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A unique ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.
2,681 backers pledged $204,680 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

A note from American on backer rewards

Posted by American McGee (Creator)
Recently a few of you have emailed to express concern regarding the condition or quality of the posters being sent to Akaneiro backers. I wanted to take a moment to address this topic and make sure everyone is happy.

The first concern is regarding the number of signatures on the posters. During our campaign I posted an image of Joey (concept artist) holding one of her illustrations, printed on canvas and signed by a large number of people from the Akaneiro team. While the posters we're sending out are of the same quality and size as the one seen in the photo, they are not fully covered with signatures. Based on the number of posters we needed to sign (over 300) and time required per-person to sign them (almost 2 hours), I made a decision to include only signatures from myself, Joey and Akaneiro's lead producer/designer, Matt Razzano. I also figured people would prefer a poster where the art wasn't completely covered by signatures. Seems some people have taken issue with this and for that, I apologize. It was 100% my decision and the resulting unhappiness is my fault. If you're displeased with the "signature situation," then please contact our Community Manager, Ophelea, and she'll work with you to sort out a solution:

The second concern is regarding the general quality of the prints. While they are all printed on high-quality canvas with long-lasting archival inks, there was some slight variation in print quality from poster to poster - something which impacted only a handful of posters from the hundreds that we printed. While signing the posters I worked to remove all the prints that had blemishes issues, but it's possible I missed one or two with minor problems. One thing to note regarding print quality is that the original digital image contains what appears to be "pixilation" in the cloud layer (at top of the image). This artifact is a part of the original digital file and is in there with Joey's intention. Put differently, it's part of the original image and meant to be there. I asked Joey just to make sure - and she confirmed this point. Again, if you feel your image has an actual printing problem or are otherwise dissatisfied with the quality, please contact Ophelea and let her know. We want to make sure everyone is happy.

So far, we've received only two complaints on this topic, but I wanted to address it regardless - just in case there are others of you out there sitting on a poster you feel unhappy about. Our goal is to maintain and transparent and open dialog with our backers - and to ensure everyone is as happy as can be.

In terms of other campaign commitments...

At this time, all physical rewards with the exception of the Art of Akaneiro have been shipped. If you have not received your items, please contact Ophelea.

We should be launching to Steam's Early Access any day now... We had planned for 22nd of May, but Valve has presented us with an incredible amount of resistance throughout the submission and publishing process. We're now hoping they'll allow the title to be launched next week (week of June 10th). Fingers crossed.

Tablets are heading to backers who committed at that tier level. They will contain art, music and have been laser etched - they look awesome. Those backers will also have access to the early Alpha version of Akaneiro on tablet - something we'll update throughout the development process. We hope to deliver a final Android tablet version to the public around July or August. 

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Akaneiro Heads to Print

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Angry Red looks good in newsprint. Dark Horse did a fantastic job of bringing our heroine to life in the pages of her first comic, Akaneiro: The Path of Cloak and Wolf. Available now for pre-order for anyone who wants it, those of you who backed us on Kickstarter have a sweet, sweet surprise waiting for you in your BackerKit account.


Now, to redeem your key you'll need to follow these directions (also in BackerKit):

"Simply go to Sign in to your Dark Horse Digital account or create one. Enter your unique code and start reading your comic. You can read online or in app!"

What could be more simple? I know, having the comic in your hot little hands could be. Anyone who runs into trouble let me know. Just give me a holler at and I'll do my darnedest to help.

Coming up next: in-game rewards.

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Stuff, Stuffage, Stuffagola...

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

We're nearing the end of sending out all of the physical items. I have a big ole pile of boxes in my garage that contained signed figurines, A:MR PS3, and more lithographs than you can shake a stick at. Today, after much waiting, the necessary materials to pack aforementioned goodies have arrived! There should be much rejoicing!

Meanwhile in Shanghai...

American now has in his hands a bagazillion copies of canvas posters. They're in the process of being signed and then they'll be leaving the office. That leaves only the Art of Akaneiro but we don't expect that to go to print for another few months.

As for your digital goodies, I have an update!

Pets are being animated and we're working on a delivery system. Player-created items are being... created!

But there is a hold up on armor and weapons, that hold-up being the crafting system. While we could give you the items now, most of you will have leveled right out of their usefulness. This would suck.

So, we're putting in the crafting system first so that you can craft abilities onto your items. This will make them far more useful.

Now, I have to go buy 3000 feet of packing tape. 

Until next time,


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Penguins Unite

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Linux Backers!

The time has come(ing) for us to begin our Linux beta test. The team tells me we will have a build ready mid-to-late next week. And so, I stand before you, completely ignorant of the need of Linux users (American is the Linux guy) to ask you to contact me if you're interested in working with us as a beta tester. This is the information I do  have:

"The repositories are not yet ready but these are the platforms that will be supported at launch:
xUbuntu_12.10 (i586, x86_64)
xUbuntu_12.04 (i586, x86_64)
openSUSE_12.3 (i586, x86_64)
openSUSE_12.2 (i586, x86_64)
openSUSE_12.1 (i586, x86_64)
Fedora_18 (i586, x86_64)
Fedora_17 (i586, x86_64)"

What I need from each of you interested in beta testing is to contact me at ophelea at spicyhorse dot com and put "Linux tester" in the subject line. I'll gather all of your names into a mailing list and contact you once we're ready to go.

Feel free to ask questions below. Just expect answers to take a little longer. I'm just not conversant in the language of Linux but I get the feeling I'm going to learn. *looks at her languishing EeePC*


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Let There Be Music and Butt Stompin'

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Hey Backers!

Sorry this took a week. I had a little accident that took me away from the keys but I'm back now and I have your soundtracks and Grimm!

Like your Karma key codes, you'll need to log into to retrieve your keys. Once you have them, head on over to and enter your key in the field. You'll see the relevant .zip file for your item. Simple as pie. 

If you have any problems, e-mail me at

Now, off to GDC where I'm to meet American and a few others from Spicy Horse. 

With love from 30,000 feet,


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