling I'm going to learn. *looks at her languishing EeePC*


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Let There Be Music and Butt Stompin'

Hey Backers!

Sorry this took a week. I had a little accident that took me away from the keys but I'm back now and I have your soundtracks and Grimm!

Like your Karma key codes, you'll need to log into to retrieve your keys. Once you have them, head on over to and enter your key in the field. You'll see the relevant .zip file for your item. Simple as pie. 

If you have any problems, e-mail me at

Now, off to GDC where I'm to meet American and a few others from Spicy Horse. 

With love from 30,000 feet,


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Rewards are Arriving

Greetings Backers!

It's been a couple of weeks since I've checked in. American gave me a break from updating and I took it to mean I could sleep for... well, a while. But fear not, we've been hard at work updating Akaneiro with new features and sending out Backer Rewards. 

The first wave Alice items should start arriving in your mailbox within the next 10-21 days with a second wave going out the end of this month. And this week, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, keys for American McGee's Grimm and the Akaneiro Soundtrack Parts 1 & 2 will begin to arrive in your BackerKit accounts. I'll be sure to update here once I've assigned those.

There are few (very few) of you who have not given us the necessary information  - like your address -  to send you your items. Please, login to BackerKit or e-mail me directly and let's get this taken care of.

Next up, custom made items for Akaneiro! Watch those e-mails!

From Oregon where the Daffodils are blooming,


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Greetings Hunters, 

Long time no see! Things have been busy here at Spicy Horse since everyone returned from Chinese New Year holiday. Planning for the next phase of development took a little longer than we'd anticipated. That's game development - even your planning slips its planning! Derp.

Before we get to the results of all that busy time (THE PLAN), I have an URGENT PLEA to broadcast: 

If you backed Akaneiro at a tier where a physical item (or items) was involved, you MUST complete your BackerKit thinga-majig or you'll lose any chance of having me sign your stuff. The stuff is being shipped to San Francisco where I'll meet it during GDC three weeks from now. How much stuff gets shipped (and signed) is a direct function of your response to that end-of-campaign survey. You've got until the 15th of March to respond or your precious art book, printed illustration, "sock worn by American during Alice development" will NOT get signed. 

As was stated in the previous update: 

EVERYBODY go to BackerKit and settle your account even if you're not buying add-ons. If you have a balance of $0, then hit "Skip" or "Check Out" or "Complete." Whichever button you have that settles your account and lets you get to your keys, do that. 1300 of you have completed this and we thank you; 1600 of you have not and it makes bunny cry.

Bunnies are crying and drowning in their own tears. Cruel, people. Cruel! 

Now for THE PLAN. 

It's attached to this message as an image. A tiny, tiny image made for fleas. 

You can grab it in full glory from the SpicyWorld Forums or My Flickr Page.

Contained within the plan you'll find a big caveat - one which states how this plan WILL change, morph, grow, shrink and do all sorts of other mind bending things. The team has asked that I plead with you NOT to beat them over the head with the plan. They do that effectively on their own. If you have questions or comments (of the kind, constructive kind), you can, as always, email them to us: 

/caveat mode OFF. This moment is a wonderful one. It marks the sharing of the start of development towards all those awesome goals we hoped would come out of the Kickstarter campaign. You'll note that some of those goals have already been achieved and some are very close to delivery. Expect progress updates and plan updates as we go forward. And thanks again for all your love, support and assistance in keeping the Demons at bay. 

From Shanghai with a Plan, 


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American's Autograph

It's time to put American to work, or more work... make him work harder. Yeah, that's the ticket! He needs to put his signature all over your rewards. Alice Mini-mates, teapot cannons, Akaneiro canvas posters... there's actually quite a list. But...

Houston (Shanghai?) we have a problem.

We are lacking in the necessary information to do the signing and shipping. BackerKit has kindly given us the ability to take your requests for personalized inscriptions. If you've got a video game or art book, please, go tell us exactly what you want American to write. Yet, that's not our biggest problem.

Not everyone has completed the Kickstarter surveys with their address information so we can ship items out! What's more, a significant number still have outstanding monies for add-ons not assigned in BackerKit. So here is what will make it easier on all of us (because then I'll stop asking and start posting updates about the game):

EVERYBODY go to BackerKit and settle your account even if you're not buying add-ons. If you have a balance of $0, then hit "Skip" or "Check Out" or "Complete." Whichever button you have that settles your account and lets you get to your keys, do that. 1300 of you have completed this and we thank you; 1600 of you have not and it makes bunny cry. 

From Oregon where the bunnies are sad,


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